The Yellow Room – Part 1

I regret to inform you that we will be moving out of the house you sold to us. This is due to many reasons especially concerning the noise disturbances and oddities occurring in the house. In most particular the yellow painted room. I know I have bothered you multiple times asking about the house and the past that lies with it. Although you did not know much about the previous owners, I also regret to tell you through information I found about the house, someone died in the yellow room.

You may choose to believe the things I am about to tell you. But you cannot deny the facts. I beg you to not rent or sell the house to anyone. The things that have happened there are horrendous and should never happen to a person. You may believe me to be a bit insane, for the things that I have seen and heard, perhaps I am.

It all started when we were going through the house during March 2nd of last year. Which was the day of the open house. My husband Thomas and I were ecstatic to learn about a beautiful old house that was extremely in a fair price range. It was almost my due date for having my first child and Thomas and I decided the small apartment we currently lived in would not suffice for the family we wanted to have. Looking at the old creaky house we noticed it would need little to no work at all done to the interior or exterior. As we walked through the rooms the yellow upstairs room in the west wing drew our attention. The cheery wall color would be perfect for a nursery. Or so we thought then. We decided to buy the unique looking house with the yellow room. Little did we know the horrors we would soon face.

We were moving into our new house and as Thomas was picking up groceries I decided to set up the nursery for our soon to be baby girl. As I was setting up her teddy bears I heard a strange sound in the hallway. I peered out the door and saw someone walking down stairs.

“Thomas are you home?” I called out curiously. I got no reply as the noise of footsteps receded. I went down the spiral staircase looking around. I suddenly got a message on my phone, as the annoying buzz scared me. It was from Thomas saying he wouldn’t be home until later because of traffic. I put it off as me being tired and hormonal. I sprawled out on the couch and fell asleep. I was awoken by the sound of the baby monitor going off. It sounded like a child crying and screaming as though I had already gave birth to my own baby and she had woken up. But this was impossible because she was in stomach. I went to the yellow painted room where the monitor was. No one was in the room and the wailing of the child stopped. The monitor was still on so I turned it off.

“I don’t remember leaving you on,” I whispered to the starch white monitor laying in my hands. I looked around the house to see if it was possible that anything else could have made the sound. I saw nothing unusual.

“Maybe it was just a dream,” I convinced myself. Thomas came home shortly after the monitor incident. I didn’t tell him about what happened then or ever. I have to take medication for paranoia and anxiety but I stopped taking them while I was pregnant because the doctor said it could harm the baby. I didn’t want my husband to think my anxiety was getting bad by telling him about what happened. So I just told him I took a nap. At that time I thought the plausible explanation was that I was off of my medication and my symptoms were coming back.

The next few weeks everything seemed fine and normal. I was due in a few days so Thomas and I stayed home together watching movies awaiting my labor. We were laying in the master bedroom and he fell asleep. I got up to go get a snack from the kitchen. As I passed the yellow room I heard a loud crash from behind me. I turned around to see a picture had fallen and a light bulb shattered on the floor. I screamed and ran down the stairs. I huddled in the corner and started to sob.

“Lizzy are you okay?” Thomas cooed softly to me. I didn’t respond to him because I was trying to catch my breath. “Lizzy, I cleaned up the glass. There must have been an electric problem. There is supposed to be a storm so it was probably that.” I looked up at him with fear in my eyes. I threw myself at him and he gave me a big hug. Thomas carried me upstairs and I soon fell asleep in his arms. The next day I started getting pains in my stomach (more than usual). I was rushed to the hospital and a few hours later. I had my little baby girl. Oddly she was a sort of quiet for a baby. She only cried a few times when she woke up. We were so overjoyed we didn’t even think something was wrong with the house.

I had just put Claire to bed. I strolled into the master bedroom. Thomas was sitting in the bed looking as pale as a ghost. His eyes were wide with fear.

“Lizzy, back away slowly.” I did as he told me.

“T-Thomas what’s going on?” I stuttered with tears in my eyes.

“Sweetie I need you to calm down. Go grab Claire out of her crib and start the car.”

“What are you looking at!? Thomas tell me please!” I begged.

“NOW ELIZABETH!! Go get Claire!” Thomas shouted reaching for the knife we kept in the nightstand. He never looked away from the corner of our room. I ran into the yellow room. Claire was giggling. I saw a large figure rocking her in its inhuman arms. Its claws were long and shaped into a point. Its teeth were almost translucent looking like pointed icicles dipped in black ink. It had eyes that were slitted almost like a cat. It grinned at me with a sickly cousin of a smile.

“You will never get rid of us,” It said in a cracked whisper of a voice. “We always watch you. You know that feeling when you get random goosebumps on your arms and a chill up your spine? That’s us touching you. Or when you get awaken in the night for no reason? That’s us speaking to you. We will never stop. We like to drain every drop of your humanity.” It put a terrifying emphasis on the word humanity. “Make it so you can’t sleep or eat or function!” It crawled up the wall towards me. Almost like a spider trying to catch a fly. It held Claire in its bony arms but this time she started to cry. ” Hush little baby,don’t you cry… Eventually your mom will suffer and DIE!” It shouted with malice and contempt.

“Why me!?” I sobbed.

“Because we want people to know why we died. We want them to know that they ridiculed us and now they will all pay!”

“Please, just give me Claire! I’m sorry about what happened! I don’t know what you are talking about! We didn’t do anything wrong! PLEASE!!”

“NOO! I think the only way for you to understand OUR pain is to feel it for yourself. I now realize that the only way to get to you is through the people you love.” The thing said nonchalantly. I ran at it but an invisible force held me still. I couldn’t move. It chucked and held Claire closer. “I now will put a mark on her. This will always show. As she grows so will our POWER! We will have claimed part of her soul. The only way this bond can be broken is if we choose a new victim or if she dies.”

  • Puddin Tane

    It sounds like it could be a good story, but you need to slow down when writing and think about what you are putting down. Some of this made no sense. I do, however, look forward to reading the next part with hopes that you put more effort in to it. Keep trying. You’ll get it right eventually.

    • Alice150

      Hello. I am the author. I would like to know what did not make sense to you. Thank you for your input. I always like to hear what people think of my stories.

  • Lucas Myers

    I agree with Puddin Tane, the pacing is off and how come the demon/figure whatever it is talk like a normal person, I’m sure you may have wanted it that way but it’s just either lazy or uncreative. Also did you mean “oddities” not “audities”? There is quite a few grammatical errors as well if you just slowed your pace you’d probably catch them.

    • Alice150

      Thank you for your input. I will make sure to correct my errors. I am only 15 and having people that proofread is nice.

  • Tina Marie

    I liked this. I saw the pace issue the other readers commented about but i didnt find it to be too bad or distracting, especially considering ur age. Im 29 and sometimes it happens to me as well when im writing. I gave someone else this same advice earlier, but if when ur proofreading ur finished product, reading aloud helps tremendously to catch any mistakes or parts u may have worded incorrectly and helps with catching grammer mistakes as well. I look forward to reading the next part. Is it available yet? I just came across this so i didnt see if there was a second part posted yet or not. Good luck and keep up the good work and keep that imagination flowing. The great thing about writing is u get better with every story u come up with and ur free to express yourself however u want to. ❤

    • Alice150

      Thank you so much! I have not finished the second part because I’m not sure how I want to finish it.

  • KeyRyuk

    I just finished this first part and have absolutely no complaints. This is an amazing story 😀 I am very excited to read part 2 so I’m gonna go do that now