A Few Hours Earlier – Pt.1

The shard of glass in my face was warm. The blood trickling down my cheek felt like a tear drop from hell. To think only a few hours earlier I was robbing a large duplex during a masquerade. Nobody was aware of my existence in the duplex. The different types of masks where almost scary. My black leather gloves where getting wet the mix of body heat and how nervous I was made the sweating excessive. My heart was racing and I could feel people watching my movement. I spot a black briefcase lying on a mahogany bureau along with a dirty ashtray and a half-finished bottle of whiskey.

I make my way over to suspiciously but no one sees me grab hold of it. I hang around for another five minutes or so and leave abruptly. I begin making my way down the dimly lit street with the sound of the house fading behind me. The cold breeze cools me down significantly. I feel a sigh of relief as my car comes into view. I take my car keys from my pocket and unlock the door I enter and sit the briefcase in the passenger seat. I open it and feel sweat trickling down the back of my neck. Inside is a cassette player and 3 cassettes I have another sigh of relief as I see my name on each of them along with a number. I put the keys in the ignition and drive away unseen or so I thought. I was halfway down the highway when I seen a pair of headlights in the distance it was a straight stretch road

And the headlights were getting closer. My radio went to static. I turned it off. I open the glovebox and take out a match and a cigarette my hands where quivering in the cold mist of the car. I put the cigarette to my mouth and try to light it I take my hands of the and after about 6 tries it lights. I inhale deeply and exhale quickly. When I look up the head lights are about 40ft away from me in a panic I drop the cigarette on my leg and frantically shake it off I grab hold of the steering wheel and the headlights are about 20ft in front of me I swerve to the side of the road and crash into a tree. It throws me out the windscreen and I land in a collection of soil,leaves and twigs. I feel a sensation in my cheek and a shard of glass is warm in my cheek a trickling stream of blood rolls down my cheek like a teardrop from hell. The briefcase is lying beside me fully open with the cassette player lying out with a tape labelled (Jonathan.1). My eyes begin to water and I can feel myself getting tired I blackout

I awake in a truck beside a tall man with long hair and a beard he has a leather jacket on and jeans with black boots he doesn’t talk much but he has a cassette player in his car and says when we stop I can use it. He says that my car has been took away and that my insurance will cover it. We drive for another hour then we stop at a motel he gives me a key and says my car will be here in the morning he leaves me inside his car and I put the cassette into the player. On the screen it says PLAY TAPE.
I click play and a voice starts.

“Hi son. How are you? I hope you can make it here. Me and mom are waiting. I will see you later. Bye, love you.”

I go to see the man that had took me in the car here when I entered his room the lights were off and the smell of cheap cigarettes engulfed the room. The lights where off apart from in the bathroom. A strong stench suddenly swallowed the smell of the cigarettes and when I walked into the bathroom I seen the man sitting on the floor with his legs sprawled he had blood coming from his eyes and mouth and on his phone was a picture of me with a picture of me. Below it said the following. “Local man found dead in car down from the street of a masquerade party suspects say he was at the party earlier drinking lots of alcohol, he probably died from alcohol poisoning.”