Dark Twist of the Unknown

I moved into a new house, I was perfectly fine with my family. Playing and telling jokes with my younger siblings, family games just like a normal family would be.

“Come on! Dania! Let’s go play in the basement!” my brother Wayne says, with eyes full of curiosity and the urge to explore

“But mom told us not to go there, remember?” I said, feeling unease of what is going to happen next.

“Just this once! Just this once! Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?” my younger sisters Daisy and Sandra says in unison.

“Fine, just this once but never tell Mom about this ok?” I say, but I knew I’m going to regret it someday because kids will do something unexpected and you will never know what is going to happen, besides I can’t handle the whining it’s completely a nightmare. No offence.

Mom and Dad are working together and discussing about their jobs and about what happened at work, in the living room. Mom and Dad seems to not notice us, so we tiptoed to the far end of the hall and opened up the wooden trap door slowly. What revealed was a set of dusty wooden stairs, I guess the only thing that is not new is the basement.

I walked down the stairs my heart is pounding by each sound the stairs creaks when I stepped down. Hopefully, it’s stable! Please be stable! I thought feeling nervous as I looked from left to right, all I can see is darkness but it’s sort of pitch black. So I manage to see and make out a few objects around the room, but something caught my eye when I surveyed the room…

Is that what I think it is? I thought I moved closer and closer towards it, there is a box but what I saw is blood on the outside, bloody fingerprints. My eyes grew wide with horror, who? What? I thought I can’t think straight, Mom never told me about this, I felt a cold breeze but I don’t think the windows are open or even have windows in this basement. I don’t know how it what made me want to look inside but my instinct is to run, far far away.  Open it! Open it! I heard it from my thoughts growing stronger and stronger by the second from speaking turn into chanting so loud that it could drive a person insane. Please…make it stop.Stop! STOP! I thought putting both hands on each side of my head. I can feel the footsteps of my siblings coming down the stairs, creaking with each step, I don’t think it’s a good idea to come down here in the first place. My hand reached the box on its own without my own control over my body. Shadows appeared dark and frightening and each one is different varies from different sizes and shapes.

“DANIA!!” I can hear my siblings cries but it seemed so far away, my hand closed around the clasp and pulled the lock.

  • Puddin Tane

    Needs a WHOLE lot of work. I suggest you start over. Everything is wrong with it. Better luck next time.

    • Redblood

      Yea, I agree, the first is the worst, I’m not always good at organizing into a good story, but plotting out the story is fine, I wonder what would happen if you try to write in a style that is illogical? Like not most people will understand? That would be interesting. My brain is hazy these days and less clear than it used to.

  • Yolonda

    Where is the rest of the story?

    • Redblood

      It’s going to be added, but I just put a cliff hanger to get more inspiration on ideas