Haunted House

Not so many years ago in Salem, Oregon, sat an old house that was built in the 1500’s. In this house lived a very old woman who the townsfolk believed to be a witch. She always kept her house very dark, every time someone would walk by it they would instantly get goosebumps. This house was also said to be haunted by some pretty mean spirits. There were cobwebs all over the covered porch and covering the enormous windows.

One year on Halloween, a group of teenagers around 15 years old had a bet going that their friend John was too scared to spend the night in the house alone. If John stayed the whole night he would get $400. Halloween night is tonight and John has decided amid the rumors of the house being haunted and the witch that lived in the house. He figures he could use that $400 to buy this new gaming system that is set to come out the following week. The group agrees to meet back at the house at 6 p.m.

Finally about 6:15 everyone is there, and they tell John that in order to win the bet he has to stay in the house from sundown until sunup. As sundown approaches, John walks up to the house and starts up the steps. As each step he takes, all he can hear are the steps creaking and the wind howling. He walks up to an open window and sneaks inside. He spends the first few hours exploring the old house looking in all of the rooms and hiding spots. As he walks into the library, he hears “eeeheheehe” and thinks to himself, ‘I wonder if that is the witch?’ In his peripheral vision, he sees movement in the corner of the room. He turns his head to look and spots the witch flying around the room.

“Bwahahaha,” the witch laughs. He runs out of the library as fast as he can. He runs up the stairs to a hidden room he found earlier while searching and climbs inside. As he sits there in the dark with only a flashlight, it gets eerily quiet and very cold all of a sudden, he sees the ghost coming through the wall right towards him.

He decides to face his fear and stand up to this evil entity. He compels the demon back to the depths of hell from which it came and he comes out victorious. As the sun comes up John walks out of the house a new person having defeated the demonic spirit and out smarting the witch. Later that day his group of friends band together and give him his $400 for a job well done. When he tries to tell his friends what happened that night, no one believes him. He finally realizes that its not worth the hassle of trying to convince his friends of everything he saw that night and goes on with his life always wondering if the witch will come back for him.