Bella the Killer

(I’m sorry if this makes no sense I was trying to get in mad man’s mind)

June 22, 2017

Hi I’m Lucas Manson and I’m writing this vlog for people to know about a strange woman met at a party.

It all started on a Friday a few weeks ago me friend Jackson invited me to his party. I thought it would be fun to take a break from my life and loosen up so I went. Later I found out it was a big mistake.

So anyway I’m at the party playing beer-pong and other drinking games then I seen her. I could have sworn she was the most beautiful woman there. So I go up to her and I ask her on a date.

Strangely she giggled and said, “You don’t even know my name.”

Well then what is your name? But instead of answering me sh just walked away. I thought it was nothing so I just continued having a great time. Later when I got home I just went straight to bed and I had this insane dream… well first I wake in my bed to someone singing a song it felt like something was telling me to go to the window by my bed, so I just walked to the window there was a woman across the street under the street light and I could have swore it was the woman I met at the party. She didn’t move she just stared at me. then I woke up it all seemed like it was so real.

September 1,2017

I can’t stand it she’s haunting me. Every time I close my eyes I see her… this time in my dream I got her name and it is Bella the killer. She is driving me insane… I don’t think I can take it any more.

September 2, 2017

I’m going to snap any second now. Oh yeah you should probably know about the dream I had last night. Once again I woke up to the same g******n song ,but it felt like I had no control over my own body and then… I went in my dresser and found a loose then I hung myself and then I woke up.

September 10, 2017

Um hi I’m Jessica I’m Lucas’s sister I’m a fared I have some terrible news… Lucas was found hung. The police have no idea who killed my brother. The only reason I’m posting this is a note he left me… well he wanted me to tell what happened to him and good-bye I swear when I find out who this sick b*****d is, I will kill it… and that is a promise.

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