It’s here! It found me. I said as I ran quickly my heart beating fast. If my anxiety was on a chart, the levels would be off the charts. I tried running far from the creature after me. I’d wish I never checked that house!

*Two hours earlier*

I am a 15-year-old boy who happened to go to the park one day, like I always did. However it felt off a bit off today. I shook it off. Dismissing it I tried to pay no mind.

I was alone, but I felt as if I was being watched. The park I had went to was in school grounds, an elementary school to be precise.

I keep getting weird feelings as I decided to loop around the school. You know, take a little walk of sorts.
It felt oddly still…

There were no birds chirping, little to no cars passing. It quiet… to quiet. I knew something was off for that’s one of the obvious signs that something’s going on. But I ignored nature’s warnings and decided to stay, boy who was a bad move on in my end.

Due to the deathening silence, I decided to take my phone out from my pocket so it wasn’t extremely unnerving for me to stay there in complete and utter silence.

I put my earbuds in, and continued to walk, the volume I put my music on was loud enough so I could hear my surroundings. Just in case. My tension was rising, I felt very uneasy.

Oh how I wished payed more attention to the noised I heard.

CRACK! What seen like a branch had broken in the nearby woods.

I looked around to find nothing. I had already finished walking around the school. Then when I started to pass the doors of the school I noticed one of the lights on. One single light.

It only got more freaky after that! You’re probably wondering, “Why is having a light on in school freaky?” “That’s normal it’s a school.”

Well for one before I looped around the building there were ABSOLUTELY NO LIGHTS ON IN THE ENTIRE BUILDING. Two it was a weekend Sunday to be exact. You’re probably now thinking, “Well the staff get ready for the next day, you’re just being paranoid.”

Well, the next day, Monday there was no school for there was a whole week off for vacation!

The bad vibes got stronger. As I continued on.

I walked down to the lower end I the playground. It was winter so there was a lot of snow everywhere. It was a real bad year there was over four feet of snow everywhere. They plowed everywhere except for the playing area such as the swings.

I tried to walk to the swings without falling through the snow which I accomplished. Thankfully the snow been packed down by the playing children from the days previous.

I had gotten to the swings. I decided to look at the library which was also on in school grounds but wasn’t part of the school. When I looked over my shoulder to see that I saw a flash of a disturbing image. I could barely see it but it had wide big eyes, a crazed smile,was fleshy looking and it was short from where I was. I could also tell it was leaning against the glass attentively staring at me.

I tried to ignore it, knowing it wasn’t my imagination I occasionally looked behind me to see if it was still there I continued to see flashes of the same thing. I looked at the street noticing only a few cars passing every so often.

I did this for about twenty minutes.

Then I got bored of looking at the street and looked up at the second floor windows in the school building.

I can’t really tell you what I saw, but I can tell you what I was made me think it was my eyes playing tricks on me. You know when you stare at the a dark area it ends up morphing objects and stuff. Well I saw a white hand tinted blue from the light and IT WAS TAPPING ON THE WINDOW. Since I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me I looked away for a few moments and the looked back up.

It was still there.

I continued to look at it. Tap tap tapping in the window. When I realized it was actually FREAKING THERE. I sat swinging for a few moments. I don’t think it quite noticed I saw it yet.

I took the opportunity to go home.

I speed walked out of the area. I looked up at the school almost away from the school grounds noticing that it was escalating further near the end of the second floor windows. I had started on my way home. No way was I staying there. It had gotten very dark, I checked my phone to see it was 6:30 pm.

As I was on my way home I felt uneasy. I knew it as following me. I know it was a stupid idea but I bolted into the woods out of stress. I don’t know what I was thinking when I did that. Such a stupid move on in my end, but there was no turning back now it was right behind me.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. My lungs feeling as if they were going to collapse from exhaustion. My head started to feel dizzy, my vision blurring. Then I saw a nearby house. I ran to it, the noticing that the lights were off except one. Being curious yet desperate I went into the house.

“Hmm. That’s funny it’s unlocked.” I said to myself while walking in. I suddenly no longer felt as if I was being chased. I finally caught my breath.

“Weird.” I thought to myself. I decided not to get comfortable since I didn’t quite know if I was safe.
I looked around, only darkness. “Dammit.” I said all a bit too loud for my situation.

Tap… tap… tap. I heard from behind me which seemed to be coming from the window. I froze. When I gained the courage, I looked behind me to see that nothing was there.

I’d wish my curiosity hadn’t gotten the best of me for when I looked in front of me from what I saw IT. It seemed human but not at the same time.

“Hello there!” IT said in a sadistic tone. “W-who are you?!” I said almost shitting myself. “WHO AM I! You say well some people call me IT you know that’s what they call me on the news. BUT my name is Nobody.” IT said tauntingly.

“You know all those unsolved murder cases, the missing men, women and children throughout history?” Nobody (IT) said questioning me.

“Yes… If heard of them.” I said stuttering.

“Well I am the cause of it, I’ve brutally murdered them all in more creative ways than the last.” Nobody (IT) finished with maniac laughter.

He stepped out of the darkness to reveal to being a male around 15-17 years of age and around 5’ 9-1. Black hair just barely covering his left eye. But that’s not what I noticed the most. He had sharpened teeth along with a crazed smile. Blood streaming from his eyes which had very small pupils and were blood shot which enhanced the craziness of it all.

I flinched at the sight of him knowing I was screwed.

“Aww.are you THAT scared of ME?!” He said in a maniac tone now laughing the same why he had been before. He had approached me, getting closer with each step. I had now noticed I was crying. Tears now streaming from my eyes.

“Tap tap tap.” IT said.

I ran the hell out of there fast as I could. “Trying to run away now aren’t you… Tisk tisk tisk.”

I ran and ran knowing if I stopped I would be a goner for he was chasing me down.

I continued to run for what seemed to be forever until I reached home. I as extremely happy, but still anxious. I quickly ran to the door. Locked, “Son of a b***h!” I rummaged through my pockets to obtain my keys. I found it!

I unlocked the door. Immediately after I got in the house I locked the door behind me. Having a slight sense of relief I dialed 911. “Hello this is 911 what is your emergency.” I heard on the other end.

“Um ye-” Was all I could get out before I was knocked on the ground dropping my phone. Still dark I looked over to see he was right behind me. “Hello is anyone there?” The lady on the phone said. I tried to speak but my mouth was covered. I began to cry again.

“Shhh…” He said feeling his breath against my neck it have gave me chills down my spine. I felt him now pinning me down holding a knife high above me, ready to strike at any moment. The last words I heard was a simple saying

“Tap tap tap.” Before everything went red.

A few weeks later the police had tracked the phone call to the location of the house. Blood was smeared everywhere. The house filled with the stench of decay and death. They found the body of the boy.

His body was mutilated beyond recognition. He seemed to die of a stab to the back, with a knife which had struck through his heart. The wound showed it. However they say he died immediately from the wound but the unknown killer decided to have a little fun.

What was weird for when they looked for clues to the killer was they well… found none. Other than the body and a blood written message.

Something written in blood was left on the walls which oddly disturbed everyone who saw. You could say it was the way such a simple word was written, it wasn’t spelt any differently than usually spelt. They never found who killed the poor boy.

Though I presume you would like to know what was spelt on those walls now would you. Remember children to know that no one else knows of the ‘word’ other than those who had seen it at the first sighting of the murder, and if you ever see it anywhere else written on anything. I advise you dare not let your curiosity get the best of you. Do not approach it at any costs! Unless your ready for what comes next. What had been written on the walls was the word

“Windows. Tap… tap… tap.” A pentagram was written beneath.

“…You’re next…”

(Unknown writer)


Your murder will be more gruesome than the last. Enjoy your last breaths human because you won’t see tomorrow… ever again.

You know who I am. See you tonight.

  • Ana Lucia Gonzalez

    It was a good story a lot of mistakes though did my best to get around it bit again it was a good story….