So… look… I probably shouldn’t tell you this but we are not humans… not in the way we think. We are far from our definition of “human”. The scriptures say, “For whoever may read the forthcoming of eternal darkness shall fall to its gaze.” Now take those words and don’t forget them, embed them into your mind. Now on to my story.

One night as my father left for work my mother layed in bed sick as well as in bad shape as usual. It’s 10:00pm when I’m sitting in my room I hear a growling echo sound from inside the house, not a specific room but what feels to be. The entire house, slowly it grows louder until I hear it’s harsh words in a very overpowering raspy and hard to comprehend voice all I heard was “scriptures” then I felt an immense pain in my left eye as my nose began to bleed. I woke up choking and felt blood run down my throat and my dad asking me what was wrong.

“Son!? Son!?… What is wrong!” Is all I hear when I woke up… I know I know,why is this so important?Well this is the night my mother died and I began to learn the truth.

2 years later

“Those kids in school, they say they are human BUT I KNOW THEY AREN’T,” crying to myself as I ran home. “No one believes me… they all think we are.” On this night, the 2 year anniversary of her death we moved out of that house. The house no one believed me when I told them… held the key to humanity. After about 6 months of living somewhere else we kept finding what appeared to be animal corpses around the house and even sometimes in the house, we believed it to be f****d up pranks but oh boy where we wrong.

“H-hello there,” I called out to the dark presence I felt over me.

“Silence!” was the only response. I shook with fear as its overpowering voice erupted and froze me still.

It told me to abandon my former friends. It keeps telling me they lie about life to me… even my father and girlfriend are unreal it says.

1 week later

I smell the carcass of what appears to be a dead deer… as my eyes open. Blood… blood everywhere. I… looked up and saw I was the one who killed all those animals but this time. It wasn’t just an animal. It was… my friends… all lined up,chained up and with all their organs pulled out and layed to the floor with blood spelt saying “SCRIPTURES OF THE FOURTHCOMING”. Cry erupt loudly as I shout for my father.


*running to his room and stop*

“N-no… DONT!”

The 8 foot creature with brass colored bone like clawed feet and forearms with freshly applied skin held by bandages over its Thais as shorts and over its upper arms with bandages covering its upper body to only reveal its face with deep dark ripped eyes that where never ending as well as a former mouth stretching from each side of its face with pointed torn ears and drenched in blood.

“Young boy oh how thou could never understand the breadth of my EXISTANCE,” it said with an overwhelming tone.

“WHY!?” is all I could shout, I didn’t care about it… I wanted to know why I killed my friends and why it’s doing this.

In the most overpowering voice I’ve ever heard it said, “Look to the scriptures of the long forgotten times and witness the forthcoming take affect,” as it vanishes my father lay there dead on the floor I know what it wants me to do… my mother left a very small box in the attic of the old house. I pack my backpack and put on some fresh clothes then run all the way to the old house. When I finally get up to the attic I see it at the very back. When I open it a folded letter reads.

“If you have found this than it has found you but do not fear, true humanity lies await for you now; go find the place where I lay rest then you may bring the humanity I failed to find.”

Oh god is all I could think… the scriptures… she buried them with her corpse. I run as fast as I can to the cemetery and pull out my shovel while choking back tears. I dig up the coffin and upon opening it I hold back more tears as I move her bones and ripped clothes away to then find a perfectly maintained golden ancient box in her stomach area. Inside the box was 4 pages covered front to back in GIBBERISH!?

I get enraged to find nothing but as I go to throw the papers down I notice a letter pattern. It’s coded… I fold the papers in different ways then lay them on one another to reveal one single scripture that reads “1 John 5:19 – we know that we are children of god and that the whole is under the control of the evil ones; 1 kings 14:9 – you have done more evil than those who came before you;you made yourselves other gods, idols made of metal; you have aroused my anger and turned you’re back on me. We are not humans… the true humans died off thousands of years ago and we took over; we are the embodiments of humans brought to life by desires and wants. We are the forthcoming and this has happened before but this will be the last. You’re mother believed in us and so we repaid her in eternal happiness in death with us and the few who believed. Now choose your side as the forthcoming of repentance cleases what remains of the so called human race.”

As the scripture ends I look up to see hundreds of those creatures standing around me. They all in unity ask me to choose to become what my mother could not or die in the fire with the rest of my kind. I’m going with them. I feel their strength already. Now as we reap this world of humans and cleanse it in your final hours we do hope it was worth it…

Hahah… Hahahahahahah… Hahahahahahahahahahahah…

  • Puddin Tane

    This is bad. Your sentence structure is wrong and your punctuation is sorely lacking. I would start frm the beginning and go slower. It isn’t a competition to see who gets done the fastest.