A Small Shape on the Horizon

This is a story that is going to chronicle one of the most vivid nightmares I’ve ever had. It began as follows: I had just arrived at school, being that I was fairly young, the dream took place in second grade. It began as any normal school day would’ve, basically the same routine. I can’t really recall when exactly it was, possibly around recess in the dream, when one of the teachers, for no explainable reason, said we all need to get inside quickly. Given my attention span at the time, it’s easy to see why I didn’t dwell on this for long and just did as I was told.

When we all finally got inside, the teacher made us go into one of the safe rooms, though the one in my dream wouldn’t have been safe at all because it had huge windows which overlooked the parking lot. The teacher made us all line up against the wall adjacent to the window. Looking out, I noticed something was off, the sky outside had gotten a slight bit redder. Not only that, but there appeared to be something hovering beyond the tree line. Whatever it was, it was small but visible.

Some of the kids began panicking for fear of not knowing what was happening. The teacher spoke no words, not even words of comfort. I sure as hell couldn’t wrap my second grade head around it. I looked out of the window again and the thing above the trees had slightly grown. The sky grew even darker red as well.

Thick red storm clouds began to cover every inch of it. The sight of the sky alone was bad enough to unnerve me, but that was nothing compared to what the thing beyond the treeline began doing. Every kid there kept their gaze on it as it began to take on the form a giant face in the clouds. Its eyes moved about until it happened to look at me, at which point, It stared. I stared back as the scene outside grew ever increasingly apocalyptic with the sky getting darker, the wind moving faster and its eyes getting brighter.

I continued to watch this spectacle until I decided to look around, upon which, I realised, I was now completely alone with this thing. It never spoke, it just kept shooting that same, intense glare. The contrast of its bright yellow eyes against the dark red sky was terrifying enough to shake me to my core. I hadn’t ever seen anything like this, even in the other nightmares my young mind could conjure up, nothing quite met the scale of this sky monster. Not too soon something else began taking shape in the clouds. It formed what looked to be a hand.

It slowly began to point at me as the face began to grin. Looking back at the treeline, I could see shapes begin to emerge out of this swirling cauldron of odd weather. Along with these shapes also came the emergence of slightly dimmer lights. They almost resembled eyes and had the same yellow tint to them. They appeared to be slowly getting closer. They moved in such a way that almost resembled a shamble.

When they finally came into view just outside of the window, I caught a glimpse of how they looked just before I woke up. Their faces were pale and gaunt with sunken cheeks, parts of their skin looked like it had completely fallen from the bone and the stench that they secreted even through the window was horrid. That was the last thing I recall seeing in that dream, but it did seem to follow me all through school the next day and even still to this day as well.

  • MarsoloX

    Didn’t really give me dread or a rush of fear, but I suppose dreams are difficult to put into words while making others feel the same emotion you felt. It’s decent, but not as scary in story form.