Based on a True Story – Part 4

Author’s note: I wanted to apologize for my absence, it can and will be explained, sit tight. Also, I know there is a lot of back and forth, there’s just been a lot that has been happening in the 20 years of living that is a lot to get through. Just bare with me. This is Based on a True Story, part 4. Thank you for all of the support.

The next part to my story, is fairly recent. And I say ‘fairly’ because this particular story takes place when I was still with my ex. This was about 5 months ago. And, if you have read my other stories, I want everyone to know that; what I do is not for entertainment purposes. What I do is for informational, and research purposes. There’s a difference between trying to do research, and seeking out the dead.

The people that I am going to be mentioning in this story, are going to be 2 of my friends, and my ex boyfriend. During this duration of this time, I was doing more research.

The topics consisted of:

Origin of Religions-

Important dates in history:
This includes-
-2000 B.C. Time of Abraham.
-1200 B.C. Time of Moses.
-1000-500 B.C. Hindus complete their holy texts.
-563-483 B.C. Time of Buddha.

(Important dates in history include all important dates, ranging in all religions and cultures. But there are too many to lists, but you get the jist. Etc.)

Origins of other things such as:
-The Occult
-Black Magic
-White Magic
-Angelology (Angel names, ranks, meaning, gender of angels, and the 7 Archangels.)
-Demonology (Infernal names)
(Angelology and Demonology topics both consist of ALL Angels and Demons from other cultures and Religions. I’ve covered this too.)

The reason I mentioned this is for the soul purpose to prove that what I do isn’t a game, it isn’t for shits and giggles, this is literally my life. I have spoken to Priests, demonologists, and I have my own personal experiences. I have read different sources of books that consist of the Evil archaeology, I have the Satanic Bible, Witch Craft books, (that was passed down from my grandmother), and much much more. But I think I’ve proven my credibility.

For privacy reasons, I am changing the names of these people. We’ll call friend 1- Crystal, friend 2- James, and we’ll call my ex- Allen.

As I’ve stated, most things that I do consist of research and informational purposes. So around this period of time, my friend asked me if I wanted to go to a Satanic church/graveyard. Me, being the person that I am, and wanting to understand, I agreed. She told me to bring my Ouija Board as well.

It was approximately around 12:38 a.m. This specific Satanic Church was out in the Boonies. And I want everyone to understand, this encounter was 10x’s worse because there were Satanist screaming, and honking their horns to alert other Satanist that we were there.

As I mentioned, I DID bring my Ouija Board TO A GRAVEYARD. Yes, I am aware this is breaking one of the rules. If you are unaware of the rules of a Ouija Board, you aren’t supposed to play a Ouija Board in a graveyard. But, I’ve also Astral projected, have had visions (that eventually came true), and I’ve experienced traumatizing sleep paralysis. So, breaking boundaries is what I do to cross that threshold. But, I have control on what happens.

That being said, we were also never able to play the Ouija Board because we could never sit down to long enough before cars started showing up. So my boyfriend Allen, Crystal, James and myself decide to go back to Crystal’s place. So, after driving 45 minutes there, to only stay for about 10 minutes because s**t went sour; we finally get to Crystal’s apartment. We were all a little anxious considering the circumstances. I want to say it took a solid five minutes for us to actually associate with one another.

Crystal, James and myself believed in things like this. I want to point this out because my ex didn’t necessarily believe in the paranormal. That being said, Crystal wanted to take it further a step and play the Ouija board in her apartment. At first I was weary, and I don’t like opening portals in a living space unless there is purpose.

Crystal saw that I was really doubtful about the situation, so she pulled me aside from everyone. She begins to explain that there were two ‘things’ there in the apartment already, and she wanted to get to the bottom of it. She described to me, in detail of what these entities looked like. She told me that they were black masses, one was taller than the other. But she was very uncomfortable talking about it. I didn’t ask anymore questions. I agreed to call out and see if I could find any answers.

We come back to the group, and explained what was going to happen. We mentioned the rules, and how I’m going to need everyone to take it seriously because I would be opening a portal in Crystal’s living space. After thorough explanation on the rules, we start to gather the materials.

We put a fine, red blanket over the wood table, followed by the Ouija Board, and then the extra candles Crystal found laying around the house. Crystal proceeds to light the candles. I start to turn lights off. We all begin to settle our nerves and get adjusted in seats. Allen and myself sat on the left side of the table, Crystal was a crossed from us, and James was at the end of the table.

I take a minute to recenter myself before I start calling out to the dead. I inhale for 3 seconds before exhaling and placing my fingers, once again, on a planchette. I feel goosebumps crawl down my spine. The kind of crawling that makes you want to rip your skin off. I felt dirty, I felt aggression, all before I could even ask the first question.

“Is there anyone who would like to communicate with us?” The old familiar words just naturally fell out of my mouth. I felt my entire body go numb.


James quickly got out his phone to record the session. Allen was in absolute shock, but was certain that one of us were moving it and messing around with everyone else. Crystal looked a little worrisome, considering she knows that something IS there and has been so impatient to communicate. I know what I have to do to keep myself and others safe, and that is staying calm in situations other people can’t fully grasp.

“What is your purpose for being here?”

Whatever was there no longer communicating through the board, but through the recording on James’s phone. We didn’t find this out until we stopped the session. We checked the play back, and there were small whispers and shifting that we couldn’t hear without the recording itself. The phone was on the table where everyone could see it, the only time that it was touched was at the end of the session.

We were so invested into listening to the recording a thousand times, we didn’t even notice that Crystal’s dad was at the apartment door trying to get into the apartment. Mind you, my friend is younger than I am, she does share an apartment with her dad. Allen had gotten up from the table to open the apartment door. Her dad had a slight smirk, and asked us why everything was so dark. Allen was nervous when he noticed that her father peered around him to lock eyes with the Ouija board. There was tension and anxiety that filled the entire room.

James said something unsettling that broke the silence. Before Crystal’s dad could shut the door, he calmly says.

“There’s something staring at us.”

All of us looked at him, completely disregarding her father’s opinion on the things that we were doing. Her father slightly smiles, and asks us to begin another session. At first all of us were baffled by the command he just gave us.

I expressed how I thought that was a bad idea because James had just saw something. At this point in time James had turned pale. He expressed that he wasn’t comfortable with the idea. Allen was still unsure on what just happened all together. He didn’t want to believe that these things were true. Until he absolutely had no choice.

We decide that we can do one more session, including Crystal’s dad. I wasn’t comfortable opening my energy up completely. I felt a heavy entity fall over me. I felt as if my skin was black tar and my movements were rapidly affected. My vision started to blur, and people noticed that the energy had changed. My entire body felt numb, and I couldn’t move. I only saw glimpses of these things, and there were indeed two. I didn’t know just how much they would effect my life the next day.

My friends, and my boyfriend at the time, noticed that I was being deeply affected by the two things that were there. We all decide to take a break and we all go outside of the apartment complex. Allen gets two cigarettes out for us, and we all discuss what just happened. We all eventually figure out that we all something different. Until this day, we haven’t discussed what each of us saw.

I sat down on the stairs outside of the complex, Allen was standing a crossed from me, and Crystal and James were diagonal from me. Allen lights his cigarette, and passes me the lighter. When he passed me the lighter he made eye contact with something inside of the complex, through the window. He wasn’t the type to hide his fear of spirits or entities. He immediately said something, although around the same time we all had an unsettling feeling, he just happened to see it.

Allen begins to talk to me about the description of this spirit, while Ash and James were doing research on her apartment. While Allen was talking to me, Crystal intervened and said that someone had died in her apartment. James was absolutely in shock. Allen and myself looked at each other before I finally had the courage to say;


The only thing that Crystal said was,

“It doesn’t say.”

The night further goes along and after really discussing what Allen had seen, we drew conclusions that it was Cody. (Cody has been my protector ever since I was 9 years of age. I no longer seek to see spirits or the paranormal in general at all. I communicate with Cody through energy waves). Allen started to grow very impatient and had enough for the night, and I was starting to get that way as well.

We decide to say our goodbye’s and finally head home. (We lived with Allen’s step mother at the time). We were both anxious, yet drained and tired. It took us about 30 minutes to get back home. We hadn’t said two words to each other the rest of the night.

We get home, and get situated in bed. I was too tired to even put pajamas on. Allen wrapped himself up in the blankets. We fell asleep after a moment of struggling to do so.

The first night we didn’t experience anything. The night was decently silent considering that it was towards the middle-end of winter. That night I did indeed, have a horrid nightmare of my older sister getting hurt. I had a notebook placed close to my side of the bed, so I could write my nightmares/visions down. I immediately woke Allen up sobbing, rereading over the words I put down in my notebook. This all took place about 2 hours later after we had fallen asleep, so this was around 4:30- 5 a.m. At this point in time, he knew about the paranormal things, and visions I have dealt with. He understood that it scared me, and he talked to me until I was calm, and went back to sleep.

This was my entry of what I wrote about my sister’s death;

“I was screaming ‘she is all I had.’ And then her spirit came back, talking about her kids. She whispered to them, ‘wanna know a secret?’ They all said, ‘yes.’ And she said ‘I would’ve done everything for a 3rd try.’ She then began to explain how it was too late to save her. She had picked her phone up for the 3rd time, and she said that everything went black. I saw everything she saw through her eyes. She was wondering why she was in hell. After she left, I was screaming for her to come back. I wanted to hug her one last time.” (Further down the line, my sister ended up leaving her vehicle on the side of the road because it broke down. She made the decision to go home and take care of it in the morning. When she came back to her car, it was completely demolished).

The next day seemed a little off compared to when Allen and I went to sleep. And what I mean by that is the simple matter of the fact that we were still feeling whatever we had felt from the day previous. I have to mention, that even though I DO believe in the paranormal, I will not automatically jump to conclusions if there is a plausible explanation.

It was about 2 in the afternoon before him and I officially woke up. We picked up the house a bit and then he sits back down to play video games while I did the little bit of chores left over. By the time that I was finished, I want to say that it was around 5-6 p.m. I head back up to our room, and we decided that we would goof around a little bit with the ghost apps. We knew that they weren’t real, but we thought it was a fun thing to mess around with, without actually offended what could possibly be there. But the events leading up to that, we didn’t expect.

For awhile we just messed around with ghost apps, and getting the silly answers of “an entity is in front of you, type something to communicate.” I also downloaded a “ghost radar”, that took us to his step-mom’s room. Allen’s two dogs were curious, and they decided to follow us into the room, which we didn’t think anything of at the time.

We eventually get bored of the apps, and start messing with a blue spiked ball that was in his step-mom’s room. Allen decides that he wanted to talk about the situation the day previous, while rolling this particular ball around. I tried keeping eye contact and carrying on the conversation, but both him and I couldn’t help but stare at the way the ball was moving.

He rolled the ball halfway a crossed the room, and we both see that the way the ball is moving is abnormal. It would go off course in an unnatural manner. After a bit of unease, we both came to the conclusion that maybe it had lost some air which is why it was rolling so unnaturally in the first place.

After talking for quite some time about the circumstances of the day previous. We had to take a break and let his two dogs out. So Allen left the ball placed next to his step-mom’s bed, and we go downstairs to let the dogs out. We walk back upstairs only to see that the ball is in the middle of the upstairs living room. Allen and I felt the pit of our stomach’s ache. We disregard the fact anything paranormal was going on, because the dogs could’ve moved it when they were rushing to get downstairs and we didn’t notice.

Allen decides to approach the ball and kick it back into his step-mom’s room. It had landed at the end of the bed. He had me come over and check, just to be sure that he wasn’t just seeing things. I double checked everything upstairs, and I saw where the ball was placed. After a moment of disbelief, and double checking to make sure the ball hadn’t moved. We go to our room to let my dog out (which is located upstairs as well), and let the other dogs in.

Allen rushes upstairs first, after letting my dog out, and just presses his hands over his mouth at the top of the stairs. I rush to his side, to see if everything was okay. And I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The blue spiked ball was in the center of the upstairs living room again. Allen looks at me with tears in his eyes, and tells me that we are leaving. He started gathering things, and we decided maybe we just need to take a moment to sit back and think about what happened. So we decide we were taking a small trip to the gas station and back. If anything was odd about the environment when we got back, we would go over to Allen’s friend’s house.

Before we left I went to the living room and picked up the ball, threw it back in the room, shut the light off, and closed the door. Just so if it had moved, there would be no plausible explanation.

We raced to the gas station, and sat a moment in the car before Allen went inside to get cigarettes and fountain drink. By the time he got back, I felt Cody. I told him that I felt Cody and at this point, he knew what I meant. Whatever was in that house followed us from the previous night. There was a long feeling of dread pulling out of that Gas Station, and for good reason. Allen could barely speak. I felt drained. Thoughts such as “I could’ve brought this from anywhere,” circulated in my mind. The amount of danger I could’ve put my significant other in at the time, was eating at me. My mind was going a million miles a minute.

And then, complete silence when we pulled up to the driveway.

It didn’t make sense to me, and I knew whatever this thing could’ve been has been toying with my emotions since the previous night, I just didn’t piece it together. Everything started adding up, right in that moment of time, it was frozen. It was me and my thoughts. I finally snapped out of it when I heard Allen’s car door close. I snap out of it and hurry to his side, so we both enter one after another.

Allen goes upstairs first again. The look of relief covered his face.

“No ball!” he shouted down to me at the bottom of the stairs. We both have a laugh of relief.

It was decently late, so we both agreed we would smoke a cigarette before we go to bed. And that’s exactly what we did. The relief made Allen very giddy and he seemed a lot more secure. I remember feeling very happy in this moment, very safe and secure. But that didn’t last long.

Allen and I finally decide we should actually get some rest. 30 minutes pass by, and I woke up out of the dead of sleep, slightly conscience, and told Allen; “The door is open.” I was slightly panicking, and Allen was confused on how I heard anything at all, considering that the door doesn’t creek, and there is carpet that masks movement.

He gives me a look that, the only way I could describe was, “This is foolish.” He looked at me like I was crazy even though I had proven to him that things exist. He told me that nothing was wrong, as he got up to go check it out.

This is the part that makes my heart sink each time I think about it.

Allen comes back into the room and says to me, with his voice breaking, and a hand covering his mouth;

“The door is open, the light is on, and the ball is in the middle of the room.”