Bad Parents

It all started in a Normal day, since its weekdays, I need to go to School. Im a 3rd year highschool , and im in a 1st section , top 6 in my class.

My classmate invited me to their dinner , so I said to my Father that im having a dinner with my classmate. My father agreed , but my father says “go home after that dinner okay?” “okay”

The way to my classmate’s house is Forest , so we need to go through the forest before we get to his House. Its a little bit creepy here in a forest , its so quiet , and there’s no house around.

A minutes ago , we finally made it , were on his house now. The house is made in a wood , and has a 2nd floor. a little bit creepy because there’s no other house around it. My classmate’s parents greet me and says “so , you’re my son’s classmate” i replied “yes” “please wait , im already cooking the foods for dinner”

My Classmate leads me to his room , we sat down and we had a fun moments , we play some games , story telling , and so on while his parents are cooking foods for dinner. We fell asleep while playing some games.

A minutes later , I woke up , and my classmate is still sleeping. I go out and im searching for the comfort room. while im searching for a comfort room , im hearing some laughs , a demonic laughs , im scared and i dont know what it is. I follow that sound until I saw his parents holding a butcher knife and slicing a flesh , no.. its not a normal flesh , its a Human body , im scared. Im hearing their conversations.

Parent 1 : “we will kill our son’s classmate”

Parent 2 :  “what he looks looks like ?”

Parent 1 : “just kill the boy with a necklace and eyeglasses , and after that , we will have a dinner”

I went back to my classmate’s room as fast as I can , and as quiet as I can.  I saw my Classmate sleeping. I remove my necklace and my eyeglasses , and I put it on my classmate. and I hide under the bed.

Moments later , the door creaks and I saw his Parents holding a butcher’s knife. Im scared in that moment. The unexpected happened , his Parents killed him. Im crying , and im scared , i dont know what am i going to do.

My classmate’s parent turned on the lights and saw who they killed , my classmate’s parents began to cry , and im crying too. they noticed that they killed their own son. My classmate’s parent pulled the dead body out of that room.

Im planning to go out and escape from that house. I ran out of that house as fast as I can.

I did it , I escaped that house and Forest. I can see many house around , Im searching for help and I saw a man carrying a basket , He helped me and I tell him what happened to me.

I get home and I tell my father and mother what happened to me , my parents are not believing me , And I hope you will.

  • Ace Reyes

    Nice story , good Story bro ! Keep it up ! 😊

  • Obamasd Sadsds

    Work on your grammar

  • Creature

    Awesome story but lot of grammar mistakes. You work on that then you would be a great writer.

    • Grammar Nazi

      Oh, sweet irony.

      • Creature

        What do you mean?

  • zac

    My God…I needed this today

  • Amber “Jay” Eggert

    Good story concept. Bad grammar. I scanned it because it was painful to read. If you work on your structures and grammar it might work…

  • Simon

    This is terrible. Do I really have to explain why?