Dead Tales: Computer Friend

Author’s Note: The following stories in 123KidZ Short Stories Volume 1 contains frightening/intense scenes, paranormal activity, and some moments that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 12.

In this volume we introduce 5 short stories all about creepiness. This is the 4th story. May the viewers discretion be advised.

I was into video games for the longest time until I met Anonymous_player_321. We met online and communicated on a chat. We played shooter games and eventually I got close to him/her. One day we were playing a tank game where we use controllers to aim and shoot at the other tank, while on the move for power ups. He shot me seemingly perfectly. The bullet bounced off wall to wall and I was trapped in a corner. My face was terrified for I didn’t know if it’d hit me, then within a few single pixels the bullet disappeared. My face relaxed when it didn’t hit me.

‘You Shoulda seen ur face!’ He/she messaged me. I didn’t catch it at first but after a minute, my expression changed.

‘What do you mean by my face?’

He took a while to respond.

‘I meant I wish I would’ve seen your face,’ I shrugged it off.

Months passed and it was to the point where he told me where he lived, it was around where I lived. We agreed to meet at town square at 11AM.

It was at that time when I saw whoever it was by a white van. The air was cold and a faint warm breeze blew. It was a he and he wore a controller shirt. His left hand was behind his back. He then gestured for me to come over. When I went over he pushed me into the van, a rag covered my face and I fainted. I woke up in the emptiness of the van not knowing where he was taking me. What will happen?

A Heroes With Hood’s Story:

Dead Tales

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    sorry 🙁 Honestly I didn’t know what else to write at the time

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    I carried out strong with this series of shorts but in total this was a 30% if it were in Rotten Tomatoes and doesn’t fit much of the audience’s appeal. But if you haven’t seen the first I recommend reading it and deciding which story you like.