My name is Bri, I was born in 2003 which makes me 16. When I was born and opened my eyes, the nurses realized that I had pink eyes. But the weird thing was that my pupils were skulls and that I wasn’t crying at all, in fact, I had a very, VERY monotone face. They took me to a specialists, but they couldn’t figure out why my eyes were like that.

Time skip in the 1st grade. I was picked on a lot cause of my eyes were pink. More time skips later, I was in 10th grade I had covered up my eyes with a gray piece of fabric. I also had a boyfriend at the time until he had broken up with me because he had found out about my eyes. That’s when I had it. I knew no one would love a freak like me, so guess what I did next. I went grabbed a knife ran to my ex’s house and stabbed him repeatedly. From then on, I didn’t take bull from anyone and if anyone mentioned ANYTHING about my eyes, let us just say that they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

One day I was “working” and I saw a figure move at lightning speed. I got closer to inspect it. I heard a noise behind me swung around and hit the person right in the nose. The person said in a raspy voice, “Owww what the hell was that for.” I screamed back, “FOR SCARIN’ ME DUMBASS.” I saw the guy had black messy hair white skin and a cut smile ear to ear. I flaked as soon as I saw the cut smile.

Author’s Note: Sorry that it’s short. This is the first story I’ve wrote.

  • KillerF999

    Dude, I wanna contact you. Your idea is great but there are some mistakes which I can’t address here because long comments automatically get deleted by Disqus. Tell me your e-mail address and I’ll tell you your mistakes.

    • KillerF999

      P.S I rated 5 stars.

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  • Puddin Tane

    This story was rushed. A couple spelling errors. You wrote it like you were in a hurry. Slow down, don’t be afaid to add details. Make your story interesting.