Don’t Blink

Hi my name is Oscar, and I’m 14. Growing up gave me the realization that make everything we built of is different than what it is or every will be. I’m going to tell you why.

When I woke up the morning I was turning thirteen, I could already feel that something was wrong. Just as I fell asleep I woke up. Tired and Wondering when I could force myself to fall into a deep sleep next. My lil brother came into my room and jumped on my bed repeatedly screaming, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBAH!!” The final just set me off like an alarm on the rail train next to the school.

I simply replied with, “Thank you. Now… Loki. Go… AWAAAAAY!”

I get that Loki is only 6 but I’m the only one he jumps to solve 100% of just about anything that exists or ever will.

I started my day by getting out of bed and dressing like I’m about to attend my last meal. I peak out to the street for my window which happens to peer the whole street from the second story of my house. she just stood there. Staring me down with a wrinkled smile, but when I closed my eyes to take a quick breath she was gone.

I didn’t think anything at all of it, I went on with my morning activities. As I’m heading down the stairs I nearly tripped on one of Loki’s MANY Tonka trucks. As I turned to throw it down the hallway, I thought to myself “he’s only 6.”

I was going to head out to the kitchen before I had realized that. Well that lady looked homeless. We live in a nice neighborhood. Panhandling where people won’t even look at you just doesn’t make any sense.

So I went to lock the front door. Along with checking the windows to make sure the weren’t cracked open or unlocked. I gave myself a quick smile before heading into the kitchen.

For some strange reason I felt like someone… or… something was watching the back of my head the whole way through my unnecessary chores. Which really didn’t feel that unnecessary.

My mom and brother are sitting at the table on the outside of an empty seat (were there would be me an hour before) with a plate of my favorite morning food.

I go to take a seat but in the corner of my eye… oh no… my paranoidies couldn’t have been more on point. She was just STANDING THERE! Right behind the island in the kitchen. I looked at my mom but I didn’t want my little brother to scream louder than he already does. So I kind of just… pointed as he was taking a bite of food.

She just giggled and said, “Oh ya I bought that yesterday at the swap meet.”

I didn’t know what to do so I closed my eyes and took another deep breath. Just as she came she left. Without notice or sound.

I almost instantly yelled, “Mom can u not see her! what the hell! she was standing right there.”

She just kind of sketched and turned. then let out another innocent giggle. she looked at me and said, “I bet she was.”

I tried to tell her I wasn’t joking but the only thing that came out was a grunt.

So I went to the backyard to catch some air. My mind couldn’t stop racing I went around front to see how I was going to make this better.

“How about the kids down the street?”

I walked a few houses down to see who I could talk to But. They wouldn’t answer. When I peeked in the window I seen.

I saw.

I saw her.

She was standing there over what used to be my friend. He was mangled. His ARMS WERE HANGING ON THE WALL GODDAMN IT! His dog was inside out. And his legs were bent in backwards.
He was only 12. She was standing over his body with his heart in her mouth.

That’s when she started to sing.

“The children. the children. Hear my lullaby. Children. Children please don’t you cry. Baby boy and baby girl. You don’t need to see. That God wanted the opposite for your family treeeee.”

When she stop singing. She started to turn her head like the owls on the light post do. She saw me and then.

She said it.
She said it to me. Those words still ring in my ears.
“Ohhhh Ossscarrrr! Won’t u play with me!”
I yelled at her. I just screamed.

She screamed back though louder and harder.

I ran to the street as fast as I could but then the door to my friend’s house opened up and she followed slowly.

The f****d up thing is. When I got to the street she was already holding my neck.

I felt her cold hands holding me like the noose around the damned.

Then she told me this.

“Remember how your little brother. Said he LOVED U! You just told him to get out of your room. Maybe. Just maybe. He will be freed next. Ya? Huh Oscar! Don’t be s**k a lil wanker next time and tell him u love him too. Until I feel that u have need for him in your life I will be your friend.”



Then she let me go and I ran to my house as fast as I could. I ran a different direction to lose her. I did all I could. took a right instead of a left. Took as many alleys until I got to the house. I was gone all day… then it hit me!

“My brother…”

I ran to the door but I forgot I had locked it. The windows wouldn’t budge and the back door was sealed like glue between to papers.

The only way it was going to open was if I budged it myself.

“Need some help?” came a voice from behind.

I already knew it was too late.

I just fell to my knees and listened to the butchered lullaby.

“Oscar. Oscar. Don’t you look so sad. Who could bake the tender one, but I’ve already ate your lad. Take the moment for rendering. While I begin tendering. The door has for the moment. But don’t forget the trash.”

“Bad boy!”

The door opened and I just ran inside. I ran past the kitchen table. past the corridor to the living room.

There they were.

We’re all just sitting on the floor watching my brothers favorite episode of Looney Toons.

Then she appeared one more time. Right before my mom noticed anything…

“Remember my offer boy. Don’t FORGET IT! I’ll be near… and hungry.”

Then she vanished.

My brother just looked at me. Gave me the most awful grin. That’s when I said it.

“I’m sorry Loki! I love you! I love you so much and I don’t ever want to lose you! please forgive meee!”

He just said, “Huh?” and that made me feel something empty and lonesome. I’ve done it. they are all gonna die…

I ran up the stairs to my room with the assumption that everything was done for and I lost my mind.

Will this be it?
Will this be gone?
Will he die?

I cried myself to sleep that night!

I dreamt her face. just her head twisted backward. Singing that GOD FORSAKEN LULLABY.

“The children. The children. Hear my lullaby. Children. Children please don’t you cry. Baby boy and baby girl. You all don’t need to see. That God wanted the opposite for your family treeeee.”

When I woke up…

My little brother came into my room. He simply said.

“Bubbah you wanna play Legos? I love you tooo”

Ever since then. Everytime I peeked out my window. She’s standing there with my friends heart in her hand. Just waving as the chunk in her mouth begins to rot.

I won’t ever let my brother out of my sight again.

That f*****g lullaby.