Entry #7

I don’t know what day it is anymore but I counted the days with my marker on the wall beside my bed for 41 days already. He just keeps coming back and back again called me Angel. There was one time she showed a photo of Angel to me and she looks exactly just like me. He’s not hurting me or anything, he’s just locking me up here pretending we’re lovers even though I deny that.

But I had an idea, he always holds that knife…

I waited for him to come back patiently and as he came back I pretended to seduce him and finally pretend to be his lover. I wrapped my arms around his neck and as he holds my waist. I told him I would give him a passionate kiss if he closed his eyes and so he did. When he closed his eyes I grabbed his knife then stabbed him on the gut multiple times full of rage, anger, and wrath!

He’s finally dead… Now to burn this hell hole with a gas can I found in his room then set it ablaze. It was no more. But to be honest… killing felt kinda good, I should do that again!

The sun is rising at this dawn as I hold my butterfly knife I took from him and made it as a remembrance on how charming and caring my loving Patchwork is. I smiled as I skipped my feet on the way home with blood on my hands and face.

  • KaliLa

    Your story is amazing. But I think it could be better worded a little bit , only because they make it a smidge difficult to read at first. Other than that I love the plot and it’s a great story ☺️