Today was a normal day except one odd thing about it Dante wasn’t here and you must be thinking are you two friends? No, we’re not friends. We couldn’t have been friends. Anyway on to the story.

Dante was absent for two weeks and someone was volunteered to take him his homework. Later that day police were called. Reporters say it was gruesome they even had to blur it out of the TV. From what I hear two dead body’s mangled together. Head hanging from the ceiling fan.

The logo GL a famous gang. Reporters say his dad used to be a member of that gang. Dante nowhere to be found, they started a search party for him but over time the people got bored and stopped.

Over time the police closed the case some say they wanted revenge. Others say it was a crazed murder trying to copy the famous gang. Other than that no other rumors were spreading about the incident ’till the case was opened again.

When an old lady said she saw someone that looked like Dante the police got there in time to catch him. They ended up putting him in therapy for the incident and sent him back to school.

After that he was acting weird. He would speak less, eat less and sleep less, his caretakers said. The police said it was probably because of the incident they disagreed. One time they caught him sneaking out so they followed him. They also called the police to see if they can catch the murder of the Mediln Family.

They followed him to an old factory. Many men and women sat in the center of the old factory many talking to one another. Then they turn to look at Dante and all stand once they see him “boss”. They all say at the same time.

Then there was a bang. Suddenly the place was full of police and another bang and the sound of a body hitting the floor. Everybody froze and looked at the culprit. Everybody stared at Dante the leader of the gang.

Then shot fired everywhere. It was said they there were no survivors, even Dante, the first to shoot the last to die. All the foster parents said and kept saying was that Dante was the leader. They ended up getting therapy but died later due to mysterious reason.

Now they say if you step inside the old factory you can hear the first and last gun shot. They also say if you walk outside by yourself and you hear footsteps behind you that mean the gang leader is after you. If you’re not worthy of becoming one of his members you’re killed once you turn back. But if you’re worthy he takes you to his old factory and kills you just like he killed his parents.

But that’s just an urban legend. Well I’m starting to doubt the legend part because I hear footsteps behind me and I’m afraid to turn back.