Don’t You Wanna Fly?


I was always dreaming of flying and I would study anything that had to do with flying. I always wanted to be a pilot when I was older. Most of my dreams were about flying. My parents told me that when I was four years old, I would throw my airplanes out of the car window to see if they would fly. They told me that every Christmas I would ask for a new toy plane.

One night, I started having nightmares about flying. For example, I would dream that I was a bird and then my wings would melt away like they were made of wax and fake feathers. I would be falling and just before I hit the ground, I would wake up in a cold sweat. In others I would be sitting in an airplane minding my own business when, all of a sudden the plane spiraled downward.

I felt like an insomniac after having these nightmares. These nightmares repeated themselves for about a week. I have always been a superstitious person, so I was scared that the dream may be interpreting that I’m going to fly one day and all of a sudden fall to my death. My parents had booked a flight for Disney Land the following week and I was scared for my life. My dreams only got worse though. In my dreams I would be screaming that I didn’t want to fly anymore, and I just kept on screaming that phrase as I was falling to my death, and then I would hear a raspy voice ask ‘Don’t you wanna fly?’ I would wake up screaming by that point.

All my dreams would end with that one little phrase. My parents would come to my room and ask me what was wrong. After I told them what was wrong, I begged them to cancel the flight. They thought I was being childish, so the following week we boarded the airplane to Disney Land. My parents did find it weird for me wanting to stay, but they brushed it off as too much excitement, and too little sleep. As we were taking off, the plane started making noises that a plane shouldn’t make. They announced that they were experiencing technical difficulties with the plane. I was starting to grow fearful. That’s just what I wanted to hear after having all those nightmares. I took deep breaths and told myself it would be alright.

I decided to look out the window to distract myself from it, but as I stared out the window I saw a creature of some sort tearing off the wing of the plane. It was dark gray with razor sharp teeth and pitch black eyes. It had spikes all down the spine. I was the only one who saw it. It would be the last thing I ever saw. We began falling to our deaths below and I started screaming. All of the passengers were screaming as we fell. I knew this was the end. I was going to die. There were so many things I still wanted to tell my parents. Like who really broke the vase. I blamed it on the cat. I wanted to tell my parents that I loved them, but they were in first class. They wouldn’t let us get out of our seats. It’s too late to get up now. I squeezed my eyes shut still screaming. I thought to myself ‘I don’t want to fly anymore!’ and just as we were about to hit the ground, I heard a very raspy voice ask me one, last thing…

“Don’t you wanna fly?”

  • Tobias erin rogers

    I have a flight back to unites states in some weeks .
    And this is so creepy now im scared of flying.