Bait: Part 1

My name is Brandon and I’m an inmate. One month ago I was charged with the murder of a house wife in up state New York. I was transferred to a prison, where on the first night I had to fight for my life because a man tried to stab me with a home-made knife. Tomorrow I’m being transferred to a new prison for protection, so that should be fun. Right now, I write quietly in my damp cell that has writings and drawings all over the walls. My cell mate is on the top bunk most likely masturbating as I scribble this in my diary.

I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and I lived there my whole life up to the point I made the biggest mistake of my entire life. I had two younger brothers, a mom and a dad who loved me. One day my best friend James came to me with an idea. It was to take a van up to upstate New York and rob a bunch of house’s. James had done this several times before and I really needed the money at the time due to me being out of work.

So we drove up to a small town named Newton where seventy percent of the population was well off and pulled up to a big three-story house with one blue car in the driveway. James looked inside the house to see nothing going on so I grabbed my bag and jog to the back yard with James behind me holding a bag of his own. It was a stupid thing to do but I wrapped my hand in a shirt and punched a window to the back door braking it. I waited for the sound of an alarm but to my surprise the alarm wasn’t armed.

I flipped the lock on the back door and opened it, stepping inside while trying to be discreet. As James and I walk through the living room I see pictures of a wife and a husband embracing one another. I continued looking for valuables to steal. The house was decorated with expensive furniture and antique peaces all over the place. James starts putting things in his bag as I open a door, “Be careful B,” James said before I forced myself through the swinging door, into a dining room with gold candle holders and an expensive laptop on the dining room table. I quickly grabbed them and stuffed them into my bag.

When I was done, I returned to the living room to see James is gone. So I assumed he had went outside to empty his bag in the van. I look at a big grand father clock to see pair of stairs behind it, so I begin my decent up the stairs till I reached the second floor where three doors cover the walls of the hallway. There is another flight of stairs going up to the third floor but I decided to check the three rooms on the second floor first.

The first door was the hardest because the gravity of what I was going hit me all at once, “What the hell am I doing?” I thought to myself but another voice in my head I wish I would have never listen to said, “You need the money, get it all.” So I pressed on and opened the first door. I stepped into the room to see a bunch of treadmills and an assortment of other workout equipment so I left that room behind.

The second door was easier, I opened the door to see a master bedroom. So I went through the drawers and picked out several things like a gold watch and some other jewellery. I looked at a big screen T.V. and made a mental note to grab that before leaving. I  looked under the king sized bed but something caught my attention.

It was a small puddle of some type of red liquid and it led to the bathroom door. I placed the bag of stolen goods on the bed and slowly stepped toured the ajar door as the fear of what could be behind that door filled me with loathing. I placed my left hand on the door and slowly pushed it open. To my horror, the almost decapitated body of a woman in her socks and underwear was lying on the floor next to a red hunting knife. Panic set in, I ran from the room leaving what I had stolen behind and quickly sprinted down the stairs, running into James at the bottom ware  he was holding a new game system.

“What the f**k happened to you man?” James said as I pushed past him then I replied with a gasp of breath.

“LET’S GO!” James followed with the game system in hand as we made our way out of the house and to the van.

“What the f**k happened man, you’re scaring me?!” James asked as he tossed the stolen system in the van. James looked at me with a worried expression as I said, “I found a body in the house and we need to leave now!”

“What the f**k? A body?!” James said with a shocked look on his face as I got in the passenger seat and closed the door. James slid the van back door shut, ran around to his side and opened the driver side door as a voice says, “Stop right there!” I look behind James to see a man in pajamas pointing a pistol at James.

“We’re just leaving!” James said while holding his hands up.

“No! You boys are not going anywhere. I already called the cops.”

James pulls a gun and points it at the man before saying, “We just want to leave, don’t make me kill you over this!” I look around to see what I assume is the mans family looking out the window with a scared look on their faces. The man begins to tremble so I stay very still as James tightens his grip on the gun.

“Just let us go man, think about your family!” trying to reason with him causing the man to look back at his family with a scared expression. At that moment James shoots the man in the belly sending him back into a bush resulting in his gun going off and hitting me in the cheek. The mans family scream out in shock and panic as the man rolls on the ground in pain. James looks back at me and sees me holding my face as blood pours out while I scream in pain. I was in a panic and I had the thought, “Here it is, the way I’m going to die.” James jumps into the van while crying and saying as he starts it, “I’m so sorry B, I’m so sorry!” The van fires up and James pulls out of the driveway as the injured mans family run to his aid while his kids scream and cry.

As we speed down the street I look at my face in an over head mirror, hoping it’s not too bad. I see a hole in left cheek and blood gushing out as the pain intensifies. I fall back in my seat as James frantically looks back and forth at me and the road while repeating with tears streaming down his face, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, “I’m so f*****g sorry!” then I pass out from shock and blood loss.

To be continued…

  • Puddin Tane

    This needs a bit of work. You need to read it over as there is so much wrong with it. Where do I begin? Punctuation is ok. It’s your spelling, the use of certain words, and there was something else but I forgot what else.

    • johnny

      thank you for your insight. I must admit spelling duse get away from me some times. what words are you speaking of when you say the use of certain words?