A Different Type of Monster

It was just another boring day for me as I got ready for school. I was 17 and a freshman “yeah so exciting “. I was just like any other “Normal” teenager. I was not the most popular person but alot of kids knew me and left me alone, which is what I liked. I never have liked the clique scene , nor did I like the drama and gossip scene. Oh and before I get ahead of myself , “Hi” I am Raven , I’m 17 as I said earlier , I go to Molby High School here in my hometown . I live with my Mom and my dad, I have a pretty normal school and home life , or at least I did untill the night my life changed forever.

It was a foggy night and I have just left my little waitress job that I’ve had for couple weeks now. I live very close to the diner where I worked , so I walked to and from work. I never had any problems  , I was able to walk home with no one bothering me. But this night was different, as I was walking I heard a noise that was a sound of a faint “growl’ . And it got closer and closer from behind me. All I could do was freeze, I tried to run and scream but I couldn’t. All of sudden I felt warm breath on my neck and sharp teeth going into my skin, I also felt what felt like a bolt of lightning going through my body. And I awoke the next morning , all fuzzy with what happened. My mom came into my room “where I had no idea on how or when I got there ” my mom asked ” how are you feeling ” I said I’m OK but I can’t remember what all happened last night. She looked at me and said that I was brought home by a stranger whom had found me outside of my work. That sounded weird to me but I had let it go. And my attention went to the sharp pain I felt on my neck , I reached up and found two bite marks, and also my entire body felt as if I had been on fire. Not thinking anymore about it and just seeing it as a dream, I went to school that day and everything seemed fine. That is untill gym class. I was playing basketball like I always do with the only ” Best Friend ” I have in the school and his name was Chip”. Me and him have been friends since we were kids. I  was playing basketball with him  , and at one moment I was shooting the ball and it looked like it was going to miss the goal but in my mind I saw it go in, and when I shot it , the ball was way off. But I could feel it going into the net, almost as if I was controlling it. Well guess what, it went right into the net. My mouth drop and so did my bestie. We could not believe what just happened. But it gets better. After school me and Chip walked outside to go home and it was so nice and sunny but as soon as I stepped into the sun , I felt as though my flesh was ripping off my bones from the heat of the sun and my skin started to peel. So I ran away from the school and from chip. And as I’m running  , I feel my legs get the strength I have never felt and I ran as fast as lightning. And I was almost at my door when I smelt something that made my mouth water. And it felt as though my nose was on steroids. So I ran to sniff out the smell. I ended up in an alley as I came across a man who seemed to have cut himself and was bleeding really bad. Normally I would have just called 911 but on this day I went up to him and lean down and sniffed him and realized that was what I have been smelling. When he realized what I was doing , I looked at him and said in a rough voice that I’ve never have heard from myself before , I said ” Don’t make a noise and do not move, or I will rip your heart out”. So that’s exactly what he did, he leaned his neck over to me and said ” do to me what you wish for I will not scream or move”, hearing him say that brought on this hunger that felt inhuman. I leaned down more and I felt my teeth turn into , well ,fangs which I couldn’t believe but I was in like a trans state to where my hunger was taking over. So I sunked my fangs into his neck. I felt the warm blood flow through my mouth and into my veins. And I couldn’t stop  , I drank all of  his blood untill he was drained of every bit  of blood. So after I finished with that I then felt another power come over me and all I could do was think about ripping his flesh apart , so I did just that and as I ripped it apart , I noticed dark hair on my arms and legs and I realized that my fangs got bigger . I also fed on some of his delicious flesh as well . After that I fell beside his remains and couldn’t believe what I just did. And I also freaked because it was still daylight . I thought to myself ” I wish it was dark so I had a better chance of not being seen doing this” and I kid you not, as soon as I thought that , it turned pitch black dark outside. That was the last straw, I was totally freaked out. I ran home and got showered and went to bed, thinking again that it was a bad dream. But it just got started. Everyday there was a new victim and everyday I grew stronger as well as more knowledgeable about what was going on. I met someone about a month after my new life have started and they explained to me that there is a rare creature that was in books that seemed impossible to have happened. Well, it happened to me. And he told me that what had bitten me that night was something that had the power of three types of powerful beings and was that of a different type of what he called a “hybrid”. He explained that I was a Vampire , a Ware Wolf and a Witch all in one. I asked him how in the heck does that happen. And he said ” that is a mystery” , after he said that, he disappeared and I never saw him again. I went on with my life  ,  reading and finding more information that can tell me more of what I have become. I took my new identity as something that was scary but also kind of awesome. I could feed on people and I had the power to make my victims forget or I could make it as though it never happened to my victims.  So from then on out, I lived my life as  something that was different , something that was a killer , and something that was also a healer. To sum it up, after that one night and that one bite, well I became a ” Differnt kind of Monster.

Well that is the start of my story. More to come over time. Untill then, thanks for reading.


  • Simon

    So, in short, this is the story:
    “Hey, I’m Raven, I think. I’m a human now, and I’m a Vampire-WareWolf(???)-Witch hybrid now, doi!”

  • Anzaia

    C’Mon, ya could do that better…

  • Alyssa Wyant

    I couldn’t get past the first paragraph. The spelling, grammar, and sentence structure are atrocious.

    • Skorpioh

      Agreed – also the story just wasn’t very engaging

  • Genesis

    I liked the story but therem was no structure. It was one long sentence really. Slow down, make paragraphs, put more detail bc the way u went about things was to rushed and not thought out. And saying tjat the last straw was her turning day into night AFTER she ripps apart a homless person is really unbelievable.

  • Crucible King

    It was great cant wait for part 2