Don’t Open the Closet Door

One day, a couple of summers ago, a man had moved into a nice house. Big space, and everything. The landlord told him to never open the closet door with the padlock on it in the spare bathroom because it stunk badly. The man never thought twice about it. He thought maybe it was a skunk or something. He thought it would soon go away, so he left the door closed.

One night after a couple of his friends left, he heard walking upstairs in the spare bedroom. He knew he was alone. When he started to walk upstairs, a massive black cloud shot past him into the laundry room. The door slammed shut behind it, as it raced into the room. The man was so shaken that he decided to sleep on the couch that night. He kept having weird dreams of a goat-man sitting on a rock, surrounded by fire. The thing was screaming and crying, but he couldn’t hear it. When it looked up, he was startled to see that the thing had no eyes and it was crying blood.

He woke up just then, looking around. It was morning, and he could’ve sworn each time he closed his eyes, he saw that goat-man staring at him. He smelled a horrible smell and went to check out the closet door. He thought he’d might as well get that skunk out, now. He walked upstairs, into the spare room and crowbared the door open. What he saw, he could never forget. There was blood everywhere. The walls were scratched as if a big animal were in there. Then, he looked down at the floor. He saw a goat head on a stool and a naked, headless body sprawled out on the floor.

He raced downstairs and called 911. He didn’t dare to go back upstairs until the police arrived. They went upstairs and saw nothing in the closet. Just an empty closet. They went back down and arrested the man for false allegations. To this day, the man stays in a mental hospital. He claims that the goat-man haunts his dreams every night.

  • Brandon Barrett

    Rarely will I say this but this story was pretty good I mean it’s not creepy but it’s definitely one of the few stories I can honestly say has potential

    • Ali Cat

      Thanks so much 😀 I definitely tried, as this is my first ever creepy story I’ve written 😅 but. Thanks again.

  • Ray Ramirez

    Pretty badass, should make another chapter to it!

    • pyronyxus

      Thank you! I can’t believe its already been three years but I have a story that I could start posting here! Thank you for all of the support!

  • Rose Morrison

    I agree with Ray, expand it.

  • Samson Horne

    Keep going!

    • pyronyxus

      Thank you! I can’t believe I got this many reads and this much support. Another story coming soon!

  • The nothing

    Yah make more stories

    • pyronyxus

      Deal, on the way!