I am

I am the beast in the night I have plagued the earth for thousands of years eating killing and destroying everything in my wake. I am the fire that burns the darkest I am the creature that kills everything it touches. I have made empires countless times and each one falling by my hand I create life and I take it away. I have created societies thousands of times and destroyed them all one by one. I created the romans the Egyptians the Huns the celts I have made every civilization in history and I have destroyed each and everyone. I have slaughtered millions in the name of religion politics and money. My legacy is a blood soaked and battle-scarred one. I will rise and I will fall countless times. I am the greatest monster you know I am evil and pure at once. I am the plague and the blessing that has been bestowed upon earth. I am the evil in your nightmares. I am the darkness in the night. I have witnessed the demolition of countless lives. I am the one that kills its own. I am the beast in the night.

I am humanity…

  • Puddin Tane

    Right from the very start you need to work on your punctuation and sentence structure.