Dark Promise Chapter 2: Cold Dead Bodied Howl

Scarlet woke up. At first, she thought she was still dreaming. But she couldn’t open her eyes. She opened her mouth, as she called into the forever darkness. A reply called back. Scarlet looked around. “Huh?” Crimson looked at scarlet and spoke louder. She saw scarlet move her mouth. She made out the words. “I can’t hear, but I can see.” She spoke. Scarlet nodded. “Ugh….” Crimson still watched seeing her angered sigh. “We need to work together. I can’t hear, but you can. I can see, but you can’t.” Scarlet heard loud and clear.

“Alright. Is it dark, we need to move out if so.” She spoke urgently. “It’s…dark.. I guess? Wait….but what about the other things. The…dogs.” Scarlet heard soft whimpers that seemed like the animals were letting out their last breath.

“Of course. I remember those.” Crimson wiggled around. “I’m going to break out. You have a key in Your pocket. I think dad left it there to tease you since you can’t just grab it. Reach your head down a little, then bite down with you teeth.

Scarlet bent her head down slowly at first, and was greeted with a metallic hard sensation. Wrapping her tongue around it, she bit onto it. “What now?” She tried to shrug. “Move your head to the closest arm.” Scarlet brought the key to her hand and started to fiddle around. “The keyhole is…down..slow..there!” Scarlet stopped and stuck the key in the hole. The chain released the one arm and she grabbed the key again. After she went to the other arm. After the top of her body fell over and she hung from the two bottom chains. “Ugh!!” She grabbed one chained leg and started to quickly fiddle with it then grabbed the key. She stuck it around and finally reached the hole. After she stick it in bracing to hang from one leg. Straight after she grabbed the last one and she unlocked it. She fell on the ground and looked around. “Hey, I’m done…where are you?”

Crimson spoke in a repeated beat. Scarlet fell over her table and stuck her ands around freely. “Go more to the left.” She spoke. Scarlet did just that and she found the hole in no time. After she went to the two legs, then the last arm and unhooked it. Crimson jumped up and hugged her. “Finally!” Scarlet smiled and started to hug her. “Alright…lets get the canines.” A strange connection overtook her and she woke up. “Haggrrooo!” The body in Scarlets arms collapsed.  “Gah!” She picked it up and placed the body down. The hyena smashed into the cage. “Sscdarrrleeettttt!!” It howled. It smashed into the cage again. “Oh yeah I remember…he made us have the ability to take over the…things.” She walked over slowly and stick the key in and swung open the cave. The hyena busted through and ran after the body. After she woke up again. “Ugh..” The hyena fell and laid there. The fox howled one last time and scarlet fell. Crimson quickly grabbed her and placed her down. She quickly grabbed the key and went for the fox cage. Scarlet let out a hellish noise and started to jump around and bashed around. “Hey! Stop!” Crimson opened the cage and picked up the fox. “Hush. You’ll wake dad up!” Scarlet sniffed around and found her body. After she changed back and the fox laid there. She walked over and picked it up.

Crimson picked the hyena up and walked around. “First we need to kill dad.” She spoke gripping her hands. Scarlet tried to hold crimsons shoulder, and started to touch around. “Yeah. We should do an experiment to him”. “Alright. Fine with me.” Scarlet felt around and Crimson grabbed her hand. “I’ll lead you.” She spoke. “If you hear talking, tell me.” Scarlet nodded and followed Crimson. Leaving the room and walking up the stairs, Crimson watched scarlet closely to see if she was going to speak. Scarlet felt the pace slowed. “Umm…” She signaled her to continue. Crimson continued and looked around the corner. “Anything?” Scarlet shook her head. Crimson walked out from the kitchen and saw the door, but scarlet heard her dad upstairs. “Do you hear him?” Scarlet nodded and pointed up. “What room do you think?” Scarlet tried to make out what room it was because she heard her dad singing some twisted song. “Oh…the bathroom?” Scarlet nodded.

They started to head upstairs and scarlet tapped her back. “Slow down?” Crimson asked. Scarlet nodded and pulled her closer. The voice grew every step they took. Scarlet heard the radio blaring a song with a guy talking about how he could kill someone but at the same time he didn’t know if he should. “I can’t decide whether you should live or die, though you’d probably go to heaven. Please don’t hang your head and cry, no wonder why my heart is dead inside.” Scarlet spoke nodding her head with the beat. Although the song startled her, she still couldn’t shut up. Crimson looked at scarlet and hushed her. “Hear anything?” Scarlet heard the song hit its climax and she held Crimson. “This is the bathroom.” She grabbed Scarlets hand and made her feel the door. The smooth hard wood rubbed against her cold hand. Crimson pushed scarlet away and spoke. “Stay, i can see things, you can’t. Hold this.” She handed her the hyena and faced the door. Tension built up and scarlet slowly put the animals down. She had grabbed a knife from the kitchen when Crimson was talking to her. She pulled it out and faced Crimson who threw herself at there father. Screaming came from Crimson and scarlet came out from behind the door and started to blindly hit around with the blade. Crimson had backed out to take a quick breather and scarlet heard a satisfying set of cries from a familiar person. He threw his arms around and started to yell.

“Cut the s**t you little b***h!”

He called. Scarlet continued in blind rage until she started to get covered in some liquid. Was it water from the bath? Scarlet asked herself. The screaming died down and scarlet felt satisfied. She backed up and looked around. “He’s dead.” Crimson spoke standing up. “You killed him. You cut his windpipe.” Scarlet smiled in reassurance. She shrugged.  Happy to still hear the song going it was on replay. “What now.” Crimson spoke determined. Scarlet started to dig into the wall. Letters appeared on the bathroom wall.I’m not sur the e mixed with the r. We are mosers. We ned t go.Crimson nodded. “Yeah, or else we will get caught. So, grab your things, we are heading out. We can only carry so much. I have a couple of bags so we can fill it with food and medicine and maybe some water. That’s the most important.” Scarlet nodded and started to walk around. She found pills and started to shove it into her pockets of her hoodie and Crimson had already grabbed her bags and was down stairs packing mostly canned foods and water. Crimson called for scarlet and scarlet followed the voices.

The voices weren’t familiar. They seemed strange but it guided her downstairs. Crimson waited with a bag full. Scarlet had quickly made her way to Crimson. “How did you come down here without following.” Scarlet pointed to her head. She couldn’t explain the voices since Crimson couldn’t hear.  Matter in fact, she heard the voices earlier before when she was killing her father. Was she getting driven to insanity? She didn’t know anymore. She killed her own father for peats sake. Crimson thought it was just memory. Oh was she wrong. But crimson had been seeing things that hasn’t even happened yet. She would back into the wall once in awhile trying to run from the creature that didn’t even exist. Was she too seeing things or hearing things like scarlet? Maybe they were both crazy. Crimson looked around to see anything that they could have.Blankets… she headed to the basement and started to use a flashlight that was on the fridge for a while collecting dust she shined it and looked around for the box that had the blankets and pillows. She started to take slow steps down as the creaking floorboards creaked every time she stepped on a new one.the sound made scarlet more weary as the creaking became quiet. Crimson looked around and saw many old things sitting there decaying in the cardboard boxes.

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