Amy’s House

When I was in highschool my best friend Tj got caught selling pot in school to a couple of freshmen. They made an example out of him and he got a week in jail and 7 months house arrest. He was only allowed to leave to go to the court-house, He had to go report to his corrections officer twice a week. He lived about 30 minutes from the court-house and couldn’t afford to drive up there twice a week because at the time him and his mom did not have a car. Gas was outrageous at the time so nobody was willing to drive him up there. So he had no choice but to move in with his sister and her three young kids a couple blocks from the court-house.

The house had am eerie feeling when you walked through the door like you where not welcome. He went to take his stuff up stairs and he invited the kids to come up and join him. The youngest said with a scared look on her face “we don’t go up stairs the old lady lives up there.” That was an instant red flag for him because it was just his sister Amy and her kids living there, there was no old lady. Tj was deathly afraid of spirits and even more terrified of old lady spirits.

The first night was not too bad, he heard a few bumps in the night and figured it was no big deal probably rodents or something. He eventually fell asleep with his tv on and woke up to the channels changing themself and eventually turning off leaving the room in pitch black darkness. By then he was half asleep so he didn’t care and passed out.

The next morning he asked his sister about the old lady the kids where talking about. She replied that the neighbors said an old lady died in the room he was sleeping in and she wasn’t found until a month after she died with chunks of skin missing from her cats feasting on her. She said her cats ate most of her face off, she also said they removed the carpet because there was a massive decomposing body stain on the floor where she lied. Tj was even more sketched out after hearing that, so he blessed the room with sage and holy water to try and exorcise the spirit… It didn’t work.

The second night was more terrifying for him he laid in bed until about midnight watching old wrestling vhs tapes until he fell asleep. He woke up again to the tv changing channels and eventually turning off. It was dead quite in the house he could hear every little noise. He heard a loud thump at the bottom of the stairs and then another one like something was slowly walking up the stairs.

THUMP!…..THUMP….THUMP as it got closer and closer he was frozen in fear. Then when the final thump reached the door it was complete silence. Then out of nowhere the door handle started twisting and shaking like something was frantically trying to get it open. It persisted to shake for about 10 minutes then it stopped he laid in bed in fear not knowing what to do. He stayed up all night after that.

He told Amy what happened in the morning and she said “Yeah that sounds like the old lady”, he replied “By any chance could it have been the kids?”, she said “No the kids will not go up there they are terrified of the upstairs….”

He then decided to try and bless the room again with holy water and sage. He also hung up multiple crucifixes in the room. He was dead tired from staying up all night so he went to bed really early around 9:00 If you know Tj that’s early for him.

He fell asleep fairly fast with the tv on, the tv changed channels and turned off and he didn’t even notice. Then out of a dead sleep he heard the loud thumping again and woke up. It was the same as the night before THUMP…..THUMP……THUMP like somebody slowly walking up the stairs. Then the final thump reached the door and he could hear something violently shaking the door knob. He pulled the covers over his head shaking in fear. He heard the door slowly creak open, he listened closer and could hear creaking floor boards like something was creeping across the floor. He listened quietly and heard a ghastly weezing noise getting closer and closer, something was breathing heavy and watching from the front of his bed.

He said a prayer hoping that some miracle would cause the spirit to leave him alone. Then the worse that could happen happened he felt weight at the bottom of the bed. Then he felt something crawling up towards his face, oh thank God it must be one of the kids he thought. Maybe it was all in his head so he pulled the covers from his face and there it was, an old decrepit face inches from his as foul odour creeped up his nostrils. Her face was grey and rotting, her teeth where dead and black, and her skin was moldy and falling from her face. Her eyes where sunk in and lifeless, she opened up her mouth and vomited chewed up bird intestines and red slime all over his face and in his mouth.
He went to go scream but nothing came out the old lady had him pinned to the bed and he couldn’t move.

He closed his eyes and prayed for her to leave when he opened his eyes she was gone. He passed out in fear and woke up the next morning he checked his clothes and bedding for the vomit and he found nothing like it disappeared. He tried writing it off as a bad nightmare but deep down in his head he knew it was real. Tj told me the ghost tortured him for the rest of the time he was at his sister’s. He said some nights where worst than others, but not as bad as the night she vomited on him he thinks she was getting her point across… Do not underestimate spirits even old lady spirits.