The Reaper

I don’t know how much longer I have left, possibly a few days: as I’m writing this, I can feel the awareness leaking from my soul…I can feel him absorbing my life. I needed to let everyone know his story though, so that maybe his future victims could have even the slightest morsel of a chance to escape.

He was always there, he chooses his prey with a picky hand, and starts from their birth. My mother never fell victim to his touch, though she’d been the offspring of the man who’d murdered him. My grandfather had a sickening mentality, he’d wish death on those who had no faith or belief in Christianity…and his own wishes, did he grant. John was a quiet kid in my grandfathers senior class.

4 years of highschool, and John never spoke to anyone..of course, his past of abuse and violence left him terrified of any human contact. My grandfather bent the rules of his own religion and treated the quiet kid with unholy actions, constantly teasing that he’d never go to heaven if he couldn’t even pray at lunch. Johns only words to my grandfather were his last words to anybody “There is no God, only a reaper.” My grandfather lost his sanity at those words and threw his muscular build onto John, beating him to death. Little did he know, before he was hauled to jail, that his highschool sweetheart had falled heavy with twins.

People began to refer to John as “The Reaper.” But his restless soul didnt like that taunting name, and every kid who had teased him had been pronounced dead by their graduation. My grandmother had the twins, and soon after began to neglect them. She’d been showing the signs every other kid had shown before they met their fate. She’d sway in the mirror and talk in her sleep, “The reaper is coming, I feel his breath. He brings revenge and showers death.” After a few months of endless suffering, she had told the doctors at the asylum “There is no God, only The Reaper” then was attacked by a violent seizure and died.

My mother had grown up in foster care with her brother, and she’d met a boy named John. She always told me how he was so quiet and sweet, but no one else could see him. Once she had left foster care and went to law school, John had told her everything about how he was killed by her father, and in turned, killed her mother. He had told my mother how he’d fallen in love with her and thats why she needed to know what happened. She accepted what happened so well, only because she loved him as well. He had told her they could only be together in Death, but he wanted her to live a good life first.

After years had passed, my mother was r***d by a man who died a brutal death, and soon after, I was born. She had raised me as well as a single mom could, and told me all about John. I believed her only because I could sense when he was near. My mother decided a few months ago that she lived to the fullest she could, she raised me well, and had nothing more to do. She trusted that Id do well on my own, and told me she wanted to live now as Johns queen…and she did. She was found dead the next day, with no clear reason of death, it had been peaceful.

She was wrong though, I wasnt ready to be alone, Im still not. Im only 20.. I prayed to her, I asked her and John to accept me as their daughter in the afterlife so that I could help John seek his revenge on all loved ones and relatives of those who hurt him. I have to go slow, so that they may prepare for me… He is absorbing my life slowly, painlessly. The Reaper and his queen have accepted me. So heres your chance of escape, I probably shouldve mentioned this before…you’re a relative. So if you hear someone call your name in your sleep, if you feel the presence of someone when you’re alone, just remember: there is no God, only a reaper. I feel my time may be soon. The reaper is coming, I feel his breath. He brings revenge and showers death

  • Francesco Villacres

    It was interesting from start to finish and well redacted. Keep up the great work!

  • Samuel Sanderson

    Creepy as hell… Awesome work