Barbie Bandits

A group of women enter the bank. It was your regular day here, no reason to feel pressure. One of the women approaches the counter. She simply slides a piece of paper across the counter top. It read “Bag the money in the drawers only, no ink packs, or sensors. People will die.” 

The other three woman proceed to stand in formation so no one leaves. The woman at the counter fills bag after bag of money. It seemed like it wasn’t the first time these women had robbed a bank. They were quick, to the point, and no one spoke. The security tapes show no faces, only the lack of curves.

Detectives, Police, and FBI were involved in this investigating. Apparently this wasn’t the first time, they knew what to do and do it well. Even with all the modern technology these days.

The woman continue in their Mercedes they stole a few weeks back. Poor old man never saw it coming. They drive crazy, but they laugh in their accomplishments like maniacs.

“Who would ever catch us?!” said one of the girls.

“They’re foolish to try” says another.

“We stick to this plan for two more months, we will be set for lives ladies!” said the driver.

“Hi, how can I help you?” the clerk at the Midtown bank asks. She is then slid a note that read “Cash only, no sneaky stuff, or people die” as the woman fills the bags, the other ladies guard the people and the door. The clerk out of her own bravery asks, “Why are you doing this?” The woman bagging money looks up, and says “Freedom” in a very unattractive female cadence.

The women never stopped in a city they’ve robbed longer then a night or two. The police, and FBI were flabbergasted. They couldn’t understand how these women were so good, so undetectable, and they didn’t even try to destroy the cameras or hide their faces. We’re these officers just so incompetent, or were these woman the best bank robbers in history?

The woman pull quickly into their hideout, and go inside together, still laughing mind you. They had no problem with taking from others. It was in their nature “born with it” some would say.

As the main woman hides the money, it’s obvious to see they have been doing this for years. More money then one could imagine.

The four women undress together, and prepare to go out in the city they just robbed. Knowing the FBI, and police were looking for them. They had no problem driving, or walking past officers or the banks they just robbed. No one turned a head.

They would gamble, buy drugs, prostitutes, strippers, alcohol, anything to feel something. They could flaunt the money wherever they stole from. People embraced them. This was not like John Dillinger, this was better.

The ladies prepare for the next bank early in the morning as they travel.

One lady says, “This one will be big!”

The driver replies, “Yes, it will, then we can take a holiday.”

“Hell yeah, give those coppers time to be confused, haha!” says another.

They walk inside the banking establishment with plans running the same. It was unfortunate it didn’t go as well as they planned. The main women slides the note, but the teller was a veteran. She immediately hits the button alerting the police. The lady sliding the note shoots the clerk without hesitation. The other three woman move quickly to arrange the patrons, and security guards.

The death was unwarranted, so the main lady screams, “Let’s get out of here!” The four ladies run outside to the stolen Mercedes. After the reach the doors of the car, a security guard pops his head out the door, and fires two shots before they turn the corner.

Everything seemed fine. Sure, they have to stash this car now, and they killed a woman, but the two shots didn’t connect with anyone, or so they thought. One of the women caught a shot into the shoulder. She was bleeding badly, and needed attention. They drive one town over, and she’s fixed without a problem.

The media was all over this last heist, if you can call it that. The woman who was killed, was a mother, and recently got hired at this bank. The ladies were upset at themselves more knowing this. They loved their mothers, and they had never killed in a robbery before, never even been shot at, specially hit! You would think the strategy would change, save some lives, but they knew what was at stake, and continued.

They drove eleven hours. Steadily changing drivers along the route. Everything was planned again, the same way. Why change a good thing, specially when they couldn’t possibly be as brave here. This was Las Vegas. They could do many robberies here, and have walked across the street to the casino just to throw it away. The had this poise about what they did even when it involved killing a women.

When they insist arrive at the location. They changed vehicles awhile back to a pic suspicion, and this 96 Cutlass was just what they needed. Once they exit the car, after it back fires, and starts to roll on the slanted parking lot. A customer of the bank tries to help one of the ladies. He was a car mechanic in town, so he knew how to stop the rolling. Ed was a single man. Making just enough to get by. In fact the day they murdered Ed in that bank, he was taking out his last $40 for his grandsons school field trip. He wasn’t the only victim that day. I believe the women tasted blood after the first shooting. They had no problems this time.

At this point, the media was all over it, and the ladies were swimming in money. After the murdering of Ed, they went two hours, and robbed again, killing an elderly women named Marsha, while filling out a deposit slip. She was shot on entrance. The women stopped using notes, and the body count had begun to rapidly rise. Kill after kill, theft after theft.

The FBI, and all other possible resources were involved now. People were dying, and money was being stolen. The media deemed them the “Barbie Bandits” which of course, they loved.

The corresponding teams could not figure out who these women were. They were like ghosts.

“This is b******t! Not one single lead, and at least 3 deaths!” cried the lead FBI officer.

“We have video footage, we have witnesses, how is that not leads?” replies his second in command.

“No arrests!!!” the lead officer screams.

The search grew worldwide, the media output spend like California wildfires. The hunted for these four. From end to end, they couldn’t find them, but they were hiding. They were in plain sight constantly.

Many of them are happily married, domesticated, and fatherly, when they are home.

The money is great, and feels everlasting. My family, and I, as well as my brothers have never been found. We regret the murders of the innocent, but our lust for money was too great. Now we have enough to live for years without worry, and of course our momma will be well taken care of. The “Barbie Bandits” will never be captured, those officers have been running around like headless chickens. While we spend our money, and walk by our crime scenes.

Now that I’ve told you this son, go find a nice dress, and wig. You’ve got one learning to do.

  • Rose Morrison

    I’m sorry, I really struggled to read this. The huge amount of spelling and grammatical errors, coupled with the plethora of tense changes and a chaotic plotline made it very hard to follow and understand. Plus, the premise does rather push the bounds of believability, as in, they avoided facial recognition software?? Just 1 example. With a hard edit, and a plot tidy, this could be good. Please keep writing, I look forward to more from you.

    • Swotsy

      Im with Rose on this one. Readibility suffered hard from spelling and grammar errors. I’ve enjoyed several of your other stories that suffered the same fate. *Read this in a ‘matrix’ agent Smith voice* “so Mr Sanderson, take your time, I too look forward to what you create. ^-^