Don’t Peak

I know it’s there staring at me in the dark, waiting for me to make a move. I can feel its hot breath coming through my blankets over my head. It’s only so long before it realizes I’m awake and takes me into the dark, forever.

Let me explain a little. A half an hour ago I woke up to a soft scuttle movement coming from outside my door. Thinking it was my parents I rolled over towards the door to see if they were checking on me. I’m only 9, and my parents are paranoid to leave me more than an hour alone. Even if it’s to sleep. I wish they would check on me now because whatever creaked open my door and shuffled in wasn’t them.

I was hoping they would come in on one of their routine checks on me, but I’m not that lucky. Maybe the thing peering down on me got them too, and it’s about to get me. I didn’t get a good look at it when it came in, only a quick glimpse and I was horrified at what I saw. I quickly jammed my head under the blanket and acted like I was asleep.

I didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t run past it or scream for my parents, because it would get me. It’s been half an hour since it first came in and now it’s standing next to me just looking down on me, waiting for movement. I’m so scared that I think I wet the bed for the first time since was 5.

Wait, I think it’s moving I can hear the crack of its bones as it bends over me. It’s now only inches from my face that only a heavy blanket blocks its way. Then I hear it whisper something in a low grovely voice, “It’s time to get up.”

  • Thats_some_crappy_pasta

    That was very short. I think that u should work on making it longer. But everything else is ok. One other thing… Maybe look at the title name? Peak? U mean peek.

    • Lily


  • Aly Greg

    it’s good but too short