There’s Something Wrong with The Monsters

My name is Thomas. You can call me Stalker, that’s what everyone else calls me. I’m a self-employed cryptid hunter operating in Northern America. And I have something very important to tell you, let me start from the beginning. Well, not exactly the start, but a few years after I started this job.

The wind started to become more intense my face started to become numb. I’d been hunting in Alaska for three months now. The nearest town was a two day hike from my location. I had set up a perimeter of motion sensor lights and trail camera’s around my small desolate cabin located in a dense pine forest. Something had knocked one of my trail cams over and I had to go put it back where it belonged.

I arrived at my location, there was a snowstorm approaching. I have 20 minutes before I would need to head back to my cabin. I approached the tree my camera was fixed to. There was four large claw marks gouged into the tree but no sign of the camera. I started searching the surrounding area, but I wasn’t too worried about whatever left the claw marks. I thought it was a bear at first, but there were no tracks or anything, so I thought the bear had been long gone at this point. I eventually found the camera it was about 9 meters away from where I put it. I tried to review the footage, but the screen was cracked. The camera still worked, so I placed it back were it belonged.

The storm had really started to pick up, so I started to make my way back to my cabin. As soon as I made it back, I made myself a cup of coffee. I still had a few hours before daylight, so I decided to spend my time keeping an eye on the camera’s through my monitor in my cabin. That’s when I noticed it. Camera six was located about half a mile from my cabin, but there was something off, it was at an unusual angle. I stared at the camera for about five minutes then it just cut off seconds after I heard an ear-piercing howl cut through the sound of the storm. It was coming. The wendigo was close.

I knew it wouldn’t take long for the creature to cover the ground between me and it. Wendigos travel at ungodly speeds. By the time I had geared up and shut the lights off in my cabin, camera 3 cut off. Cam 3 was only a quarter mile away. I quickly ran outside and climbed a tree near my cabin. It was here by the time I got comfortable. It bolted through cabin’s window. I could hear it destroying the place. I was confused I’d never seen a wendigo act like this before. They’re almost exclusively stealth killers. There was something wrong here.

Ten minutes later all the noise stopped, then the wendigo emerged from my cabin and just stood there and stared into the forest. I didn’t hesitate to take aim with my rifle and popped a bullet right in the side of its head. It dropped straight away. I knew this wouldn’t have killed it, only stopped it for a half an hour. I started to make my way to the body. I rolled it onto its back and started inspecting it. The wendigo looked different. It looked like it was in severe pain. Then white foam started to burst from in between its clenched teeth. I quickly ran into my cabin and grabbed a gas can. I ran back out and dumped the whole can onto the wendigo’s body and lit it with a match. The creature jumped back to life and ran at me, but before it could reach me it disintegrated into ash. I went back into my cabin and sat down and wondered what the hell just happened.

It wasn’t till a few hours ago I found out what was wrong with the wendigo. It had contracted a strange disease that pumps the host full of adrenaline and then causes pain throughout the body that eventually sends it into an unstoppable rage and the disease is spreading fast. It’s been infecting all sorts of cryptids all over Alaska and it’s nearly at the border. My only advice I can give you at the moment is barricade your homes, buy rations, and get weapons. Be prepared for war. They’re coming and they’re hunting in packs. Please head my warning. This is the end of the world.

  • Cruzer117

    Wendigo in Alaska? This is from Algonquian folklore, and is mostly in eastern Canada!

    Good story none the less though!