Hurting and Shoving

~April 18, 1999~


Name: David King

Date of Birth: December 27, 1971

Inmate No. 42716-065


Portland, OR – The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office is on the lookout for the son of murder David King. They have deemed David under police custody.

28-year-old David King is being charged for the alleged murder of Payn King, as well as Child Endangerment.

David’s son Kace King is described as being 4’1″ and currently weighing 45 pounds, with Brown eyes and Black hair.

They ask that if you have any information on Kace King’s whereabouts, please call the MCSO’s Unit.


A day earlier.

David returned home as the clocks struck midnight after a couple of beers, perhaps a few more. Making it undeniable that he was way more than only slightly drunk. Fumbling to grab his keys from his pocket, they slipped right out of his grasp and fell to the ground. All David desired was to fulfill his Somnolence. He stared down at the keys, fists clenched and breathing heavy. He raised his head and kicked the door down as a result of his senseless rampage. Snatching his keys and walking inside the house to turn off the alarm, David realized that his children should have been asleep by now.

David’s bedroom was gloomy, the light switch was no longer visible. David plopped down onto an old, queen-sized bed, exhausted yet sad. The space on that bed reminded him of his loving wife, Kate. She had died prematurely during the birth of their little boy, Kace. It’s been 2 years since then. Their entire family has been suffering since the day she departed. It had mainly affected David and his daughter Payn. David’s feelings were shrouded with reminders of Kate. His sorrowful eyes began growing cloudier, and with clouds always comes the rain. Rather than ordinary rain, a storm developed inside of David. He blamed himself for what happened. If he would’ve merely supported her and offered her all of his devoted attention then maybe she would still be here. ‘If I had just done something, anything, then maybe my Kate would still be here lying beside me,’ he whispered in his head. What he failed to comprehend was that ignorance killed Kate, not him. He wept loudly, confident that his kids must’ve been asleep for hours.

“Dad, what’s wrong? We overheard crying from downstairs, and what in the world happened to our front door!? Did someone break in?” Payn asked as she walked into the doorway quietly, “Are we even safe here?”

David jumped up in surprise, but he attempted to play it off as if nothing happened. “Don’t worry about it, baby. Everything is okay, we’re safe.” He assumed, there was no guaranteeing their safety in a house lacking a front door. “Just go back to b–”

“I am not going back to bed. I heard you crying, something isn’t right,” she interrupted, “You never cry! Well, I don’t notice if you do, but for you to cry this loudly must mean there’s a problem. Did something happen?”

“No, I’m fine. Thank you, though,” David lied, he just wanted Payn to go away.

“Dad, don’t lie to me. I could see it in your eyes since mother died. You’re not sad, you’re angry. At the doctors, at Kace, at yourself. You have a revenge-driven look in your eyes, and the world can see it. Kace is scared, dad. You can’t just leave it this way!”

“Just leave the room Payn, please. I just want to sleep.”

“No dad, I need you to get rid of this revenge thing you have going on, You-you know I’m not wrong either. I don’t want anyone to get hurt, or even worse, killed. Not because of your ignorance.”

David’s eyes quickly changed, his drunken rage was returning. “You want me to get rid of all of my anger?” his bloodshot eyes narrowed, his vision was once again cloudy. The storm that formed inside of him didn’t pass as it usually did, it lingered there until his goal was completed. “Do you sweetie?”

“By all means, I do,” Payn nodded her head, her eyes focused on David.

“Well, then you have 10 seconds. Leave the room, for your own safety,” David went into his closet to grab his spare beer.

“First of all, I’m not leaving until you clear your head. Second of all, you wouldn’t dare touch me,” her smirk was as arrogant as ever.

David downed the entire beer in a matter of seconds. After taking a second or two to close his eyes and breathe, he snapped his eyes opened and shattered the beer bottle on the nightstand, leaving nothing but the top half. The edges were sharp, there was no backing down now.

“10…” he whispered, Payn gradually approaching.

“9…” She wasn’t leaving, she was determined to prove a point.

“8…” Why aren’t you leaving? You aren’t safe here!

“7…” You will pay, I advised you to leave!

“6…” This is my revenge.

“5…” Her smile grew more arrogant as she came closer.

“4…” He counted louder with every number.

“3!” The twitching grew more intense as the seconds flew by.

“2. I gave you a chance!”

“1… You should’ve left!”

“And 0… Whatever I do next is your fault.”

It happened so fast it looked like he disappeared. In an instant, he was standing right behind Payn, waiting to strike. He raised his sharp beer bottle, and slit straight through her throat. Blood drained from her throat as thick liquid wept from the gangrenous cut. Gore splattered all across the room, and all over David’s hands. Her body plopped to the ground like a sack of bloody potatoes. There was no way he was getting away with this murder. He dropped the broken bottle onto her lifeless body, as to leave the evidence at the scene of the crime. Whether or not he got caught didn’t matter, all he knew was that their family would get to rejoice sometime soon. Everything would be great when they were all celebrating in the afterlife. David never saw Kace again, and to this day no one knows the little boy’s location.

Payn lied there in a pool of her own blood. David walked into the doorway, prepared to lock the door and seal away the memories of his daughter along with it. This couldn’t have ended any better. He thought. The memory of his wife had entered his head for a moment but exited as quickly as they had entered. His son ran up to him and discovered his eldest sister’s blood-soaked body. “What’s wrong with Sissy?” Kace asked, confused. ‘She has died, son, and you will as well if you don’t stop asking questions,’ his thoughts ran so fast that they shattered, leaving him to collect the pieces and attempt to express them in some understandable order. He didn’t exactly acknowledge his son’s question. Instead, turning around and taking one final glance at his daughter’s corpse. For the first (and last) time, he grinned, closing the door behind him once and for all.

“She should have let me sleep.”

  • Jai Lynn

    Great story, had just enough details in it to where I almost felt like I was there watching the story play out.

  • HEX

    Well just a few things here. First I don’t think there’s ever been a 2 year old over 4 feet tall. Second why would anyone keep beer in the closet? And third you say he never sees his son again then right after that he sees the boy it doesn’t make sense. Also for a wound to be gangrenous that means it’s infected so that doesn’t make sense either. But I’ve definitely read a lot worse. Keep trying don’t give up keep at it.

    • MakaSMess

      Lemme explain my thinking process here. He keeps beer in his closet because he needs it to stay sane due to the death of kate. I said he never ‘saw’ his son again, them talking doesn’t mean he sees him, I meant sees his as in like actually seeing him (Like seeing his face), and the woman died during the birth of her son so there are bound to be defects with Kace, the defect here being that he is very tall. Also, the thing I said about the cut, that was an error on my part. I meant it as like it’s soon to be gangrenous, not that it is. So yeah, mistranslation on my part, glad you read the story though.😊
      Ps. Thank you for telling me about these mistranslations, My future stories wouldn’t be as good without them.