He wasn’t always this way. He used to be normal. He used to frown upon murder and have friends. He used to go to school and go to partys. Partys. That’s where it all went to hell.

πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ Hour before the partyπŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

Jackson got dressed. He was excited for his friends party. He put on a black hoodie and jeans. He put on a skeleton face mask. It was a face mask that his father gave to him on his thirteenth birthday. He was proud of his mask and wore it everywhere. He pulled his bike out of the garage and said goodbye to his parents. He took his dads pocketknife to rip the knees off his jeans. His parents frowned upon this, but they couldn’t see him on the garage. He started off towards the party on his bike. His friends house was pretty far away but he still insisted on biking. He pedaled along the street for a couple minutes until he stopped to rest. As he looked along the side of the trees he noticed a man in a white hoodie. After closer examination, he noticed that he was walking up behind another man. The white hoodie man appeared to be carrying a large kitchen knife. Jackson sat on his bike to watch. Jeff the killer pranks were quite popular now. Jackson waited in anticipation. The white hoodie man ran up behind the other man and grabbed him by the neck, pinning him to the tree, the man screamed, Jackson almost laughed. But the white hooded man didn’t stop. He thrusted the knife into the mans stomach. Jackson thought is was a fold up knife, until the man sprayed blood everywhere.

In all people there is madness, even in the calmest of people, madness live. Madness can give weakness, strength, fear and warp the person uncontrollably. Jackson experienced all of these as Jeff turned to look at him. Jackson started pedailing forward while looking back at jeff, who was dashing towards him.

Jackson tried to get on the bike,but jeff was to fast for him. Jeff stabbed Jackson in the leg. He screamed and tumbled into the forest. Jeff following. Jeff pinned Jackson. He reached for the nearest weapon to defend himself. He grabbed his pocketknife and thrust at jeff, who grabbed the knife and switched to the free hand. Jackson grabbed and abandoned sythe from a nearby farm. He tried to swing the heavy farm tool at Jeff but couldn’t find the strength. Jeff thrust his knife into Jacksons jugular, and stabbed him in his stomach as he drowned in his own blood. Cold. Cold is all jackson felt as he seemingly slipped into a void. He awoke with seemingly no injuries. He looked around and the sythe and his bike were still there. He felt his neck and flinched. A gaping hole was now present. HeLlO. A voice said calmly. Jackson somehow realized that he was not alone in his head. He also realized that it was giving him these realizations. He more importantly realized that he needed to kill. Succumbing to the darkness, his flesh peeled away on the bottom half of his face, leaving nothing but bone and an evil desire. He picked up the sythe and walked towards the road, a group of hikers passing.

  • Insane_Chick


  • Simon

    Yet another badly-written “X the Killer” story by yet another angsty kid that has no idea how mental disorders actually work…

    • wawe

      Well, there is not enough text for you to call it bad yet + he only heard a voice in his head, I would not call that a mental disorder (to be honest voices are rather common theese days, dont ask me why)

      • Simon

        Read the second to last paragraph.

        • wawe

          still not mad enough to be called mental disorder Id say

  • wawe

    This story seems a bit unfinished, if you describe the caracter more and make something unusual bout him (compared to other pastas) im sure that a part 2 will be greatly apprichiated

  • wawe

    Its very important you make the character different from other pastas, thrust me, Its more important than u think!

  • wawe

    And (sorry for beeing annoying) the picture of the main character makes us get the impression that he is very pale and has black hair, well *cough cough* thats not happening. And get him another weapon, that’d be exiting. Im done now thx for letting me be annoying!

    • The one who

      Sry. Coudnt find a good pic.

  • Warped2Level8

    Nice action sequence my friend.

    Work on the descriptive text; find synonyms for more common descriptive words…it’ll help make the story feel more alive.

    I like the ending piece where the flesh for your character’s lower jaw rips away and he rises up…work on that and expound upon it.

    Lastly, break up your paragraphs a bit…it’ll make for an easier read.

    All and all, a great piece of work! Keep writing and keep submitting!

    • The one who


  • Sierra Grimes

    Hmm I like the story. Makes me wonder, if he knew about Jeff, why did he take the killing he saw happening before his eyes so lightly? Why did he think it was fake and even if he thought it was a prank by a stranger or a friend why wasn’t he cautious anyway? Idk maybe its a city thing or maybe he was hoping really badly that it was prank, or maybe he did this prank himself or knew of a lot of people who played this prank like his friends or something, either way the mask he wore out still is a mystery… Hmmm… The mask.