A West Coast Haunting

Hello. My name is A.I. Moore, and I am a psychic medium. I have been able to predict the future and see ghosts for as long as I could remember.

My grandma lived in a beach house on a cliff in Newport, Oregon. She has passed now, and I hadn’t been to see her since I was 18. The last time I was there, and I brought my husband for the first time; some strange occurrences started happening the first night.

I went downstairs to the bedroom I was staying in, to put on pajamas. I dug through my bag, confused, unable to find my pajama pants anywhere. The something told me to look under the bed; I did. I saw my pajama pants inside out, rolled up like crop pants and they were hot to the touch. Now that was weird. I asked my husband if he had worn them, he said no.

I’m a wiccan, so I had a necklace that I stole from an antique store; it was a pentacle. I wore it in the day and took it off and put it in my bedside drawer at night. A few days after having the necklace, it was gone from my drawer. I searched for it for days, and a week later it showed up; in a candle on the dresser in my room.

One night my husband and I were cuddling in the dark, trying to go to sleep. Suddenly, the air gets colder and the motion light starts going off. A shadowy figure appears on my side of the bed from the wall. It’s black mass gliding above the floor. It slowly makes its way to the door, then back again to the wall. My husband and I both stay frozen in fear. Then, the ghost suddenly disappears into the giant mirror on the wall facing me. We were unable to sleep that night.

My husband was upstairs in the laundry room where there is a mirror. My husband saw in the reflection behind him a woman in white with long dark hair. When he turned around, she was gone. Upon further research, a woman in white only appears when someone is going to die. My grandma died two years later.

Theres an old storage room next to my bedroom, in a hallway full of mirrors downstairs. That is where the spirits and demons dwell. One day I felt bold enough to communicate. I sat on the floor and talked to them. They talked back in hushed whispers; to this day I don’t remember what they said. My husband was in my bedroom, and we had both doors open. He said he could hear multiple voices in the room with me, as spirits and demons circled me.

I was only there for two weeks, and they drained the hell out of me. My skin was turning ashen and grey. My eyes were becoming lifeless, I was angry all the time and had a constant ringing in my ears.

When I left my mom stayed to take care of grandma. She woke up one night being strangled to death by a humanoid demon; and shadow creatures crawling on the floor and peeking into her room.

These things tormented grandma as well. They literally sucked the life right out of her. They would torment her in her sleep and plague her dreams. She would talk to them in her sleep and tell them to get away from her.

  • Snowman2388

    Actually (If you believe the lore) a woman in white is a woman who kills herself and her children after her husband had cheated on her. They are then stuck to roam the roads of where they had killed themselves searching and killing any and all unfaithful men.