Maybe one day, my eternal life will bring me something good. I have watched for many, many years as everything unfolded. I have seen more than any creature should see. I know more than even the smartest creature thinks he knows. I have watched the Humans evolve and destroy their home, watched as they tried fruitlessly to revive it. I could have stepped in. Helped them. But I stood by and watched from the safety of the rapidly depleting wilderness. They would discover me sooner or later, and try to kill me. I wouldn’t let that happen. Never could I let that happen. I do not wish to hurt the humans. I swear to you I don’t. I happen to be getting off track, I apologize.

I have learned the languages of all the creatures to roam this planet I have temporarily called home. I watch and wait. I watched as the humans became to decrease in numbers. I watched as they tried to stop their race from disappearing. I watched as the humans that remained turned to ash as the planet was reborn with fire. I do not like fire. I have watched mountains fall and seas rise, watched wars break out, where the spirits of the soldiers will wander, full of rage, because their sacrifice was thrown to the sands of time.

I find it funny, how the humans can claim to be superior to all else, but be so… stupid, for lack of a better word. How they don’t realise me when I’m not ten feet away. It really is laughable, not that I can laugh. But right now, I have waited long enough. Preyed endlessly on humans, caused giant wars, gave humans the knowledge they needed for nuclear devastation, then pushed them over the edge to destroying themselves.

I have waited for this moment since the first humans evolved, gathering energy and power. Even now, as I spread my large, bony wings that will never carry me through the sky, I wait. The time draws near, and when it comes, I will take great pleasure in watching the humans rip each other limb from limb as more wars rip through the system the humans have created. The humans have always come back from the depths of hell, but I will personally make sure they have no chance of coming back. They have destroyed my home far too many times. I am part of the universe. I am watching, waiting. I am Earth’s Soul, and I have watched and waited long enough. Tomorrow I will gather forces, and I will destroy humanity from inside, so that it may never return.