Crash Site

“Sir, there has been another Crash Site location spotted.”

“Excellent, Scrooge. Send Harver and McKinney to the location. Armed.”


Seconds after the conversation had concluded, Corporal Adam Scrooge burst out of the Control Deck and to the Dining Room, where Harver and McKinney could be found stuffing their faces. Scrooge finally arrived at the Dining Room Entrance, scanning the area for the two men. He’d glance back and forth, finally spotting them. Harver and McKinney were practically brothers from the amount of time they spend together. Both about 5’9 in height, and equally weighing around 150 pounds. They were called, “Unstoppable Twins” for an earlier mission that concluded of them saving Arizona, where they happen to be now. Scrooge jogs up to the men, not nearly as tall as them, being only 5’3 but fearless of the men nevertheless.

“Harver, McKinney, Investigation services call for you in the Control Deck.”

“So we finally get some outside time like the others? I’m in.” exclaims Harver.

“I’m with him on this one.” states McKinney.

“Great, good luck soldiers.” Scrooge says with a smile. I swear he could be smiling at his Grandmother’s funeral, he can’t learn when the situation is serious or not.

About an hour later, after getting mission objectives from the Commanding Officer, “Ghost” they strolled to the armory. While walking down, brightly light up hallways, surrounded by white, ceramic walls they noticed lower ranked men were watching them go by. Why were they looking? Do they know the mission? Thoughts swarmed their heads, but they kept watching them as they went by. The last thoughts before their imagination abandoned them was, Are we going to die..? Their minds went blank by the time they reached the armory. They suited up in black, radioactive reflective jumpsuits, fitted with Oxygen tanks strapped to their back, that gave their equipped helmets oxygen to breath. Around all Crash Sites, radiation consumes the air, causing mutation or death. The military is not taking any chances. Once suited up with their suits, HUD fitted helmet, and M16’s they were driven to the Crash Site, 1 mile away from the center of it. The objective shown in their helmet stated, “Investigate Crash Site” which was fancy for, make sure the meteorite was stable for research. They hopped off the military private jeep, and trailed off towards the center of the Crash Site. The jeep wanted no part in this, and drove as fast as can be away from their general location. Odd, never expected that.They made it to the edge of where the crater was formed, and slid down for about 2 minutes, until they reached the bottom. Being in the desert, it was all sand and rocks making it harder to get back up then down. Walking towards the center, they could feel the air pressure, maximizing against their bodies. They managed to fight through it and continue to the center. There they found a decent sized meteorite, able to be picked up with one hand. They picked it up, examining it. Seemed fine. They were never this wrong in their lives. The rock shaked, and jumped, and seemed to expand. McKinney who was amazed by this, threw the rock away from his body. It didn’t stop expanding. It kept going until a 6’5 portal opened, as odd as it sounds. Most of you, are as surprised and confused as they are. Seconds after the portal was formed, an odd figure stepped through. It was about 6’3 a black head that seemed to have a matching visor with it, scaly skin, 7 in claws, followed by slender scaly hands. The creature stepped forward to McKinney and Harver picking them up with both hands, carrying them by their necks. The creature runs his arms in a circular motion by his head, smashing the 2 men to the ground. While unconscious the creature drove both of his razor-sharp claws, into their stomachs, mutilating their already dead corpses. The creature turns back towards the portal, dragging the bloody, destroyed corpses with it…