Me and my best friend Alex where trying to scare our friend Jordan one day. So, we went to the thrift store to get a doll because the ones at the store where too expensive and we found one that was real good and if you did a little cutting in the back of its head you could remove it’s eyes.

Jordan is a wussy and had arachnophobia real bad. Before I knew that I told him a fact I found out. Fact: There’s never a spider more than ten feet away from you. He started freaking out and that’s when Alex took me aside and told me about his phobia. Every once in a while I would send him a weird picture like that spider squirrel or “World’s cutest spider”. He was cool about it though.

When we where bringing the doll home me and Alex played around with it and buckled it up in the back seat. I could have sworn when I checked the rear view mirror I saw it blink. I tried to tell Alex but he just asked me what I was on. Figures. So we stopped at my place and I got a runny red Sharpie and put it on my hands and rubbed it all over the face and hands.

It looked good enough we thought. So we buckled her up and headed to Jordan’s. He still had work for another hour so we sat around his house watching TV. Alex stuffed it in Jordan’s underwear drawer where he would find it. When Jordan got home we hung out for a while then I dropped Alex off at his and I went home. I had a few strange dreams that night.

In the morning we all headed to work at Albertson’s. Jordan hadn’t said anything to us about the doll so me and Alex came up with a theory that Jordan never changes his underwear. We asked Jordan if he changed them today and he said he did and he took a shower. Me and Alex broke out laughing.

We went on the next couple of days waiting for Jordan to change his crappy underwear. But he still never said anything about it. So on our night off I stayed at his apartment and when he was asleep I checked the drawer. It feels super awkward digging through your friends underwear. I couldn’t find it so I assumed he just threw it away.
The next morning I asked him what we did with it and he played the “I don’t know what you’re talking about” card. But Jordan never really lied. Like ever.

So today in the thrift store I was with my three year old daughter. I hadn’t seen Jordan or Alex in at least five years or so. So while we where there I told little Lizzy she could go pick out a toy while I look for clothes and she came back to me with the doll in her hand and asked if she could have the doll.

  • Boothebabe

    This was not good

  • thirteenlilsykos

    I’m not sure if this was meant to be a story or if you’re just talking about something that actually happened to you. Regardless, correct grammar goes a long way in making it easy to read. I did, however, like the topic of the ‘story’. If done correctly, a creepy doll tale never fails to delight.

  • DahrknessInTheLight

    Splendid tale, I really liked it. However, a little punctuation, and grammar check could probably make it feel more filled out.

  • dannydubs

    it wasnt scary…isnt that the point of creepypasta?

  • Simon

    Eh, it was alright.