Cow Skin

This happened long ago in the mountains when I used to live by myself in a cabin taking care of the property during the summer of June 16, 1994. It’s been 7 years and I never been back there after that summer night.

The cabin sits at the edge of a tree line that overlooks a football field sized valley, and is about 7 miles away from the nearest paved road which leads 10 miles to a small town. I was pretty far away from everyone, all alone, no dog, just my .22 hunting rifle.

So in the evening I made my way back to my cabin, with my rifle and a couple rabbits slung over my shoulder. Before I went in I heard like a cow mooing in the distance, which wasn’t odd since cows do wander the mountains, but it sounded a bit off, like it was sick. I didn’t give it much thought, I went in and proceeded to wash and skin the rabbits for dinner.

After dinner and reading, I went to retire for the night at about 9. I must have slept for a good 3 hours but then I woke up to some sounds outside, I checked my watch; it was 12:48 and the moon was up and pretty full. I lay there listening, I heard it again, a sound of a cow mooing, but it sounded weird, like it was very sick… or maybe it was something trying to imitate a cow.

After 10 minutes I got so mad and annoyed of the sound, so I got up and stormed out the front door and the moonlight lit up the valley pretty nice. I scanned the valley, and my eyes fell on a black mass about 30-50 feet from my cabin, it was a cow, although it looked odd, it was laying down low with its head up. I would let it sleep there but I figured once I go back inside it will continue its mooing, so I decided to chase it away not only because it was annoying but also because the moo’s gave me the creeps. I walked up to it to scare it off, I raised my hands and yelled, as I walked towards it. I got within 20 feet of it and it hadn’t moved, just stared at me. I yelled again, I picked up a rock and threw it; the cow didn’t move still.

This was giving me the creeps now, the cow didn’t look right, it just stared, it looked a bit flat to the ground rather than a fat regular cow, it looked like its mouth was hanging open, but I couldn’t tell for sure since the moonlight only did so much for my eyes. That’s when I realized something… I don’t have the gun or a flashlight!

I picked up another rock and started to circle the cow, its head followed me, just its head following my movement as I circled it, I made a 180° around it and its head twisted that far with ease, that’s when I knew it was no damn cow! I started to run for the house, and I swear I heard a chuckle come from the cow! It was an evil sounding and creepy cackle like chuckle. And to make it worst I heard it running behind me, and I saw my truck, and knew the keys were still in there. It was either my cabin or the truck, in a split second decision I ran to the truck, the thing was behind me, and it kept making weird strange cackling sounds and it tapped my shoulder, which scared me so bad I put on a extra burst of energy and ran so hard my chest was stinging.

Thankfully I got to my truck in time, jumped in, started it and got the hell out of there, I looked into my review mirror before I took off though, and used the back truck lights to look at the cabin for the very last time ever, with the cow skin standing right there in the front of the cabin, and I wish I never looked back, because the cow skin was hollow, its fur seemed to be covered in some dry blood, its mouth hanging open and eyes that gave a blank stare, no bones or organs, just the skin, and it turned and scrambled sloppily into the dark forest.