Forgotten Creepy Things Happened in The Woods

Washington state, 2010

This was my last hunting trip, I was 17 and what is happening to me today now for some reason is raising more questions, like for instance, my mind would hold this information and I didn’t think of the possibility of ever posting it online, like I was being held for this information…
And for the fact my own father would refuse to ever go on the trip for unknown reasons.

My next door neighbor, 45.
His step son 17 (my old best friend).
His son, which has been having unwanted dead grandparents visit him every time I baby sit him.

It’s deer season so we all have rifles, I have an expensive 30-06 (thanks Dad).
We have a quad to.

Heading to Eastern Washington, it’s a 6 hours drive and somewhere near liberty, I’m getting a kill this year I said. I think me and my best friend were competitive and that’s why we didn’t stick to our usual tradition. Never break tradition.

The whole day my mentality is that of the TV show Dragon Ball, where Goku and Krillian seek guided training from Master Roshi.

My Master Roshi was nature and a cloud in the sky, and I should be hunting or at least tracking for deer in the daytime but I’m climbing this large tree trunk that fell on some broken rubble and I’m going towards the middle of it and I’m trying to use back and forth motion to weaken its center and I somehow believe I’m strong enough to break this very thick log. What came next was immediately I’m trying to find a way to run at super speed and now I’m doing walking meditation.

Whilst altering my own breathing, I found a weird spheric orb that was too old to look like anything. I imagine the posture that Evil Buu made before hurling a death ball and this was a form of turning your body into rising energy. I’m probably hallucinating but I’m now traveling 25 mph while depleting no energy, not a single breath, actually I felt like I was going so fast I was automatically getting air. Now after a while my arm and hand is of that of what resembles a puppet master, I believe in doing this I can pick my own body up or fly but, now it’s getting dark. That kind of dark where you have 1 hour and 20 of daylight left, but it was just morning? I know exactly where I’m at I’m not even far, camp is 1 mile away. I head in that direction, not going the same way I came.. what came next is going to make this story worth reading. My flashlight begins to flicker even though they are brand new batteries. The light was like god, he has left.

I begin to walk faster since it’s the only thing that made sense.

Campsite is directly west I don’t want to keep going north because well, now I’m getting all these thoughts of things that can happen to me, I convince myself I’ll be fine because I want to prove to my dad I could hunt alone. This was the only thing that drive me. I try my flashlight several different times when walking when it’s only been 5 minutes, and now it’s pitch black.

I cut west directly and I head that direction passing through the forest, and not even a minute passed when I fell straight to my impending doom.

I raise 1 arm and hand in the same fashion and the falling changed…

It felt like while I was falling and then a ripple in time. I paused in the air, then someone clicked resume. And now moving my arm and hand like that makes me just feel inadequate, this whole time but I believed I needed to show I cared for my life, so, yelling all the curse words I know, and I was directing this at somebody for some reason too. I screamed at gravity.

I’m now falling through branches of a large tree and It felt like a cartoon breaking each individual branch on the way down, my rifle and the optic is getting the most of it since it’s on my back.

I black out, and I awaken feeling like Goku, like, I’ve been the main character, like I’m important and I can not die or… the world will end… I feel like I’m being except I’ve felt like I’ve seriously hurt my back, making it hard to deep breath always, even to today.but I awake to what feels like a cradle of sticks, it’s to dark maybe or I don’t know why I never looked around where I landed in case I dropped something but, I was determined to being reunited with my friends. I walk west which I believe to be west, I was probably still just a mile away and I believe to make out the terrain so I start walking, gun drawn and I hear this noise that was from camp. It’s the lantern my neighbor hang on the tree at camp, it’s on and I’m now believing I’ve astral projected. I pass large boulders and rocks all seeming to be around each other. I get right up to the lantern I hear and it’s coming from the middle of these rocks. It’s the exact noise of the lantern. I’m sure. I’m confused now and I keep walking, I walk up the ridge a little bit directly beside where the rocks we’re and make my way to higher ground to see better. I study the stars again but this time to what I felt, was to no significance at all. They looked cool though. I progress further west trying to find the main road and just walking to camp from there. It’s very illuminated on this hillside, but I can only see grass on the ridge. It looks like a cliff side about 100 meters west of me and I decide to cut straight to camp thinking it will just be a little scary since I’m going off of just a general direction.

I start walking up this hillside and it’s steadily elevated and I can’t see the top.

My mind only allows me to remember this and somehow I’m now teleported to where I landed as Goku, and I walk west more, and there’s the lantern again.

I try again to leave but my mind keeps erasing the direction I seem to go. I believed to have tried 7 times. 1 of those times I didn’t hear the lantern for sure.

I think back and I might have accidentally disturbed paranormal structures and maybe that was an alien orb so I deemed it as doubled by aliens and the paranormal woods and this is when I call out to a third party. My ghost that’s been following me since I was 6, even my old demons… I especially call out to a higher power than that of aliens. I’m depending on a different galaxy to help me. I repeat myself several times in hopes my message could be heard: if I’m meant to serve a serious purpose in this world I need to you to save me.

I knew my friends would come looking for me so I go back on the hillside and I stay in the light for some reason. I’m only subconscious of my rifle. Not really seeing the need for it although I did think of firing a round so that maybe my friends can hear me but I ultimately fear they will think something gruesome happened. I wait and I hear a quad in the distance. When I woke up earlier I believe only 1 hour to have passed. I start to yelling and scream for my best friend not even knowing it was him. I mean why would he be sent out on a rescue mission if my neighbor was the one with all the knowledge of these woods.

I don’t hear the quad anymore. But 30 minutes later I see a pair of headlights coming up a trail that was directly west, (my first choice).

I see my best friend approach me calmly and he is acting like an ai robot, blank stare, no emotion.

Asks what happened and I said there’s no time we need to leave. I hop on the back.

This trail he came up to me on was a mystery. No sense of which direction it came from but it looked as if the trail ends 100 feet from the boulders and rocks which is near where I’m at. And we exit through the same trail? Maybe?

I’m on the back of this thing for what has felt like HOURS, back hurting and now feeling like I’m being chased.

He’s already going as fast as he can before I even say anything, but this was actually common and he’s only flipped us once, and we didn’t even get hurt. He makes no wrong turns and we end up on the main road where some cars can go by, I believe it might have actually taken 30 minutes. We are driving on the main road and we cross under these power lines that go across the middle of both roads connecting both sides? It looks completely normal and I only noticed it when, we passed directly under it, a thunder noise blasted and it has struck me and my friend at the same time even though not touching each other, it is at this moment that it just had to be aliens… like a green white beam of light that was a perfect looking thin cylinder but only lasted a millisecond, if that. We are not struck with any pain but my friend seems to have come back to life and he’s repeating oh s**t oh s**t all the way back to camp, he’s feeling like this And I’m getting a feeling of nothing but, wtf? The strike also caused white smoke to elude from our bodies, and I only imagined spiky hair like if somebody was seriously shocked or… had unlocked some sort of hidden power…

We make it back and my neighbor isn’t back yet, he’s still hunting with his son. It’s just me and my friend for now. That’s totally fine to me except I don’t want anything to do with him at all even though I’m convinced he’s back to normal, and that he saved my life from certain doom. Certain doom to that of which my back feels like somebody has strucken with a sledgehammer, and being lost in the woods only to later be challenged for a chance at getting my soul back. When I was in the crater. (it resembles a crater like there was weight from the boulders weighing in a lot of the ground around it and my friend shouldn’t have been able to drive right up to me and I’m sure all those trails he took aren’t there tomorrow).

In that dimension I felt like a helpless child, I mean even though I had the gun. It only shot 1 round at a time. This place made me feel like I needed my 240 back from the army with it being modified to be the size of a handgun. Even then I don’t think I’d be safe.

I just get this uneasy feeling about my friend.

I forgot to mention we had a random guy walk along the trail across to our camp before we left to hunt, but he came from the woods…

And we stopped him on the road, all of us. No weapons but we were close enough.

He stands dead still in water, like the only puddle in sight.

And he begins to explain himself to which all of is believed was legit almost instantly and I know we all felt completely the opposite when we met him and not because he was black but he wasn’t carrying anything at all and we didn’t ask many questions.

He was wearing a British hat, a denim jacket? White t-shirt with some company logo on it, and that’s all I know for details, don’t recall color of pants but I think his shoes were black. I don’t recall any information this man had spoken to us, except his voice was off. Like he was supposed to be white.
Oh and when we arrived back to camp, me and my friend. I heard the haunting sound of the lantern as it sent chills down my spine. My friend and I will continue not to talk, not even drink a beer together…

After sitting for a while I close my eyes and for a second I get this visual of our campsite and the fire from about 200 feet north in the woods… the direction of the crater. And I began screaming every cuss word in the world and angrily stepping forward the darkness not going more than 10 feet from the camp. This continues for an hour and now I’m tired of yelling. I point my rifle in that direction and it made me calm. My friend was… just laughing the whole entire time. Didn’t hype me up. Or have my back.

My neighbor and his son have now come back and we’ve been at camp for 2 hours. Looks like the boy shot himself a buck! I was pretty happy for him. Kind of jealous too.

The very first thing I do when I wake up is to make a grave for this weird… paranormal thing in the woods. Something possessed me that I had to do my part. Then my neighbor asks me did something happen?I don’t remember the conversation at all. We pack everything up and we set everything next to the truck so we can put the quad on first in my neighbors truck. I’m chosen to drive it because I’m good at it and I begin to drive and the path completely changed and I ran through the fire and over my friends gun case breaking his 600 dollar optic. Yeah we’re not friends now.

My friend has since then went down a rather sad path. He still manages to get a girlfriend every time but he ends up worse than he was every time because they never last long. He has had 2 DUIs, maybe more. Lives in a trailer and drinks whiskey every day. I’d casually hang out just one time  after this incident with him but he wouldn’t stop trying to burn me with a little cigarette. We connected maybe 2 years after the hunting trip and I couldn’t realize this was the life of the most successfully hustler in high school. I don’t think I’ll ever know if he had seen anything like I did. What if the “higher power” that a faster response than a 911 ever could have made was out there and really exists. I believe the lantern was the only thing odd. My flashlight had died long ago and I didn’t want to give up faith but if there was no light there was no path and I was thinking this and I don’t know but maybe it’s possible I could have astral projected in the time of that weird fall and I grabbed the lantern and came back. I remember being exhausted the whole time, I should have been well nutritional and hydrated. It felt like I had dimension restraints on me automatically hitting respawn and I’m feeling like I’m reliving everything but the scariest moment in my life today is when I thought I went up the hillside. And when I came back to the cradle which I think temporarily soulbounded me I felt I felt so restrained it was the same feeling as being tied up in a trunk. I was updating the post with the astral projection info (this info) and I, for some reason, entered it here instead of the end for some reason. I had 3 unused expensive electronics I thought I could have him sell for me to help himself out. A laptop, which his “cat” broke, Nintendo 3DS which he gifted, and an iPod touch. Oh and I let him borrow my TV too which he wasn’t allowed to sell but did anyway… it all adds up to 600 bucks… My dad gave me the money and he said he will handle it. Now my dad never wants to see him again.

The super human powers I’d believed I’d had only peaked my interest to keep trying since it was possible in that near death moment, this lead me to believe of the reason people almost die on purpose, maybe doing so is the source of this hidden power. Like maybe it’s why aliens aren’t ever that close. I had tried only a few of the cool obvious powers but then I tried making nature grow and I actually tried this in the crater and succeeded placing my hand in a very nurturing Manor, talking with the ground as I placed it on the ground complementing, praising, even saying bedtime stories and promising that we can be friends. There it grew. It looked like it was from the movie avatar.. like a plant you would see decorated around a house and it looked cool enough to be a prized possession. I cupped this instagrow unidentifiable 2 inch thick. 5 inch long and wide into my hand. It was formed like a very decorative jungle leaf that had its own garden growing tiny vegetation of more cool looking, medieval Rubies and gems distinctive in color surrounding it with a rich presence. It appeared to be homing water too as this leaf was very hydrated and kind of wet. And it reminded me of that Futurama episode where bender was god for a while, the leaf would escalate in progression making the leafs edges curl upward and now it had protection from anything falling off the edge. I took it with me in attempt to make an escape when I teleported yet again and now I’ll never get it back. It was impossible. I don’t claim anything  but suspicion of ego hallucinations. When I was back at camp at some point I have tried yet again.  I succeeded but this time it took a lot longer. Like 5 times longer, didn’t instantly grow either but it was like the pickle seed size of the same thing I have created once before.

I don’t know how long I was gone.

When I was writing this I’d felt scattered and having to keep going back all day to enter more additional information. That’s why it was so long.

  • JaneTheReader

    Not to be rude, but this story is quite muddled, in my opinion. At times I was unsure of what was happening, but continued reading, hoping my questions would be answered. Unfortunately that did not help. Perhaps you could proof read it again and edit the confusing parts to improve the story. I’m assuming a lot of time went into this though, so don’t be discouraged.