There is such belief of last words for a dying person, if any are said at all. This story is about a friend of mine, her name will remain anonymous, for several reasons. She rather not endure the pain more than she needs to, so I must tell this with as much anonymity as possible. My friend and her boyfriend were texting just like another day like normal;

that “<3” was the last thing that was said from her boyfriend, he had went missing after his college class, some speculated kidnapping or he took the wrong route home, but there was no one that could be suspicious of such thing as kidnapping. There were no sightings of him leaving with any suspicious people or vehicles. All of his friends claim he went to take a public transit bus to go home to his girlfriend but he was never seen at the bus stop or the surrounding areas. He never made it home, and it wouldn’t be until two days later that she would hear news about him…

My friend wanted me to reveal the 828 phone number in this story to see if anyone can find clues pursuing in the investigation. When she attempted to contact the number by phone call, it went only to a voicemail which was no other word but; uncanny.

Update: After weeks of trying to find a way to write this, I am sorry to inform you that my friend’s boyfriend, who’s name will also remain anonymous, was found dead by a river in Western North Carolina, which is the same state as the area code which the phone number was created. There have been no leads of an investigation.

  • Agnes Mickey

    Very bizarre case, i believe he knew the killer. Maybe one of his mate

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    That was sad

  • Choona snidder

    This is really good! It could be a bit longer and needs a bit more detail but this has a lot of potential! I really liked it. Keep up the good work!