The Woman in the Window

I was waiting in the car rider line like usual when a kid without any arms came to greet me. We hit it off quickly. By the time we had a fondness of each other, my mother had arrived. I got in the car and waited for the other cars to move so we could go home. All of the sudden I heard screaming. It sounded like that armless kid… he was shouting for my mother to drive off. In curiosity I turned my head towards the window on my left.

What I saw was not the little boy without the arms. It was much worse. It was what looked to be a woman with almost black, unkempt hair and dull lifeless eyes. I spark in them. I couldn’t study her outfit because she started to bang on the window. Her ring finger and middle finger slid through to cracked part of the window when my mother drove off in a rush… cutting off the top of the woman’s fingers. Blood showered me for a split second as the fingers flew and landed on my lap. I looked back and went into a panic mode. The woman was running after our car. I told my mother and she drove faster and away from our house. We lost her after awhile and went home.

The next few days were full of my mother coming to get me earlier and me getting closer and closer to the little boy without arms. It’s been almost a week since we saw the women so my mother was going to start picking me up like she used to. Me and the boy were talking to each other once again today but, he all the sudden got quiet and stared behind me. I was about to ask, what it was, when my mouth was covered with a chemical washed rag. I turned around just in time to see the woman from a few days ago. The boy was stuck in his trance as I passed out.

I woke up with chains on my knees and arms. A few seconds later, the woman walked in and the boy followed behind her. She started tightening the chains. She tightened them until my arms were ripped off and my knee under was separated from my body. She started laughing like a maniac. I joined in laughing louder than her. She then took out a table with tons of knifes on it. She took the butcher knife that already had blood stains and continued to laugh with me as he started to cut my thighs off my body. She got sick of my laughter and cut off my head but, she could still hear it, echoing through the walls of the basement. She scooped out my eyes and cut off my ears. She was getting back to it, kicking all my teeth in and cracking my head open until my brain came out.

The boy was there, tears streaming down his face. He wish he told me to run when he saw her behind me. Until all the sudden a swarm of SWAT teams flooded through the stairway, asking to chat with the woman. The woman rushed to stop them from seeing the girl’s body but, it was too late. They killed the woman and studied the little girls remains. The cops saw the little armless boy and the news interviewed him that night. The little boy started talking to the news reporter about her death in explicit detail and then he said, “She was not the first victim.” The boy said he could prove it and lead them to the backyard where he got one of the cops to unburied a corpse of a little boy. The news reporter asked how he knew where it was. The little boy replied, “Because it’s hard to forget where your own body is buried once you die,” and the boy vanished. But sometimes, you can see the little girl and little boy playing outside or just hear the little girl’s echoing laughter.

  • Johnny Blaze

    Oh… Boy…. All I can say is.. swing and a miss! This one is a real stinker. I wish I could vote negative 6 stars.