It was the year 1987 when my grandparents had moved into my grandfathers, mothers house. It was 2 stories, quite crammed in and quite small, away from everyone else and set in a large open space away from the road, but it did them the job perfectly. I hadn’t seen them in over 4 years and I’m currently 16.

It was school holidays and my parents decided that I should go spend a week or two with them which sounded like a good idea at the time! I packed my things and was ready to go, I was pretty keen to see them but at the same time I was nervous.

We got in the car and drove about 2 1/2 hours to their house. When we arrived my grandmother was sitting on the small front porch that looked like it hadn’t been used for over 25 years. My parents didn’t want to stay as usual so we said goodbye and went into the house. We opened the front door which led straight into the living small crammed living room and a flight of stairs going up to the second story.

I walked over the first stair which was only a step or two away from the door and put my bag down. My grandmother went and sat in one of the old leather arm chairs in the living room and asked me to take a seat.

She said, “Now, we have a few rules in this house. One, be very careful with anything you touch in the house as it is very old. Two, don’t go wandering the house. Three, step lightly on the floor boards, we wouldn’t want you to fall through the floor would we? And most importantly…” at that moment my grandfather walked in, I stood up have him a hug and sat back down on the floor.

“I was just going through the house rules,” she said, she seemed to be quiet scared about explaining the rules.

“Now where were we?”

“You were about to explain to me the most important ru..” I didn’t even get to finish my sentence before my grandfather started talking!

“Don’t try to open the middle doors between our room and the spare room.”

I started walking up the stairs, there were two flights of stairs I had to walk up so I did as my grandmother said, I stepped lightly and cautiously trying not to make a sound. When I got to the top I saw 3 doors, two rooms with one door, in the middle was a set of French doors that seemed to be locked and hadn’t been opened for years. I put my things on a chair that was in the room and laid down on the bed.

It was about 4:45 in the afternoon and I went to sleep, but I was awoken about 2 hours later by my grandfather who was trying to open the French doors.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“Nothing,” he said sternly, “it’s best you go downstairs and help your grandmother make dinner.”

I did the same things for about 4 days, I would go outside, wander around for a few hours, come back sleep, talk to my grandparents, go back to sleep, wake up around dinner time, talk to them about their childhood and my great-grandmother.

But on my 5th night, there was something different in the house. We all could feel it. My grandfather told me to go brush my teeth and go straight to bed, I did so because well. They kinda got a bit boring. But I came out of the bathroom to see the French doors wide open.

“Grandmother?” I called, but there was no response. “Grandfather?” no response.

I didn’t open the doors. So I didn’t see why I couldn’t take a look. But that’s where I went wrong. I took a single step into what looked like just a plain old storage room with a single bed packed away in it, as I went to take another step the door started to close behind me. I pushed on the door to open it. But, there was something or… someone. Putting enough pressure on it for me to not be able to move it. But there was enough room for me to get my arm out of the door. I tried feeling around outside for what could’ve been pushing it.

It wasn’t a thing. It was a person. Their skin was ice-cold, but all they had was there arm pushed up against the door. I thought I was a lot stronger than that. But the more I pushed on the door, the closer they got to closing it. I tried screaming for help. But nothing came out. Eventually I let go of the door for a brief second. And the door opened more than it was, just enough for me to put me head out the door. What I saw was no ghost or vampire.

It was my great-grandmother. She had died over 73 years ago. My heart was racing. I was scared. No one was around to help me. I put my head back into the room. This was it. I was gonna be trapped in this room forever. No food no water. I’ll be dead in a few days. I became weak.

The door closed. And I was trapped. The room was concreted all the way around, the floors and walls the only thing that left was me and my thoughts and the dark room.

This was it.

  • Cynthia

    Ugh cliffhangers. Seriously better be a part 2!!

  • Aly Greg

    need more of the story make a part two of this