The Kindergarten – Pt. 1

So I’ve had this problem with my stomach for quite some time now. In a nutshell, it can do so that I’ll sit on the toilet for hours on end without anything happening, and I think this is, maybe not what caused what I’m about to tell, but more like, “If I hadn’t had this, that would never have happened.”

Me and my little brother Casper, about 9 years at the time, 10 years younger than me, was going up to northern Sweden over a weekend to help our dad sell some stuff he had in a storehouse next to and old kindergarten. Now, there wasn’t something very special about this building, no clichè deaths or kids that have gone missing (at least as far as we’re aware) or anything like that, but upon entering the building, you always seem to get beat in the face with an eerie quietness and that one feeling of somebody, or something, watching you. It’s like you know something’s off but you can’t really put your finger on it.
The kindergarten consists of 3 floors, the basement, which is used primarily as storing room for my dad’s stuff, the middle floor which is where the kids, kitchen, play rooms etc are located, and the top floor, which is where my dad’s supposed to build an apartment.

Upon entering the front door, you can choose to take 3 directions, you can go left to the dining room, go right and you’ll end up in the playroom which leads to plenty of other rooms, or you can continue ahead to a wide set of stairs which goes up and rotates about 130° to the soon-to-be apartment.

If you were to go up the stairs you’d come to a 7 ish meter long corridor with a little toilet in the middle through a door in the left wall.

After the corridor is a big, empty but trashy room with pulled down curtains and a single sink. Out of all places in this damned school, that the one I dislike the most, and it’s not because of appearance of the room, I’d know because I’ve been to worse and felt totally safe.

No, this room is different. It’s different from the other parts of the house. It’s like you walk through an invisible wall at the end of the corridor. Cold, sudden breezes, eerie quietness that’s even worse than before. Sometimes gives me headaches. You know that feeling of almost blacking out when standing up too fast? Well its kinda like that, but I really can’t explain better even if I wanted to.

So, as you can imagine I try to avoid that room as much as physically possible. Luckily the toilet is just outside that room, since I knew I was going to spend quite some time on that toilet.

Anyway, when we got there, we instantly got to work. We worked for hours on end just carrying out all the stuff we’re putting for sale. Old sofas, antique booklets, even fridges.

At the end of the day, I believe it was around 21:00 dad set away to buy us some food from the nearest fast-food restaurant Max. It’s like the Swedish version of McDonald’s with the slogan, “Sweden’s best burger” totally beating McDonald’s on a long shot.

I estimated he’d be back in about 40 minutes, and since my phone was out cold me and my little brother started playing Star Wars with some old metal sticks we had found lying around, when suddenly I got THE worst urge to poop

“Perfect timing, thanks me,” I thought to myself.

“Casper, I gotta take a s**t, you gonna stay outside or-?”

“No way, I need to poop as well!” he answered playfully

So we called a draw and both headed for the house. It was getting dark and I haven’t seen a trace of my dad. Just looking at the house, sitting there quietly in the dark sent slight chills down my spine. I looked down at my brother, who didn’t look nearly as frightened as I did.

Closing up on the house I got a sudden feeling of regret.

“Y’know, maybe we should just wait for dad to come pick us up?” I said quickly. He must’ve heard the shaking in my voice.

“What? You’re not scared of the old house are ya?”

“No, no, it’s just that, maybe we sh-”

“Cowaaaaard,” he shouted and laughed.

I couldn’t hold so I gave in and laughed with him.

“Yeah, maybe I’m just a coward,” I thought to myself. What’s the worst that can happen?

Grabbing the door handle I could feel that nausea again. Y’know, that feeling of almost blacking out.
I quickly ignored it and pulled up the door. It was dark, but the slight light from the sunset lit up a small portion of the hall.

“Ladies first,” I told him, and received a slight kick on my leg.

“Yeah, I deserved that,” I muttered.

I walked into the hall, blindly swiping my hand across the wall looking for the light switch, when I felt something brush past the bottom of my hand. It totally felt like hair, like if someones head touched my hand. I remember thinking it was a broom but it’s so much clearer now.

“Got it,” I said out as I flickered on the light switch. There was a slight buzz from the light bulb before it finally turned on.

We continued up the staircase, rotating about 130° and heading for the toilet.

“I’ll go first,” Casper said and spurted for the toilet.

“Ughh finee,” I muttered.

I really didn’t want to be out here alone.

End if pt.1

  • Im Stingrayy

    First story ever, so any kind feedback would be greatly appreciated (:

  • Zalekitty

    Roses are red
    Cacti are prickly
    And may I say
    That escalated quickly

    But the story’s extremely good! Keep going!

    • Im Stingrayy

      Thank you! 2nd part is on its way (:

  • Puddin Tane

    Needs a little work, but it’s off to a pretty good start.

    • Im Stingrayy

      Might say exactly what i should imrove?

  • Whitney Paige Moulton

    PT. 2 soon please?… I’m now invested in the characters lol

    • Im Stingrayy

      In a few days max! This is my first time writing so it’ll take some time, plus im very busy atm

      • Whitney Paige Moulton

        Ok thank you!!

  • Paul Kramer

    Great beginning!! Looking forward to reading more of your work!! 😀

    • Im Stingrayy

      Pt. 2 is sent in so keep your eyes open! Make sure to read till the end , theres a little refrence i hope yall get 😉

  • Jennifer Lawson