It all started when I was going online looking for games. Until someone told me about a website that publishes games from other companies for free. So I went to the website and decided to find Diablo 2, and they have it. I downloaded it and went to go play it. Everything was running smoothly until I decided to sleep and exit off the game.

When I got back in the game, the music of the game was a little off. And the voice acting was off as well. The music sounded like it was going to reverse, and the acting sounded like some robotic voice.

“Maybe it’s a bug,” I thought to myself. I decided to restart the game. This is when things take a much darker turn.

When I restarted the game menu, the menu was off the board and the music sounded like the people were screaming in agony. The menu screen was all red. That was when I turned off the game and deleted the file.

The next day, I went to go email my friend, Micheal, and then I saw the Diablo file again, like as if it was a virus that couldn’t be cured. I deleted it again. A few hours later when I went back on the computer, the computer was already in the Diablo home screen. Everything looked normal until I pressed start and then I saw the face of a demon and a pentagram on the screen. I went to turn off all the power and destroyed my computer in terror.

The next month, I bought a new computer and made a new account on it. I asked Micheal if he had the same issues when he was playing the games. And he answered no. I told him, “Do not trust the website, it has a virus of some sort and I don’t really trust it anymore.” Micheal replied with, “Ok.” I never went on the website since, but the nightmares of the game still haunted me at night.

  • Nemesis

    Well this couldn’t have been worse. I’m really at a loss of words here. If I can keep one person from reading this then I’ll have done my job. For the sake of yourself and all you hold dear please don’t read this! You’ll thank later.

  • Danny

    Wait, you being for real?

  • IronMosquito


  • Luna

    Don’t listen to him the concepts good I actually had a virus that kept reinstalling itself thru my email.The problem is the villan is to cliche an you probably shouldve had Michael posessed by the demon considering he downloaded the file as well or have him trying to convince you that there isnt anything wrong with serving the dark lord or something along that line instead of nothing happening at all