The Tale of the Three Alices

The first Alice was a female warrior that fought in “The Great War”, as it was called throughout the deceivingly happy Wonderland. During the war she was cursed by a witch and she bore the sign of the spades on her right hand which was a painless process. The sign was impossible to remove no matter the means. When it was covered, it would just shine through any material that was placed over it, even though it never produced light uncovered. The curse caused her to believe that she had been transported to a dream world. Because of this, she was happy because she thought she could do whatever she wanted and it wouldn’t even matter.

So naturally the darkness inside her broke to the surface and she acted on this dark desires. Believing to have this much power eventually drove her mad and she decided to go into the forest of Wonderland holding on to her sword tightly in her cursed hand. She proceeded to cut whatever laid in her path of madness and she started leaving behind a path of crimson. But, Alice strayed too far from the path and she became lost within the woods. She wandered around lost and afraid in the dark woods.

She walked around and while she did, she suddenly felt a hand brush her back. Startled, she quickly turned and slashed at it. Her blade hit nothing for it phased through the shadows that have now coalesced into the shapes of humanoid figures that are now advancing towards her. Before she could react, more hands proceeded to grasp her shoulders. Before she could scream, a hand covered her mouth. They pulled her into the darkness as tears filled her eyes. She dropped her sword so that maybe, just maybe she could grasp something to save her from the all consuming darkness. But, before she could find something her body was already consumed by the dark with only her bloodied forearm remaining. It was left hanged from a tree limb near her sword still bearing the cursed sign of the spades and dripping blood at the end of her gruesome path. That path being the only proof that she ever existed. Though her life remains a mystery to most to this very day.

The second Alice was an aspiring singer that followed the bloody path left by the first Alice. When he saw her arm and the spade, he himself became cursed. He was given the blue symbol of the diamond on his left hand. This caused the effect of whenever he would sing, people would gather round. But, this drove him mad as well, for this is an effect of the curse. Whenever he sang, a random person in the crowd would go insane later that night as well. All the while he would keep up the facade of a timid, tinder, and gentle man even though he only saw people as walking corpses. He would often laugh maniacally on the inside for he knew of the evil that he was spreading with his voice.

One day he looked into the a pond in the dark night and he saw a skeleton with two glowing blue eyes looking back at him instead of himself. At this time a burning pain went through his head and as he covered the right side of his head with his right arm, within the shadow cast by the hand was a glowing blue light coming from his eye. He felt his left arm move of its own accord and with terrified eyes he casts his gaze upon it.

Upon looking, he found it grasping a pistol that wasn’t there before and his arm started guiding it towards himself. He quickly moved to try to overpower the arm but, to no avail for it pressed the barrel against his head. He then lets loose a stream of tears from his only his left eye right before the left hand pressed the trigger of the gun. The blood from the shot caused the blue roses next to him, to be stained a bright and somber crimson red. The man who was once loved and enjoyed by all was left for dead being cradled in the arms of the skeleton from the pond.

The third Alice was a lovely girl from Wonderland. She was a fan of the second Alice and was horrified when she saw him shoot himself near the pond. After she uncovered her eyes after covering them in terror she gazed upon the diamond symbol on his left hand.

She was then given the green symbol of the clubs on her right hand. This caused her to become loved by all no matter what she did. The curse also made her manipulative and because she so popular she was made the queen of Wonderland. But, whenever she looked into the mirror, she would only see herself as an old and decrepit person.

After constantly seeing this, she became mad and fearful of age and death. Though during her madness, the curse caused her to think that she would live forever if she were to lock herself to solitude. So she order a vault under the castle to be built and she made it so that she was the only one who knew the combination to it. She locked herself inside despite the pleas of the people.

The people would plea for her to come out, but the words would only fall on deaf ears as she was convinced that the key to immortality is hidden within solitude. But, she eventually started dying of dehydration and she wanted to leave, but had no way to open it from the inside for she thought that there wouldn’t have been any need for it. The people also soon gave up on the queen and so she was left to die screaming, with no way out.

When she meet her end the queen stopped the spreading of the curse do to her dying in an unreachable place. The curse fizzled away as her body was left inside of the vault to decay. Eventually, researchers were able to connect the three due to the strange symbols etched into their bones and now their hands are preserved in display at a museum for the legend that surrounds them.