Halloween and Whistles

October 31th of 2016.

My friends and I were walking down the emptiest road of the town, it was nearly 12 AM. I need to mention that I am coulrophobic, which means that whenever I see a clown I am panicking and can’t really breathe. I don’t know why, it suddenly happened when I was 14 or something. No particular reason I guess. I always liked clowns before, so why it happened is a mystery to me. Ok, so on with the story. We knocked on a door and suddenly heard whistles. Thwi-thwee. Normal. But they continued, getting closer and closer, but nobody was around us. We imitated it and suddenly a woman opened the door, whistling. We laughed and said she pulled a good trick on us. She stared back. “Which trick? I only imitated you.” We were shocked thanked her and went to the next house, followed by the whistles. We all got a weird vibe from it, since light on the porch was flickering. We rang the door on the top floor and the door opened. So we went up to the top floor. But that was no flat. It was an opened storage room. We were disappointed and went down the stairs when suddenly all the lights in the house turned off one after the other. We screamed and ran down the stairs to the entrance. We turned around one time and saw a woman, dressed up as Samara from the ring. We looked at her. “Nice costume,” my friend said and approached her. The lights went off again, not a second later they were back on and she was gone. We went halfway down the basement stairs and saw a huge person with big shoes in a doorway. The light went out and on again. In his place stood a roller and a pair of clowns boots. A whistle. Thwi-Thwee. We ran. We ran till we were like 100 meters away from the house. We heard the whistle again.

Then my other friend said, “Hey Sarah, didn’t Elias ask you whether you were going as IT? And you said such irony would never happen.”

I said, “Yeah, cause a coulrophobic cosplaying a horror clown is utterly ridiculous.”

“Well guess what, said clown hunts kids while whistling the same tone we heard all ni-” Thwi-Thwee.

We looked around, no one was there, the whistles continued, getting closer, but no one was near us. I started to cry. And my friend just screamed, “GIRLS, F*****G RUN!!”

That’s what we did. We ran to the main street and continued collecting, since nothing happened afterwards.

Then we got to the atelier. We went in and it was just creepy as f**k. Good job with the decoration I thought, until we turned around to leave, just as loud whistle was heard right behind us.