Crimson Smiled

School. The thing Crimson absolutely despised, each day after class Nicholas and his friends would use him as a punching bag. He would hide the bruises from his older brother, Jake.

He loved his brother, he knew if he told him it would break him. That’s why he hid it. On a Monday evening after Crimson had gotten home Jake said he needed to speak with him, worried incase he found out about the bullying, he sat, thinking of all the possible outcomes.

Jake sighed, “Crimson, y’know how I went to the doctors this morning,” Crimson nodded, “well, they told me that I have 1 week to live and that I have to stay at hospital until I pass.” Crimson couldn’t believe what he had heard, he sat, eyes wide.

He knew that his brother was telling the truth as he would never prank him and he had been very ill the past month. Crimson started to tear up, his brother was the only one who was keeping him sane, alive even. He couldn’t imagine a life without Jake, he hugged Jake, crying onto his shoulder.

“I know, I know, I was shocked too,” Crimson continued to cry, he couldn’t believe that in 7 days he would be alone, he would have no family. The day came, the day Jake was scheduled to die, Crimson sat crying, he knew he needed to tell his brother about the bullying, he muttered,

“J-Jake?” Jake looked at Crimson and made a ‘hm’ noise showing he was listening, “I-I need t-to tell you something… I’ve been getting bullied… I didn’t want to tell you because I knew it would break you… I’m sorry…” Jake looked at Crimson , he looked worried,

“I knew I should have told you but I couldn’t imagine how you would react,” “C-Crimson-“ “I’m sorry, I love you Jake” “I love you t-” silence, that was it, Jake had died, Crimson cried, when he got home he cried into his pillow, he didn’t get any sleep that night.

The next day at school, everyone could tell something was wrong, Crimsons usual bright green eyes were now a greyish green. His usual smile was gone, it was replaced with a frown, his black hair covered his left eye.

People avoided him that day, after the bell rang Crimson got out of class as quick as possible, he thought that if he was quick enough he would beat the bullies and get home. He saw them, he speed walked across the road then bolted towards the woods, thinking he would lose them.

He couldn’t hear anything, then there was a twig snap right behind him. They covered his eyes and lay him on the ground, he felt something cold run down his chin, they were cutting down his mouth on each side, like a doll’s mouth. Then, they removed their hands, he could see, they then dig the knife into his left eye, Crimson screamed in pain, “C’mon smile,” one said.

Then, there was a rustle in the bushes, this alarmed the bullies and they ran off, leaving crimson crying in pain. Crimson thought he was going to die there and then, he saw a figure, a feminine voice came “Oh my… um… how much pain are you in?” Crimson tried to reply but all that came out was croaks and sobs.

He then felt himself being picked up, then this person took him to the edge of the forest, he was then put down. “You must go by yourself now… I’m sorry…” he then heard footsteps running further and further into the woods. He sat down for a minute, trying to comprehend what had just happened.

He stood up and walked down to his apartment, since there was only one day left, and they were getting their report cards, Crimson decided to go to school the next day. He wore an eyepatch, if anyone asked about his chin he would say that he fell.

He closed his apartment door and went outside, he stood waiting to cross the road when he was pushed, he turned and saw Nicholas and his friends laughing, that was the last thing Crimson saw.

He slowly opened his eyes, he was in hospital, he looked at the heart monitor. He was confused, it said that he was dead, he thought it must have been broken. He heard static, he looked around when he saw a tall, featureless face staring at him through the hospital corridor.

He grabbed his clothes then jumped out of the window, he sprinted towards the woods, he put his clothes on. He was going to get his revenge, no matter what.

He went to Nicholas’ apartment that was on the first floor, he grabbed the first weapon he saw, which was a circular saw, he didn’t question it, he also grabbed a red half faced mask with a black eye and yellow iris and pupil.

He put the mask on and locked all the doors and windows then hid, when they entered the room they turned on the light. Crimson then turned it off and locked the front door again, the bullies started worrying, then, one by one Crimson cut their heads off.

He kicked Nicholas’ body and said “c’mon smile” Then the lights came on, Crimson span around to look at the person. It was a female, with black hair dyed red at the tips, she had cat ears and whiskers, she was wearing a pink hoodie.

“Nice revenge… Crimson,” she smiled, it was the same female voice from the woods. “Hmm… may I ask?” He held his circular saw near her, “How do you know me?” He then stared into her eyes waiting for her reply, she sighed, “I’ve been stalking you for a while now… I just couldn’t resist you…” she looked up at the dark-haired boy, who looked surprised.

He smiled, the smile that everyone thought was dead, a genuine heartwarming smile. “Hey, we could be partners in crime,” the girl nodded and smiled, “but I would need your name” he rubbed the back of his head. “Oh, Scarlet, my name is Scarlet,” Sirens.

Police. They were coming, someone must have called the police. They climbed out the window and Scarlet took Crimson to the woods.

1 year later

It was July 28th, Jake would have been 20 if he was still alive. Crimson and Scarlet went to Jake’s grave, he was crying.

Scarlet sighed “C-Crimson?… I- I need to tell you something…” Crimson sniffled, he looked at Scarlet, signaling that he was listening. “I… I KILLED JAKE… I’m sorry…” Crimson looked in disbelief, then he looked angry.

“You better be joking, IT’S NOT FUNNY, I LOVED HIM” he started cry. Scarlet didn’t know what to say. Crimson bolted into the forest and Scarlet chased after him, she tripped over a branch and saw him run far behind the trees, she had lost him.

Crimson turned around and saw no one so he sat down and started to cry. He had a headache and started to hear static he turned around and saw a tall figure… he then passed out.

  • Jed

    1/5 This story suffers, unfortunately, from corny writing and the fact that it’s a Jeff the Killer clone, along with the fact that Slender Man’s there… for some reason?