Black Widow on the Beach

There’s this dream I keep having. It isn’t exactly like any movie I’ve ever seen before, so I don’t know what it could mean or why I keep having this dream. If I can’t get any answers, I’ll at least share it with you all. 

It starts on a beach. The sun is setting and paints the sky yellow, orange and red. It’s very beautiful. It’s a small beach with a few palm trees, seashells, a few tree stumps and driftwood. There’s no visitors except for three women sitting in the sand together. They’re n**e except for their bikini bottoms. They’re all beautiful with long, shiny hair. One of the women is a brunette, the other is a blonde and the third woman has jet black hair. They seem to be having a good time chatting with each other and touching each others breasts.

A man walks down to the beach and sees the three women and what they’re doing. He smiles and walks towards the women. He asks the women if they would like some more privacy. They look at the man confused. He tells the women that he could dig them a hole to sit in to provide privacy and it would also block the strong wind. They accept his offer, so he begins to dig in the sand with his bare hands.

Once the hole is finished, the women go sit in the hole. They smile, thank the man and continue to talk and touch each other. The man seems offended and asks the women if he could get some type of reward for the hole. He then winks at the women and pulls his swim shorts down. The women laugh and ignore him. He gets angry. He shouts, demanding for a reward. The women are shocked that he yelled. The brunette smiles at the man and tells him to go sit on a tree stump. He smiles and picks a tree stump to sit on.

The brunette takes off her bikini bottoms and walks over to the man. She sits on his lap, with her back facing his chest. She starts to ride him, giving him the reward he wanted.

Shortly after, a long, black snake slithers out of her mouth. The man is shocked and frightened, but woman doesn’t stop. The snake starts to wrap its body around the man as it exits the woman’s mouth. The snake slithers towards the mans mouth. He begins to panic and squirm but the snake has its deadly grip around the man. The snake enters the mans mouth, choking him. Meanwhile, the woman continues and ignores what’s happening behind her. The man bleeds out of his mouth and eyes, screaming.

The screaming comes to an end. The woman stands up and puts her bottoms back on. The man leans and falls off the stump making his body hit the warm sand. The woman walks back over to their new hole and smiles at the women. They continue conversing and touching each other as if nothing ever happened.