I Bought an Unreleased Toy eBay

I am a big fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, and I have collected the toys made for the movies since 1993. I have also collected other things over the years like various Batman toy lines from the 90s, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Hot Toys etc. I have my entire toy collection displayed in my basement.

One of my favorite Jurassic Park toy lines is Chaos Effect. This toy line was unique; the dinosaurs were genetically enhanced or hybrids with crazy paint jobs. The human figures and vehicles in this line also had wacky paint jobs. There were even plans for an animated series to tie in with the toy line, but it was scrapped, and so was the toy line. We only ended up getting roughly half of the toy line. This resulted in many of the toys to become rare and highly sought-after.

The mascot dinosaur for this toy line and cartoon was the Ultimasaurus; a hybrid mixed with Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Ankylosaurus, and Stegosaurus DNA. The figure was 7 inches high and 14 inches long. It had a moveable jaws and claws as an action feature, realistic rubbery skin, and a dino damage wound. Dino damage was something Kenner often did back in the day. On some dinosaurs there would be a removable patch of skin that reveals a nasty wound. It was a brilliant play feature, but often kids lost the dino damage piece. The toy of this dinosaur was often hyped on the back of the packaging of other toys in the line, but unfortunately it was never released.

I was browsing through an eBay seller named Sgzcollectllc, who sells a lot of old and new Jurassic Park/World toys. I was hoping to find the very rare Mobile Command Center from the Chaos Effect line, which is a repaint of the same toy from The Lost World Jurassic Park. If you don’t remember it, it was that big RV the two T. Rexes pushed off the cliff in the movie. As I scrolled through the items that were for sale I could not find it. However, I found the unreleased Ultimasaurus. There have been rumors floating around the Jurassic Park community that several test samples of the figures have been sold on Ebay. I shopped from this seller for years, and I have never seen a Ultimasaurus for sale, let alone any unreleased prototype dinosaur toy. The figure was $200, that’s a lot of money, but I have spent more money on other rare toys. I ordered it, and after a few days a package arrived at my door on a Saturday afternoon.

“Yes! Yes! Finally!” I said out loud as I unboxed the package. As I saw the figure with my own eyes I felt like a child on Christmas morning. I couldn’t believe that I finally owned the holy grail of the entire Jurassic Park toy line. I put the figure on a shelf full of my other Chaos Effect toys in my basement. I owned all of the toys that were released, except for the Mobile Command Center and the Thrasher T. Rex repaint. After staring at my collection, I continued with my day reading books and watching Netflix.

Later that night I decided to go to the local gym and work out, but then a small earthquake hit my area. As I took cover under my kitchen table, I heard things falling over in my basement. After 30 seconds the earthquake stopped. I looked around my house and nothing was damaged. When I checked the basement, all of my collection I have displayed have fallen off the shelves. Frustrated, I reorganized my collection and put them all back on the shelves. When I picked up the Ultimasaurus, I noticed that its patch of skin that hides the dino damage was missing. As I looked into the nasty wound with its showing, a red sticky liquid started oozing out of it. Kenner often made their dinosaurs realistic by giving some figures rubbery skin to make it feel more organic, but would they ever go this far? I found the missing patch and covered the nasty wound.

I also noticed that its horns, claws, and spikes were much sharper then I remembered. I didn’t think much of it, because Kenner, the company that made the Jurassic Park toys until Hasbro bought them out, canceled a triceratops figure that was part of The Lost World line because the horns were too sharp. A repaint for this toy was planned for Chaos Effect, but it was also scrapped. I put my figure back on the shelf and continued to clean up the mess. After I finished cleaning up, I went to the gym.

When I came home from church the next day, I made lunch and walked to my living room to watch a movie. About 30 minutes into the movie, I started to hear scratching noises. I paused the TV to see where the sound was coming from. I waited for about a minute and heard nothing, but just when I was about to continue watching the movie, I heard the scratching noises again, and it was coming from the basement. I thought nothing of it, and I just assumed that my dog was in there. I opened the door and called for my bloodhound. “Archie? Are you down there?” I said. Archie then came running from the laundry room and greeted me.

Suddenly I started to have the dreadful feeling that an intruder or something might be downstairs. A lot of the toys I collected over the years are rare and valuable, especially my Ultimasaurus. I grabbed my revolver and went down stairs. I checked the shelves, and everything was where it was supposed to be, except for the Ultimasaurus. I searched in every part of the basement and found it on the floor near an old TV. There were no signs of any intruder. I put the figure back on the shelf, and then had to use the restroom, so I put the figure back on the shelf and used the restroom in the basement.

Once I got out of the restroom, I saw that the Ultimasaurus’s head was turned and stared right at me. I slowly walked towards it, but then I heard something behind me. When I turned around I saw that a Joker figure, from the Batman Animated Series toy line, has fallen off the shelf. I put it back to where it was and headed to the Ultimasaurus. I looked back at the toy, and it’s head was no longer turned. There was no way the figure would be able to turn its head; the only points of articulation are at the top jaw, arms, and legs. “I’m starting to get paranoid,” I said to myself. I went back to my living room and continued watching the movie with Archie resting on the floor.

When finished the movie, I let Archie go outside after he started barking at a rabbit that was sitting in the backyard. As I closed the door, a mouse ran into the house. I tried to capture it, but it ran into the basement. I ran down the stairs and I found the Ultimasaurus on top of the now dead mouse. The mouse was decapitated and mangled. Its head was in the Ultimasaurus’s mouth. I was about to grab the head out of its mouth with a glove, but I heard a loud snarl coming from the figure. It startled me, because there are no speakers or battery cover to be found on the figure. I tried testing to see if there was something I triggered, but nothing happened.

I didn’t know what to do, the police wouldn’t believe me if I told them what had just happened. Is the toy alive? Was that blood coming out of the dino damage wound earlier? I thought of maybe telling the eBay seller I bought it from, Sgzcollectllc. Rather than telling him about the incident, I asked how the seller got it and history behind the figure itself. I shortly got a response, and the seller told me that it was a prototype displayed on New York toy fair back in 1998. The figure was kept by one of the designers until it was eventually donated to the seller for unknown reasons. At this point it was too late to return the figure or ask for a refund, so I cleaned up the mess, and secured Ultimasaurus on a figure stands in a small display box.

Later that night, I had dinner and fed Archie. I wanted to forget about what happened for the past few days with that figure. So I decided to read some old Batman comics. After a while, I had an urge to go to my basement and look at my collection of Batmobiles. I came to the basement and looked at my collection. My favorite Batmobile was the one in Batman Forever. It wasn’t the best Batman film, but the toys were cool. The Batmobile in this toy line had a light up feature. I lighted up mine that was displayed with other Batmobiles. The lights really enhanced the look of this Batmobile. Then I noticed that the case my Ultimasaurus was stored in was cracked open, and the figure was on the carpet facing me.

This unsettled me and I ran out of the basement. Every time I looked back, the figure was always inches behind me. I tried to pick it up, and it gave off a loud snarl. I forgot how sharp the figure was, and grabbed its head. The sharp horns dug deep into my hand and I started bleeding. I screamed in agony and fell to the floor. I tried to get the hell out of there, but I grew dizzy when I looked at my wounded hand, and then I blacked out.

When I woke up, I found myself in my bed. I quickly checked my hand and there was no trace of any injury. I checked my phone and it was Monday, 5 am. I rushed to the basement to check on that Ultimasaurus I put the display box. It was in the box, and everything in the basement looked normal. However, when I looked back at the Ultimasaurus, the figure stared back at me.

  • Ray Ramirez

    Man this was creepy as hell