Arbatian Mental Institution 2 Ch.11 Beginning

Cole, being a fully transformed beast now, rid himself of any rational thoughts. In his mind many instincts tingled (aside from attacking),but what stood out the most, was the basic instinct in any animal or human; survival. He wasn’t going to go down without a fight, and God help Mark if he was able to survive this, for he would be next.

He tramples the ground up in thick clumps of scattered dirt while running. His muscles flex as he leaps toward the Second Angel. Digging his claws into its face, he slides over the right shoulder and down its back, clenching his razor points into the back area between its rusted wings. The angel reaches back and grabs onto Cole. It brings him to eye level, large bronze fingers tighten into a fist around his upper torso. He begins to scratch and gnaw at the pointer finger. With a light fling, he is slung towards the building. The ivy covered bricks cave in softly like a fat kid bouncing on a weak trampoline. Tumbling down, spiraling in a slow circle he falls to the ground.

As he fell, in the recessed thoughts pushed behind his primal thinking, was the generous thought of his baby girl. Amelia was her name. The reason he fought to live, to be better, to never kill anyone as long as he could help it, not again. His daughter was barely out of pampers, or at least in his sweeten final memories often rekindled among empty nights, and a handful growing up. Cole had always hoped that if he ever had a child, that he would be blessed with a girl, a “daddy’s girl”.

And that she was, until that fateful night he got bit by an oversized dog while cutting through an alley from his best friend’s house, who lived just across. It ran away after he defended himself swinging towards it, he landed one heavy blow across it’s head and with that it let go of its clamp on his muscular forearm. It scampered off through the dark, but Cole was left with what would be more than just scar tissue to bare. He played it off as some hungry dog and figured the cut wasn’t too deep.

Stumbling home he let the alcohol swelling his ego tell him he would be fine, and decided to sleep it off. Unfortunately for his wife Loraine, the full moon peeked its glowing face through a crowded sky of clouds and let Cole know it was waiting. Cole awoke from his bed screaming in pain, his gash on his arm pulsated and bubbled, excreting plops of yellow fluid mixed with blood. His heart turned the valves off, sending him into cardiac arrest while it swelled and morphed into a larger one.

In the midst of his wife screaming and dialing 911, their daughter woke up and wandered in to see what was going on. At this point she was four years old and sleeping in the room next to them, her tattered teddy bear hung from her hand while the other stayed on the door knob.

“Daddy?” she asked out loud, not comprehending what was happening in front of her.

Cole was shaking trying to desperately gulp in any breaths he could, it felt as if someone had struck his chest with a sledgehammer. His knees began to break, bending in another angle. His shaved head had wiry hairs push out, his body heaved and sucked inwards at parts while new muscles expanded. With this, some muscles had to split apart to allow the new ones room to grow.

Loraine dropped the phone while the operator tried to reach out and ask if she was okay; Cole stood up breathing with a new heart and body, and wasn’t human anymore. He was something she had never imagined was possible. He turned licking his chops and dove at Loraine, in mere seconds her insides had covered their bed where they once lay happily married, the wedding pictures on the wall, the ceiling fan that spun slightly helping the rest of the room cover itself in red splats. Amelia ran away and hid under hed bed upon seeing her dad pounce across the bed.

Raising his blood soaked face, Cole sniffs around and begins to run around the house aiming his nose upwards trying to catch a whiff of where his next victim was. As he made his way to Amelia’s room he swung, knocking the door off. She winced and tried to cover her mouth. He flips the bed over and a terrified Amelia runs through his legs heading for outside. He drops down running after her and shatters through a window meeting her in the yard.

“Freeze!” an officer yells. Two separate police cars had pulled up, locating the address through the house phone, just in time, and demanded Cole to stop. He tried to rush forward but was stopped by multiple bullets. None of them hitting vital organs, he drooped to the floor bleeding out, becoming weak again, becoming human. His fur slid off his body in wet patches, his canines sunk in, his rational thinking reappeared once more, along with one last low blow from life. As he lay naked and bleeding, his daughter hugged the leg of an officer, crying streams of tears.

Police of Mooncrest knew what to do with such an unusual case, off to Arbatian he would go with the rest of the odd ones; After his surgery to remove twelve bullets. He would never see his daughter again, and never forgive himself for what happened.

Hitting the ground in a loud thud, his bones rattle in his large body. He shakes his head and looks up to see the First Angel making its way to its feet. Snarling pulling back his bleeding gums, drips run down onto the dirt in slick globs. Cole regains his stance and runs on two feet, his broad chest glistening sweat beads under the swollen moon. He jumps with both arms arched backwards; Landing onto the chest of the Second Angel he knocks it down while scraping savagely at its face trying to blind its vision. The First Angel slams its foot down on his lower back, while he was distracted tearing at the first one. Cole stops clawing quickly, his body collides into the face of the angel. The Second Angel bites onto Cole’s front paws while the First Angel applies pressure. Cole releases a mortified howl mixed with fear and sadness, before his intestines spill out of his mouth as well as his ruptured sides.

The angels pick up his remains and carry him to the front porch while Mrs.Cranston waits. Her busted lip still bleeding, now covered in cheap gauze pads, holds a cigarette. The b**t sticks to her swollen lips as she pulls it out to ash and look up smiling.

Lenny pulls the door back with extreme force making it bounce off the cinder block walls, he shoulder rushes into Christian knocking him off of Diane.

Lenny pounds his fist into Christian’s broken jaw, but he keeps chewing, laughing simultaneously. Diane lay on the ground, sucking in tiny spells of air into her exhausted lungs. At this point everything hurt. Lenny bangs Christian’s head against the wall as hard as he can, every ounce of every evil he’s ever thought of came out in full bursts, he wanted him to suffer, he wanted to kill him, he wanted him to beg for mercy. But nothing he did seemed to phase the cannibal.

Falling to the floor, Christian rolls over with what looked like a hammered in face, and chuckles through the pain.

“No matter what you do, I win. So go on, kill me, get it over with huh? I’m ready to r**e her in Hell.”

Lenny thinks of every vile thing he could do to him, and pauses before unleashing his belt. He kicks him over and ties the belt around his wrists, then turns around dragging him down the hall, but not before taking the keys sticking out of the keyhole.

“Oh what are we going for a stroll? What you want me die in front of people? Go on tell me, friends don’t keep secrets love,” Christian cackles loudly with his eyes pressed shut with bruising and blood.

He skids to a stop in front of a door down a dark hallway.

“Oh want it private is that it?” He asks while forcing one eye open to see a single door in front of him.

Shoving the key in, Lenny responds “This place has taken anything and everything I’ve loved or cared about, my mom, Diane eve-”

“Oh spare me your sob story you fucki-”

Lenny continues “Diane even. I put my trust in the wrong people, and now I’m alone. If Hell exists, it’s where you’ll be. And if it is, wait for me, cause I’ll meet you there to finish this.”

Banging his hand on the door he yells out “Fresh meat Adam!”

The door creaks open as a pale hand reaches out hurriedly digging their fingers into Christian’s eye sockets, pulling him in. Christian screams in agony as his face begins to pull away in small chunks in the dark room.

Lenny kicks his feet inwards before slamming the door shut. “Old Lenny is dead and gone, God have mercy on those who meet the new one.”

Locking the door he walks away with a grim expression. It took Adam two weeks to eat all of Christian, he was alive for the first six days as Adam picked certain parts to eat keeping him alive, as to keep the meat warm still.

Diane bled out before Lenny could do anything. Using up his savings, he paid to have a proper burial. He was the only one to attend Diane’s funeral, pushing him even further into a dark void.

Lenny began to change over the years, turning darker with each day as his once vibrant soul only left a former shadow in him. One day while doing patrol he wandered into Mrs.Cranston’s area and made small talk.

“What’s new Cranston?” He asked while leaning on her counter.

Licking her finger and turning a page she dully replies “Nothing really dear. Heard we’re getting a new one, apparently she thinks demons exist. Claims they killed her mother. Funny huh?”

Lenny sneers and whispers “Sounds like a crock of s**t to me.”

Mrs.Cranston replies “Yes also heard she’s quite the looker, smooth skin and brilliant red hair. Guards were drooling when they saw her file. She’ll be here any minute now.”

“You don’t say?” Lenny asks interested, “What’s her name?”

Mrs.Cranston responds “Her name is Lola.”

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