Have u ever been in that situation where you have a s****y family and you wish that you would just have a new one that’s the opposite of everything they are? Has that wish ever come true?

Mine did.

I was walking home from my friend’s house when a van parked near me and three people in masks drugged me and took me to who knows where? I soon woke up in a pink room, the three kidnappers were sitting on a bed by the corner; a man, a woman, and a boy who can only be their son. As I looked around the realization hit me: this was my room, or at least a replica of it. The woman suddenly knelt in front of me and started brushing my cheek then said, “There’s no need to be afraid, we’re your new family now.”

I was speechless, the boy went out the room and came back with a tray that had a sandwich, a bowl of cereal, an apple, and a glass of milk. He put on the table beside me and said, “Eat up, sis.” A goofy grin spread across his face as he cut the ropes on my hands. I saw no point in fighting, I wouldn’t win; I’d have to use my wits to escape. So I obediently ate up the meal they gave me. They watched me the entire time, and when I was done, the dad took the tray and left the room.

“We’ll be back in an hour, sweety with clothes, a phone, a laptop, and books just for you,” the mom said. She and the son started to leave the room as I asked, “You’re not going to tie me up?” The mom laughed and said, “Why would we? You’ll be a good girl, won’t you?” I nodded and they left the room.

Long after I heard the van leave I started my escape. The door was locked, and there were no windows. I picked up the lampshade and started hammering on the door knob. It took me a few minutes, but when it finally came off and the door swung open what I saw would stay with me forever.

Bodies, they littered the floor, I was in some basement of what looked like a wooden cabin. The bodies had missing parts, intestines pouring out, and some were already rotting. I heard a scuffle to my left and saw, a girl, about my age, she was still alive, but both her arms had been cut. I walked over to her, “What happened here?” I asked. The only words the girl were able to get out were “New… Family… Food.” Then, I noticed the fridge in the corner, walking toward it, I threw open the door and body parts, intestines, chopped up bodies, clothes, containers of blood fell out.

I was going to be sick, but then, I remembered I had to escape. I searched for the stairs and when I finally found they led up to a trap door that had apparently been left unchained. I pushed it open, and the cold air hit my face. I climbed up, I was wrong, it wasn’t a cabin, it was some old rotting mansion in some woods in the middle of nowhere. As I turn to head for the road I see a tombstone to my left and I approach it. The engraving read “Anna Beckett, beloved daughter and sister.”

I heard wheels on gravel, and I knew they were back. I ran, and I ran, and I ran, and I ran, and I ran, and I never looked back.

Eventually, I saw the lights of a town, and I knew it was mine. The sun was up now. I was walking now, and eventually found my house. There were a lot of people, dressed in black. I walked into the house, no one seemed to notice. I saw my mom, crying, my dad holding her, then I saw the coffin and inside it… Was me.

Flashbacks suddenly raced through my mind: I was kidnapped by three men, the van suddenly crashed and I was dead.

I heard footsteps behind me, it was my new family. They were dead, I was dead. “Come with us, sis,” the brother said, reaching out his hand. The mom and dad did the same.

And then…

  • Jesus Regis

    What happened at the end. It just ended at “and then”. Is there going to be more coming up? Great story by the way

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I love the concept. The text language is a put off for me (u instead of you) but pretty good job!

  • Zachary Clevinger

    This one was really good. Keep them coming.