Moths’ Rising Ch. 5 FINAL: Mothman

The light of the red fire shadowed all of Eric’s face besides his chilling smile. He watched Dewy’s skin start to bubble through the window. The fire grew brighter and a large flash came from it for a moment. Eric and Gabbenstein covered their eyes because they started to burn. Gabbenstein sowly opened his eyes to see what had happened.

He bursted out in laughter, “It’s alivez!” He repeated.

They both rushed into the other room. The monster still had the shape of Dewy but the stitches had broken and his skin was leathery and gray.

The monster opened its eyes to reveal gridded red eyes, “Hello again and, with a deep, gruff voice, said, “Eric. This body is pleasing.”

Eric let out what seemed to be a nervous laugh which suprised Gabbenstein because he had never saw Eric be scared, “Oh, yeah, i… it was n… nothing,” Eric studdered.

The monster smiled and looked at Gabbenstein, “Is this the scientist?”

Eric nodded frantically. He looked a Gabbenstein too, “Y… Yes, this is M… M… Mothman, G… Gabbenstein.”

Gabbenstein wasn’t afraid at first but after he saw the fearless Eric tremble, he started to shake as well, “Nice t… toz m… meetz you.”

Mothman’s grin got even wider; his crooked white teeth showing, “Likewise.”

Gabbenstein saw Eric take a large gulp, “May I retire n… now?”

Mothman started to laugh like a crazy man, “Oh, or I could take your life. You will be able to see your old man anytime… IN HELL!”


“Ha! I don’t need henchmen!”

Eric’s eyes filled with unbearable fear as Mothman threw up his arm and slung his claws straight through Eric’s head. He collapsed on the ground, his brains and blood on Gabbenstein’s boots.

“You’ve brought life to me… AND I WILL BRING DEATH TO YOU!” Mothman gritted his teeth.

“I knowz I’ve neverz said thises before but…,” Gabbenstein fell to his knees and held Eric’s brains in his hands, “…b… But I loved youz! You were likez a brotherz!” Tears streamed down Gabbenstein’s face.

“Oh, does the HEARTLESS Nazi feel bad about the death of his best friend,” Mothman chuckled, “Well I have no mercy!”

Gabbenstein covered his eyes as tears ran down his cheeks, “You monsterz!”

“You’re the true monster, Doctor, admit it!” Mothman rasped as he put his finger under Gabbenstein’s chin and raised his head.

Gabbenstein was quivering. He couldn’t do anything to this demon but stare at it’s bug-like eyes.

“ADMIT IT!” He spat in Gabbenstein’s face.

Gabbenstein fell on his side. He lay shaking in a pool of his own tears as Mothman screamed at him.


Gabbenstein held his ears. He was lost in sorrow and regret. He looked up at the leathery creature. Mothman put his foot on Gabbenstein’s chest; his claws digging into Gabbenstein’s skin and muscle.

“Pleasez… I… I… A… I… am… s… so sorry…,” Gabbenstein whimpered.

“No,” The single word escaped Mothman’s lips as he put all his weight on his leg, and he crushed Gabbenstein.

The door sat ajar.

Inside was something so gruesome. Steven fell to his knees and threw up on the floor. His most beloved friend sat chained to the floor and ceiling. James was his name. He had muscle exposed and one of his rips stuck straight out of his chest. He had stitched along his entire body. He smelled of defecation and rotting meat. He weakly raised his head and his eyes started to shine and he made a slight smile.

“Steven? Yo… You came f… for me..!” He blurted out as dark red, sticky blood spurted out of his mouth.

Steven looked up as he wiped the vomit from his mouth with his sleeve. He, too, smiled slightly, “Yeah, THAT’S why I’m here!”

More blood poured out of James’ mouth, “Heh, I guess they got you too, aye?”

Steven frowned, “Yeah.”

“Kid…,” James croaked, “Leave, NOW! Before it’s too late!”

Steven shook his head, “No… We go together!”

James let out a small laugh, “Alright, kid, un… unchain me… but promise me you won’t wait for me!”

Steven sighed and walked over to the restraint on James’ left arm. He messed with the lock for a few moments and then shrugged.

“I can’t get it open,” He said, “It’s locked.”

James sighed, “Alright, kid, I wouldn’t of made it anyway. Please…,” A tear ran down his cheek.

Steven did the same, “I… I’m sorry.”

Just as James was about to speak again, a large bang sounded from outside the concrete cell. Steven backed out of the room and looked at the end of hallway. A door had been smashed and a slight bit of smoke fogged the ground around it. Steven was excited to see Dewy, though he was disfigured. With all his speed, Steven ran to Dewy. The leathery skin on Dewy confused Steven. He was already suprised by the things the scientists had done but he didn’t think this was possible. Dewy slowly turned his head and stared at Steven with gridded, bulging red eyes. Steven cringed at the sight.

“Hello,” Dewy said with a different, deep voice, “I’m your friend..?”

“D… Dewy?” Steven studdered. He walked a few more feet towards the creature.

The creature smiled and showed his jagged teeth, “Mothman, nice to meet you!” He walked closer to Steven and extended his hand as if to shake Steven’s hand.

Steven heard that name and ripped the cross off of his chain necklace.

He tossed the cross at Mothman, “THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!” He shouted.

The golden cross hit Mothman’s chest and fell to the ground; he brushed his chest off, “How cute.”

Before Mothman could even speak, Steven was running down the hall. The necklace chain ran along his adam’s apple before flying off his shoulder.

“I WILL have a young and healthy first meal,” The voice boomed behind Steven.

Steven glanced behind him to see that Mothman was only at half the distance from him than before. No, Mothman wasn’t walking; he was flying – Flying with hideous, makeshift skin-wings. Steven could spot the drool waterfalling out of the demon’s mouth and onto to his chest.

Steven increased his speed. His heart was beating as hard as his feet were hitting the ground. Tears ran down his face and flew off behind him.

“Dewy, I know you’re in there!” He screamed to the monster behind him.

What followed was silence besides the thundering of steven’s feet and the flapping of Mothman’s wings. The storm had suddenly ceased.

Steven made it to the end of the hall and threw a door open. He ran down the steps that the door led to. Halfway down was a hooded Mothman Brotherhood Priest.

“Hey!” She shouted, “Get back to your cell!”

Steven ignored her and ran to the bottom of the steps and threw open another door. The door led into a hall that mimicked the one above. The only difference was that a few Brotherhood Priests were examining cells and writing on clip boards. Some wore garments similar to a surgeon and others wore the basic black and red priest robe. When steven ran in they all stared at him, dumbstruck. One picked up a handgun as a crash came from behind Steven. Rubble showered down, and the man tossed his gun aside and ran away. The other priests followed the other.

Steven stopped and looked behind him. There was a hole through the stone ceiling and, through the smoke, stood a leathery skinned, bug-eyed monster.

“‘This body is pleasing’, indeed,” Mothman said with a little chuckle as he looked at him self and then at Steven.

Steven hesitated none as he spun around and went in the direction the priest went. At the end of this hall was another door leading into a stairway. Steven jiggled the doorknob but something, or someone, was holding it shut. Luckily for Steven, the hall turned and led into another hall. He sped down about half of the hall to see that it was a dead-end. Just as he slowed down, he heard a loud thud that was followed by many more small ‘pings’ on metal.

Steven thought he shouldn’t turn around again, but what was the point not to? He hesitantly turned around to see that Mothman was climbing upside down on an air duct.

Steven sprinted to the end of the hall. He banged on the window that was in front of him. Reluctantly, Steven slowly turned around to see Mothman standing just feet away.

Steven panicked. He put his head in his hands. He looked up see that Mothman had taken a step forward. Steven held on to the last determination he had left in him. He turned around and jumped through glass. Mothman’s claws grazing his back.

As Steven fell, he looked up to see a hideous creature hovering over him with a sinister grin.

This was the last thing he saw before he hit the ground and met his fate.




  • Konner

    I sure hope you guys liked the series! I will be taking a break on writing for a bit because I have a LOT of annoying writing for school. I should start writing the next story in about a week. It will probably be released to you guys about a week after THAT. Anyway, thanks for the support!

    • Konner

      It’s funny because it’s been more than a month… I had two ideas but I came to a dead end and scrapped them. I’ve just now have gotten a good idea

      • Ray Ramirez

        I liked this series, what were your ideas? I’d like to hear em

        • Konner

          Well, right now I am remastering Jack in Black. I’m also thinking about making a sci-fi thing too called Station 7. Maybe a SCP containment breach thing. I have a really cool Slenderman backstory thing also. Some Halo stuff. I don’t know honestly… Maybe something more original like Jack in Black?

          • Ray Ramirez

            I’ve yet to read Jack In Black, but I plan to when I get free time (I seriously don’t get much time between work and home life), but all of them sound good. Although, that SCP breach really jumped out at me, that would be freaking awesome and original man. If you write anything new I’ll keep an eye out, and I’ll read Jack In Black when I can.

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            Of course

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    It feels good to go back and read this.