Based on a True Story – Part 3

The candles were burning perfectly. They were small, but they managed to light up my room.

My brother, roommate, and myself started our game for that day. Since it was my roommate’s first time with playing with an Ouija Board, we basically conducted this specific session. My brother and I asked the basic questions. At first, we didn’t get a response. Which isn’t unusual.

After some time, we thought the session wasn’t going anywhere. As we are about to stop the session, all of us notice the candle flicker. With slight hesitation, we placed our hands back on the planchette. Baffled, my brother asked if there was anyone who wanted to communicate with us.

Again, no answer.

We carried on once again. Thinking that it was hopeless, after an hour with nothing communicating, we try and stop the session. Things get hectic when we once more, removed our hands off of the planchette. The candles completely blew out. The energy was like a boulder sitting on our chest. We didn’t know how to react.

We promised ourselves, that this would be the last attempt at communicating. My brother, once again asked if anything would like to communicate with us.

Finally, the planchette moved to “Y.E.S.”

“Who’s here?” my roommate asked.

The entire time the planchette was moving at normal speed. But both my brother and I felt the air around us shift. You know how if you were to travel up a mountain, you’re equipped with an oxygen tank? That’s how it was, except we didn’t have oxygen tanks. My brother said that he was getting tunnel vision, and fear swept over his face. He screamed for the session to stop. And I can’t remember if that was before or after our ears started ringing.

I told them that no one moves their hands off of the board.

The planchette quickly moved a crossed the cardboard.


Our vision was going in and out. We could barely see the formation of the fallen angel’s name. But I know for a fact, I could make out the letter’s I COULD see. We all came to the conclusion that we knew whom we were talking to.

My brother, worrisome, rubbed his eyes.

“Why are you here?”

For a moment we were relieved that there were no answers coming through. The energy shifted again, and I swear that the dread, and heaviness lifted off of us. After sorting through my thoughts, that were most definitely like an unorganized file cabinet at the moment.

Cody is all that I could think of.

My brother and roommate were in the most of shock, clearly recovering from the state of somewhat, trauma we experienced.

All of us looked to one another, and it’s like we all thought the same thing.

No one said anything, but our eyes had enough words to tell a story.

After gathering ourselves, we decide it’s time to burn the cardboard. I grabbed a lighter and we headed out of the back door. We shakily move down the steps and towards the fire pit in the back yard. We lay the cardboard down, and light it from each corner. Slowly watching the fire melt the board.

But this wasn’t going to be the last time. Not even close.

  • Manuh Panda

    This story is so much fun, I loved it, post soon, eagerly Me, Myself and I.