Entry #5

So in the very same day after I wrote the last entry, I commuted through a bus-like jeepney all the way to San Fernando city of Pampanga, then went jumped down after it stopped in San Fernando. I went to 7/11 to buy some coffee and went back outside after paying my fair for the coffee. Then I walked all the way around San Fernando to another jeepney to Palengke of San Fernando which looked a lot alike like in Guagua’s. I walked my way proceeding to another last jeepney to Mabalacat and when I was finally there I asked about one of their former patients which the name was unknown. Finally I can unlock the mystery behind the name of my killer!

As I went inside through the steel metal door, they locked it with a safe and everywhere was full of barricades, locks, chains, barbed wires, and everything! How can this lunatic escape this insane asylum rehabilitation out of here when it’s completely locked down like this?

They asked me if I were a relative of one of the patients and I said I am being stalked and killed every night by that patient. They were silly at first until they started to get serious. They know who it is…

I went to ask them about his real name AKA Patchwork’s real name. They gave me Patchwork’s psychology file and his name started with the letter J but the rest of them were crossed-blacked out and so does the rest of his information such as his birth date, address, and everything else.

I asked them why they greyed out the information but they just went quiet stressing themselves out in the process, one of the staff started breaking down as if they’re the patients.

“Please, just take it and leave us alone!”

Then after that they kicked me out of the asylum. I walked away from the asylum and sat there on the bench finishing my coffee then put it beside me reading Patchwork’s background. It says here is that the cause of his downfall was that he was born with no emotions and started killing little animals in the forest just to feel something but it wasn’t enough for him so he wanted to kill bigger ones, humans.

Then as he grew up as a child he became homicidal and was diagnosed of Anti-social personality disorder AKA PSYCHOPATHY. He was being bullied for having no emotions until he decided to learn how to pretend to have emotions and made friends pretending to be their friend just for some protection from the bullies which worked out.

Then he met this special girl named Angel like what his sister mentioned before he finally gained an emotion and his only emotion called LOVE. Because of his LOVE for Angel he started to become more motivated for studying and he became the top of the class and the star athlete. He did everything he could to impress Angel which where his stalking started. He takes pictures of her everywhere from starting the day until night time.

His parents were pretty abusive here too as I read further. His friends backstabbed him and they were only just like the rest of them but except that he only has eyes for Angel. Until he met a male friend that they both had a much attached relationship and he only see him as just a FRIEND and not more than that. He started talk about the girl he loves which is Angel to him. Then his friend had a secret obsessive love over Patchwork so he sabotaged their relationship by the time Patchwork and Angel were together by lying to Angel about Patchwork that aren’t true. Angel started to hate Patchwork forever and never forgave him. His friend then started to call him a cutiepie or any cute name callings such as honeybee or something.

This is where Patchwork attempted his first murder, he killed his friend by gutting his stomach, ripped off his intestines and use those to strangle him. He didn’t told the information here on how he hid the body because it was a creative method. If it was known by the people they would easily find him out.

As he started to go to school again looking all gloomy his bullies provoke a fight with him. He flipped his butterfly knife and fought them single handedly by himself on 5 high school boys. It was a bloody experience for him. This is the only murder he couldn’t get away from because it was at school, everyone saw it. And then instead of putting him to prison he was sentenced to an asylum for a while because he had a psychology record.

He killed all 5 people at once by himself in a fight. Wow.

It was night time already as I finished the entire story. I kept the folder in my bag and started to write things down on my journal about him. It’s too bad I can’t get his information.

Then I went home then got mugged from behind putting a knife on my throat then put a napkin on my face causing me to pass out.