In This Dark

Breaking bones doesn’t sound like you think it would, the sound is more like a snap then a click. I’m with my best friend in the emergency room watching him breath through a tube with his heart beat getting slower. I never should have showed him the deep web or any of those videos. I never thought it be true, how when you see the videos they become you’re reality. When I showed him the video I should have told him what that anonymous guy said to me in the chat room, I should have told him he knew who we were.

A week ago I saw some videos on the deep web of a group of people who torture people who have done bad things and I thought it was cool, I thought they were like hero’s in a way. I called up my friend Jim and told him these guys were doing this stuff and how it’s about time someone did something like this but he didn’t say anything. I sat on the phone in silence for a good while before he said softly with a trembling voice, “You should never watch those videos or assume those people are really guilty,” then he hung up. I looked up every single person they tortured and since they said their names in the start of each video it wasn’t that hard to find them.

Every single person they tortured were not business men or some high up figure it was people who fought against deep web red rooms and other varies of torture rooms. These people were not guilty of any crime or any kind of sick thing I just assumed they were guilty of sick crime because the people who tortured them said so. I felt so stupid I would believe someone like that but then I invited Jeff over to explain everything I knew. Jeff showed up and we talked in my room for a while about what to do about this he said, “Just leave it alone it’s bad enough you watched the videos.” “We shouldn’t just let them run free,” I said softly.

My computer screen lit up and went into a chat room I tried to exit out of the page but I couldn’t my laptop was blocked and wouldn’t turn off. Jeff said he was leaving and about fifteen minutes later someone online starting typing and when I saw it I wanted to run but stayed for curiosity. The words on the screen made my heart dropped into my stomach as I read my street name, where I lived, my phone number, my close friends, and Jeff had information on here too. I went to type but it didn’t type anything then I saw another message that had a .jpg attached to it, I opened it and the picture was of my friend Jeff in the back of a car beat and tied up.

The next message made me feel like all hope was gone and I was alone in the world, the message read don’t call cops, no calls, meet us at the park down the street and trust me if you make a move we’ll get you first. Another photo popped up on my screen and the picture was of me sitting in my chair reading the messages, I knew someone was in my closet taking pictures of the whole thing even when Jeff was over. The next message said hurry your friend screams like a rabbit. I got up, put on a jacket and made my way to the park in a quick walk. When I left my house a man came out of my back yard with a hood on and walked right behind me, this guy is making sure I can get to the park with out anyone else. I reached in my pocket and realized I had my knife Jeff gave to me on my last birthday.

I checked behind me but I knew now’s not the time, if I showed up without this guy they would know something is wrong. I didn’t see anyone at the park but one guy standing half way in the bathroom with a bunny mask on pointing at me to come to him. I walked over to him as he walked into the bathroom and that’s when I heard it the snap of a bone and a muffled scream of my friend Jeff. I ran into the bathroom and stabbed the man in the shoulder and untied Jeff. I held down the man and Jeff called the cops. When the cops arrived they were surprised and startled but I explained everything I did and they took me in for the videos I watched and endangering someone else.

I sat in a jail cell talking to my cell mate when I heard a voice saying “Mail!” I was happy to get mail and when I opened the first letter it was a picture of my last birthday party but when I looked closer I saw a guy with a rabbit mask in the background. I flipped the photo and it wrote, let’s do this again some time buddy!

  • Aya

    I love your creepypasta story!! ❤️ 💟😍

    • Jackson Snooks

      thank you so much!

  • Francesco Villacres

    There are some grammar mistakes in the story that make it kinda hard to read but that’s really the olny problem. Looking forward to see you write again!

    • Jackson Snooks

      sorry about the grammar mistakes it was one of the first time I wrote in this format my other stories coming up should be better but thank you!

  • alex

    good story

    • Jackson Snooks


  • EeveeArcanine

    I didnt know cops would arrest someone for watching a video that led to endangering someone. But I dont know much about Police so whatevs. However I did like the story

    • Jackson Snooks

      Thank you! and cops would arrest you for having any kind of part in endangering someone, if you knew it or not you still would of played a part.

  • Alexis Peters

    Omg!this is one of my favorite’s